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"Last time I was in Paris I didn't really get a chance to enjoy it... but this time..."
—Booster Gold, Justice League International #8, 1987

Booster Gold is more than just an American hero; he's international! The following map indicates the 118 unique and identifiable locations that Booster Gold has been recorded to visit during his heroic career. Click on any star for more details about that location. Click off of a star to return to the world map.

Adirondack Mountains, NY, USA
Alaskan Wilderness, USA
Alps Mountains, Switzerland
Atlantic City, NJ, USA
Badlands, SD, USA
Beh'imoor, DCU, Space
Belle Reve, DCU, USA
Blue Horizon Mountains, DCU, USA
Bonn, Germany
Boone County, IA, USA
Cadmusworld, DCU, Space
Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
Central City, DCU, USA
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Crater Bay, DCU, USA
Darkstar Storage Facility, DCU, Space
Diablo Azur Nuclear Waste Facility, DCU, USA
Dimension X, DCU
Dupree Chemical, DCU, USA
Earth Command Center, DCU, USA
Edwards Air Force Base, CA, USA
El Paso, TX, USA
Electric City, DCU, USA
Everglades, FL, USA
Fortress of Solitude, DCU, Antarctica
Funny Stuff Park, DCU, USA
Gotham City, DCU, USA
Great Victoria Desert, Australia
Green Lantern Citadel, DCU, USA
Happy Harbor, DCU, USA
Hollywood, CA, USA
Home of the Giants, DCU, Norway
Hub City (of Earth-4), DCU
Ira Quimby's Lab, DCU, Central America
Ivy Town, DCU, USA
Jekuul, DCU, Space
JLA Refuge, DCU, Earth orbit
JLA Satellite, DCU, Earth orbit
JLA Watchtower, DCU, Earth orbit
Kansas City, KS, USA
Keystone Desert, DCU, USA
Laconia, DCU, USA
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Machu Picchu, Peru
Maine coast, USA
Manchester Township, NJ, USA
Manhunter Sanctuary, DCU, Tibet
Marineworld, DCU, USA
Melbourne, Australia
Metropolis, DCU, USA
Mexico City, Mexico
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Molepolole, Botswana
Mount Everest, Nepal/Tibet
Mount Thunder, DCU, USA
New Olympus, DCU, Earth orbit
No Man's Land, France
Palmera City, DCU, USA
Parador, DCU, South America
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Red River Junction, DCU, USA
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Rip Hunter's AZ Lab, DCU, USA
Rip Hunter's NY Lab, DCU, USA
San Sebor, DCU, Central America
Secret Lair of the Fox, DCU
South Pacific Islands, Oceania
Starlag, DCU, Vega star system
Stone Ridge, DCU, USA
T.O. Morrow's Lab, DCU, USA
Takron-Galtos, DCU, Space
Tinasha, DCU, Congo
Titanic ruins, North Atlantic Ocean
Tundi, DCU, Ghana
Vellar, DCU, Space
Western China



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