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"I should have used my stun beam on him right away, but instead I made the mistake of trying to reason with him."
—Skeets on Michael Carter's decision to steal a time machine, Booster Gold #6, 1986

Skeets is a robot from the future that Michael Jon "Booster" Carter stole to provide historical detail for his adventures as a 20th-century super hero. Rather than resenting Booster's kidnapping, Skeets has always assumed the role of co-conspirator in Booster's plans for the "present." In fact, Skeets has suggested that it willingly joined Booster's schemes because the existence of a 20th-century hero named Booster Gold was an historical fact in the 25th century, thus mandating its own involvement to ensure the repeat of history that led to its creation.

Since their initial misadventure, Booster Gold and Skeets have become quite a team. Booster frequently refers to his small, golden companion as "Coach," and for good reason. Diminutive and endearing — and rather not-so-coincidentally shaped like an American football — Skeets serves Booster loyally as a strategic, technical, and cultural adviser as well as an occasional battle partner and friend. Without Skeets, Booster Gold would never have been able to rise to the levels of wealth and prominence that he has managed to achieve.

Skeets has been destroyed and rebuilt on several occasions with slight variations in design. All versions of Skeets have had an extensive, internal database of historical records. Invaluable to Booster Gold throughout his career (and quite possibly Booster's single greatest asset), this database, like all virtual files, has been subject to inaccuracies and corruption occasionally limiting its effectiveness and reliability.

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Skeets 1.0

Skeets 1.0. Image © DC ComicsAKA: Skeets I

Designer: Dan Jurgens

First: Booster Gold #1, 1986

Last: Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1, 2005

Skeets I was a 25th-century BX9 Security Robot owned by the SPACE MUSEUM. This Skeets was stolen by Booster when he journeyed to the present. Skeets I notably lacked a sense of humor and relied heavily on its onboard stun ray, which fired from its red visor. During most of Booster Gold's tenure with the JUSTICE LEAGUE and CONGLOMERATE, Skeets was deactivated and stored. In later versions of Booster Gold's 20th-century armor, Skeets served as an integrated operating system for the armor, sacrificing its independent mobility and functions. When Booster adopted a revised version of his original power-suit, Skeets was returned to its original, self-contained form. Skeets I was confirmed destroyed after Maxwell Lord used its technology to upgrade the Brother Eye satellite.

Skeets 1.0 has the following powers and abilities:

  • Non-lethal Stun Beam
  • Holographic image projector
  • Anti-gravity locomotion

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Skeets 2.0

Skeets 2.0. Image © DC ComicsAKA: Skeets II

Designer: Phil Jiminez

First: Infinite Crisis #2, 2006

Unlike the original Skeets, Skeets II is a 25th-century valet robot. Physical differences between Skeets II and the original model are minimal, save the free-floating "fins" (varying between 3 and 6) and visor color change to blue/violet. Skeets II returned from the future with Booster Gold during the Infinite Crisis. It remains unclear from what point in time Skeets II was retrieved and how Skeets II is different from Skeets I other minor changes in their exterior design. It seems that Skeets II has all of the memories of Skeets I but a more robust and sarcastic personality. It has been hinted that the Skeets II exoskeleton is comprised of the skin of the chrononaut WAVERIDER, though this remains unconfirmed.

Skeets 2.0 has the following powers and abilities:

  • Disintegration Beam
  • Anti-gravity locomotion
  • Unverified limited time travel capabilities

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Skeets 2.1

Skeets 2.1. Image © DC ComicsDesigner: Dan Jurgens

First: Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #1, 2007

Following its possession by MISTER MIND, Skeets form was again changed, appearing as a much flattened version of Skeets I with a rear thrust port. At first, this change appeared purely physical, as Skeets version 2.1 is identical in memory and personality to the previous version. However, Skeets has recently identified himself as an "upgraded BX9 Security Robot," not a valet model as Skeets v2.0 was. In addition to returning to his original model, Skeets v2.1 has undergone extensive re-programming by RIP HUNTER to enable it to track events through time and aid Booster Gold in his work. It appears that as a result of this reprogramming, Skeets v2.1 has developed extensive loyalty to Hunter, occasionally placing Hunter's goals before Booster's.

Skeets 2.1 has the following powers and abilities:

  • Stun Beam
  • Retractable mechanical arm with functional claw
  • Anti-gravity locomotion
  • Holographic image projector, including the ability to project a three-dimensional disguise
  • Chronal field generator which allows time-travel capabilities when coupled with Booster Gold's Mark IB power-suit and Rip Hunter's time platform
  • Replaceable outer hull (multiple spares of varying designs are kept on hand by Rip Hunter for easy replacement)
  • Remote monitoring and override of power distribution in Booster Gold's Mark IB fiber-weave power-suit

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New 52 Skeets

New 52 Skeets. Image © DC ComicsAKA: Skeets III

Designer: Dan Jurgens

First: Convergence Booster Gold #1, 2015

The New 52 Skeets is much more powerful than his alternate continuity predecessors. It is a 25th-century SKS-1 prototype "soldier's assistant / security escort" droid that Booster stole with the original intention of selling. Skeets III is flatter and considerably more powerful than previous incarnations, with upgraded sensors and weapons.

New 52 Skeets has the following powers and abilities:

  • Laser Blast
  • Anti-gravity locomotion
  • Biometric and earth-penetrating scanners
  • Holographic image projector
  • Database of recorded history in multiple timelines
  • Code injection allowing remote control of other independent machines and artificial intelligences

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Skeets Unlimited

Skeets Unlimited. Image © DC ComicsDesigner: unknown

First: Justice League Unlimited #30, 2007

In the alternate universe Justice League Unlimited, Skeets appears similar to the design of Skeets I turned upright. Skeets Unlimited is far more obsequious and comedic than any of its continuity counterparts, a change equal parts enjoyable and annoying.

Skeets Unlimited has the following powers and abilities:

  • Anti-gravity locomotion

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Smallville Skeets

Smallville Skeets. Image © DC ComicsDesigner: Daniel HDR

First: Smallville Season 11 #13, 2013

Skeets was heard but not seen when Booster Gold was featured in the Smallville television show. However, When Booster and Skeets made their appearance in the Smallville: Season 11 comic book, Skeets was seen to be a floating silver orb. This version of Skeets is a 25th century Museum Bot that uses a cloaking device to avoid overshadowing Booster, but is otherwise similar in behavior to the sycophantic Skeets found in Justice League Unlimited.

Smallville Skeets has the following powers and abilities:

  • Anti-gravity locomotion
  • External sensors capable scanning human vital signs
  • Holographic projectors

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