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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Game On

We interrupt our regular posting schedule to bring you an opportunity too good to pass up!

Our friend Blot has brought it to my attention that game manufacturer CMON currently has a crowdfunding campaign for their latest licensed board game, DC Super Heroes United, at, and the important news to Booster boosters is that the campaign has already unlocked a Booster Gold (and Skeets!) stretch goal available to all backers!

click here for more pictures

As if you need additional incentive to check this out, there is also an unlocked Blue Beetle stretch goal figure (as well as a Justice League International themed card deck).

If you're interested -- how could you not be? -- act fast; the campaign closes next week.

Thanks for the notification, Blot!

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Monday, July 22, 2024


October solicitations are out, and look who's on the cover of the DC's new publishing initiative:

© DC Comics

$4.99 US | 64 pages | ON SALE 10/2/24

Following the events of DC’s blockbuster storyline Absolute Power, the heroes of the core DC Universe have fought against the deep divisions in the world around them to usher in a new era of unity. And it’s just in time, too—because Darkseid has returned. Superman must gather every hero on Earth to hold the line against a very different version of the Lord of Apokolips, as they raise our cosmic defenses and prepare for war…and when the first blows land, the shock waves will ripple into every series in the DCU and shake the nature of their reality to its core!

But little do they know…the greater threat is still to come. For there is another Earth: the Absolute Universe. Here, DC’s biggest icons are coming of age with fewer advantages and facing greater opposition than ever before…while miraculously retaining the immutable heroism that has inspired fans for decades. But can they really protect the light that shines inside them when the world in which they live is hurtling toward a terrible destiny?

Booster Gold and Skeets are in pretty good company on that cover. How will they be involved in the Absolute fall-out? We'll find out in October.

You can read the full solicitations at, and has more info about DC All-In, though I suspect we'll be hearing lots more from Comic-Con later this week.

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Friday, July 19, 2024

This Day in History: Peak Chromium Age

Released on July 19, 1994: Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #3.

© DC Comics

In hindsight, looking at the costume designs in this comic, maybe the reason that time was collapsing on itself in this crisis event was because the DCU had gotten as "Extreme" as any one timeline could stand.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

This Day in History: First Responders

Released on July 17, 1986: Booster Gold #9.

© DC Comics

In which Booster Gold and Skeets (and the Legion of Super-Heroes) foil an attempted presidential assassination.

UPDATE: Our Hero also makes an appearance in this week's Superman #16, an Absolute Power tie-in. Buy this issue and make Skeets happy!

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