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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

This Day in History: Remember the Time

Even before the New 52 came along and rewrote DC history, the days of Extreme Justice were already being largely ignored. And why not? Unlike the so-called Justice League Detroit, which in its quest to be topical had introduced some new characters that struck a chord with their audience that continue to resonate into the present (as evidenced in the recent Dial H for Hero #4), the Extreme Justice squad mostly spent their time looking very mid-90s Xtreme and understandably aged about as poorly as everything else in the oversaturated Chromium Age.

That lack of fan engagement made it xtra unusual that Booster Gold and the Extreme Justice team would make a cameo flashback appearance fighting Brainwave in Green Lantern #152, released on this day in 2002.

© DC Comics

Brainwave hadn't been seen much since his Infinity, Inc. series was canceled in the late 80s, so the audience may have needed a recap of his history, even if that history included a "Justice League" team that most would rather forget.

To put the six year gap between Extreme Justice #18 and Green Lantern #152 into a contemporary perspective, consider that six years ago, Booster Gold was appearing as an amnesiac guest star in All-Star Western #19. That feels like centuries ago!

My, how time flies.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

More Commissions by Cort

Lucky day! Booster booster and art collector Cort offers us yet another glimpse into his Booster Gold commission sketchbook.

Click on any of the following images to see them at a larger resolution on

Booster Gold by Pat Olliffe
Patrick Olliffe

Booster Gold by Ron Frenz
Ron Frenz

Booster Gold by Kevin Maguire
Kevin Maguire

If you like those — and I know you do! — you can see more of Cort's Booster Gold sketchbook here, here, and here.

Thanks, Cort! (I notice that almost all of your commissions show Booster's original high-collar costume. Are you specifically requesting that? If so, I approve.)

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Character Spotlight on Mackenzie Garrison

The life of any comic book hero would be a lonely one if not for the many characters who have made up their supporting cast. Just as Superman has Lois Lane and Batman has Alfred, Booster Gold has also shared his adventures with quite a few people over the years. Today we look at one of those, Mackenzie Garrison.

The People in His Neighborhood: spotlighting the characters who have made Booster Gold such a star

Even people who have been following the adventures of Booster Gold for years are unlikely to remember Mackenzie "Mac" Garrison, the former Vice President of Booster Gold International, first seen in Booster Gold #21 (1987).

After returning home from his second trip through time, Booster Gold boldly decided to dramatically expand his business empire. Though the former staff of Goldstar, Inc. were Booster's friends, they didn't have the experience or expertise to run the globe-spanning enterprise Booster had in mind. Therefore, in his role as President of B.G.I., Booster hired a no-nonsense, professional business woman to oversee operations.

© DC Comics

However, no sooner was Garrison on board than a series of tragedies befell the new organization. First Booster's sister Michelle was killed by aliens from Dimension X (in Booster Gold #22). Then the company's reputation was tarnished when its president (actually an android duplicate) kidnapped and tortured Julianna Berkowitz, the the daughter of the mayor of Metropolis, in a failed attempt to kill Superman (Action Comics #594). And then someone embezzled all of the funds from B.G.I.'s corporate coffers (in Booster Gold #24)

Unfortunately for her, Garrison would take much of the undeserved blame for these disasters.

© DC Comics

Garrison was last seen when Booster was forced to side with the Manhunters during the Millennium crisis (also in Booster Gold #24). Given that B.G.I. was insolvent and its president was widely considered to be a villain, she probably chose to move to greener pastures. Perhaps she had better luck in her next position and is still running a business elsewhere in the DC Universe.

© DC Comics

Interested in meeting other "People in his Neighborhood"? Get to know Trixie Collins, Daniel Carter, Jack Soo, Rani, Dirk Davis, and Skeets.

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