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Debuting in 1985, Booster Gold has appeared in comic books in the past 36 years.

Use the following links to view a complete list of appearances sorted into chronologial and non-chronologial categories.

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Notes about the entries:

All comics listed were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted. Booster Gold and every hero and villain that he encounters are the intellectual property of DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Where possible, issues are arranged by chronological appearance of Booster Gold and, where not possible, by cover date. Prior to 2017, issues were traditionally advance dated approximately 2-3 months. For example, Booster's debut, cover dated February 1986, actually shipped in October 1985.

The focus of the commentary herein is to enlighten the reader about the history and peculiarities of the adventures of Booster Gold. Though an effort has been made to reduce SPOILER WARNING material whenever possible, be aware that these annotations do occasionally contain some information that should be considered revealing. Read at your own risk.

Characters listed in the annotations are characters who interact with Booster Gold within the given issue, not necessarily all of the characters appearing within the story. The only character who is mentioned even if not interacting with Booster is Skeets. First appearances of characters are noted as such.

Artists listed are the artists who were credited with producing a given issue. In cases where multiple artists worked on a given issue, only artists who contributed to pages of a story featuring Booster Gold are listed unless contribution is unclear. In those cases, every artist working on the issue will be listed. Cover Artists are listed only if Booster Gold appears in their artwork for the cover of an issue (variants included).

Some recurring themes in Booster Gold's appearances are given special attention in the annotations. These situations are noted by the following tags. (Click any tag to link to an index of issues containing that tag.)

    Logo Credits:

    Booster Gold logo Vol 1 by Todd Klein for DC Comics.

    The logo for Booster Gold Volume 1 (seen above) was created circa 1985 by Todd Klein. Klein also created the logo for the “Gold Exchange” letter column.

    Booster Gold logo Vol 2 by Rob Leigh for DC Comics.

    The logo for Booster Gold Volume 2 (seen above) was created circa 2007 by Rob Leigh.



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    SPOILER WARNING: The content at may contain story spoilers for DC Comics publications.