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The History of Booster Gold

"Rip Hunter told me I couldn't change history. But I just did."
—Booster Gold, Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #0, 2008

SPOILER WARNING: The following summary of Booster Gold's career includes information that may be considered to contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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1. Origin: Life in the 25th Century

The past of Booster Gold begins in the future. Michael Jon Carter and his fraternal twin sister Michelle Carter were born in the year 2442. Very little is known about their formative years other than the fact that when the twins were 4-years-old, their father, a compulsive gambler, abandoned the family. Their mother raised the twins as best she could in the poor slums of Gotham City.

Image Copyright DC ComicsBy the year 2462, Michael had become the M.V.P. all-star quarterback playing as a sophomore for Gotham University. He was peerless in the game of American Football, which had been enjoying a revival since being reintroduced to the public at the turn of the 25th century. Michael's spectacular performances throwing the football earned him the respect of his peers and the nickname "Booster." Media and analysts compared young Booster Carter to the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game, and it was predicted that the young man would make a fortune as a professional player.

However, before Michael could graduate and transform his athletic prowess into payment, his mother fell gravely ill and required expensive treatment to restore her health. Though Michelle was working two jobs to support the family, her income was insufficient to treat their ailing mother. With no other options, Michael turned to a childhood friend, the bookie Snake-Eyes, for help.

By cooperating with Snake-Eyes and the Rubenico Syndicate to shave points off his football games, Michael was able to earn plenty of money for his mother's treatment with enough left over to improve their impoverished lifestyle. It was only a matter of time before these activities attracted attention, and Michael was arrested. The discovery that her son had paid for her treatment through the same means that had destroyed his father devastated Ms. Carter, and she disowned her son. The two would not speak again before her death.

Image Copyright DC ComicsMichael would soon make a plea bargain in the federal case against his participation in the illegal gambling ring. While this kept him out of jail, it also guaranteed that he would never play professional football. Expelled from Gotham University, Michael relocated to Metropolis, where he found work as a night watchman at the Space Museum. Inspired by the museum's displays of past heroics, Michael enrolled at Metropolis University where he studied Earth's past, especially the legendary super heroes.

Combining his desire to redeem himself to his family and the public with the profitable opportunity provided by super heroics in the twentieth century, Michael decided to steal several of the museum's displays and journey to the past to start his life over. First, however, he deactivated and kidnapped Skeets I, a museum security robot containing an extensive historical database. Stealing a power-suit, energy bands, energy rods, flight ring, force field belt, and a twentieth-century Visa credit card, Michael piloted Rip Hunter's Time Sphere through time to the twentieth century.

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2. 1985-1986: Meet Booster Gold

Michael selected August 21, 1985 as the date of his heroic debut in the twentieth century. Historic data indicated that an assassination attempt would be made against the life of United States President Ronald Reagan in Metropolis, and Michael planned to prevent that from happening in his super heroic persona of Goldstar. The situation became complicated when 30th-century Legion of Super-Heroes members Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, and Ultra Boy arrived on the scene to investigate Michael Carter's trip through time.

Image Copyright DC Comics

After a brief misunderstanding, Goldstar, Skeets, and the Legionnaires worked together to prevent the assassination of the President and Vice-President George Bush by the Chiller, an agent of a secretive criminal organization: the 1000. Recognizing that Michael's heroic activities in the 20th century were part of the historic record in the 30th century, the Legionnaires chose not to apprehend Michael and returned to the future. At a press conference and medal presentation in Michael's honor, Ronald Reagan accidentally names Michael "Booster Gold." Rather than correct and risk embarrassing the President, Michael adopts the public identity of Booster Gold.

Rescuing the President catapults Booster Gold into the limelight exactly as expected. Within two months, Booster Gold will have founded the company Goldstar, Inc. in order to promote his image and business assets. Using Skeets' knowledge of the future, Booster is able to rapidly develop the company into a very profitable business enterprise. Booster soon hires a business manager, Dirk Davis, and a full-time secretary, Trixie Collins. Goldstar aggressively seeks endorsement deals that kept Booster Gold in the public eye, making him a true celebrity.

This newfound celebrity status led Booster Gold to his first meeting with his idol, Superman, when a young boy and an alien sought assistance for a galactic civil war. Booster was disappointed, but not surprised, when Superman openly disapproved of his for-profit approach to heroics.

Unbeknownst to Booster, he had made enemies with the 1000. Over the next few months, Booster would find himself repeatedly combating agents of the 1000 (including Blackguard, Mindancer, Doctor Shocker, and Shockwave) in a plan designed to wear Booster Gold down before destroying him. During combat with the 1000, Booster Gold met his first 20th-century hero, the Thorn, a longtime foe of the 1000's predecessor, the 100.

Lured into the 1000's stronghold in order to rescue both Trixie Collins and Sarah Davis, Dirk's daughter, Booster discovered the secret identity of the leader of the 1000, the Director of Death. Though the Director did not survive the destruction of his headquarters in his final battle with Booster Gold, Booster faired little better, suffering several broken bones and the destruction of both his original power-suit and Skeets.

While in the hospital for his broken bones, Booster is diagnosed with an unknown disease. Unable to mend Skeets or Booster with even the most cutting-edge 20th-century technology, Dirk Davis turned to S.T.A.R. Labs' Dr. Jack Soo. Soo, who has to this point been working on designing a costume for a female sidekick for Booster Gold, introduced Booster Gold to his college friend Rip Hunter, an expert in time travel. With Booster's help, Hunter completed his prototype of the Time Sphere. Booster, Trixie, Rip Hunter, and Jack Soo travel forward to the 25th century in search of aid.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Returning to the future, Booster discovered that his mother has died and he is a wanted man, hunted by federal agent Broderick for the crime of unauthorized time travel. Meanwhile, the Time Sphere is destroyed, and Rip Hunter discovers that time travel is so stressful on the human body that no person can survive the process more than once for each known method of time travel. With the unexpected aid of Michelle Carter, the party utilized a third method of time travel, the Borsten Time Platform, to escape to the 20th century.

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3. 1987-1988: Rise to Prominence

Back in the present, Booster Gold reorganized Goldstar, Inc. into Booster Gold International (BGI), a multinational conglomerate of corporations designed to compete more directly with major firms such as LexCorp. Jack Soo was hired away from S.T.A.R. Labs to head BGI's technical divisions, and Mac Garrison was employed to oversee the new company's development.

Image Copyright DC ComicsIn addition to heading the aggressive corporate growth of his new business, Booster Gold found himself battling corporate espionage courtesy of Cheshire, Hawk, and the Soviet Union, as well as more run-of-the-mill super criminals such as the Rainbow Raider. Booster Gold experienced his first taste of super teamwork while aiding several heroes and Magenta of the Teen Titans. This burst of heroic activity earned Booster Gold membership in Maxwell Lord's newly re-formed Justice League, where Booster proved his worth to members such as Batman in combat with the Royal Flush Gang and the Gray Man.

Between adventures with the Justice League, Booster again encountered Broderick, who had pursued him from the future. Unable to kill Booster after watching him save innocent lives, Broderick disappeared into the Metropolis night and has remained unseen since.

The final chapter in the life of Michelle Carter began when she borrowed the Jack Soo-designed super suit for Booster Gold's female sidekick and was mistaken for a super hero by the aliens from Dimension X. Though Booster Gold and the Justice League were able to prevent the aliens from invading the Earth, Booster was unable to save his sister's life in the fallout of the conflict.

Still reeling from his sister's death, Booster Gold discovered that Lex Luthor was attempting a smear campaign to defame his company's public image. With Superman's aid, Booster was able to turn the tables on Luthor, but made a personal enemy of LexCorp's founder.

Image Copyright DC ComicsWhen the Oans Herupa Hando Hu and Nadia Safir initiated the Millennium evolution of humanity, Booster Gold originally sided with the Justice League as a public proponent of the enterprise. However, when the Manhunters seized the assets of BGI, Booster joined the Manhunter cause. Branded a traitor by the other heroes of Earth, Booster served the Manhunters until they announced a plan to destroy the Earth rather than allow the Oans to proceed, whereupon Booster changed sides again. Now distrusted by everyone, Booster kidnapped one of the Oans' "chosen," Xiang Po, and took her on a tour of the world in order to demonstrate to her "just how rotten the world really is!"

Hunted by the heroes of Earth and a spiteful Lex Luthor, Booster abandoned his costume, deactivated Skeets, destroyed the BGI headquarters and fled to Rip Hunter, begging to return to the 25th century. Hunter refused. Fellow Leaguer Martian Manhunter, who had cryptically been told by Harbinger that Michael Jon Carter was a descendant of the "chosen" and whose presence in the 20th century was necessary for his own protection, caught up with Booster. Reluctantly, Booster agreed to return Xiang Po to the Oans and rejoined the Justice League.

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4. 1989-1992: Living with the Justice League

Penniless following the Millennium, Booster Gold relocated from Metropolis to New York City. At the United Nations-sponsored Justice League International Embassy, Booster developed a friendship with fellow penniless Leaguer Blue Beetle II. The two, frequently called simply "Blue and Gold," kept a sense of humor about their recent past and their adventures with the League. Together with the League, the pair traveled the globe (and beyond), combating such villains as Kilg%re, Joker, the Cluster, agents of the Middle Easter nation of Bialya, Lobo, Darkseid, invading alien Miniaturized Khundians, and Major Disaster's Injustice League.

Image Copyright DC ComicsEventually the pair of natural comedians joined to launch their own business ventures. They worked as super powered repossession agents (collecting everything from stolen weaponry to the vampire Caitiff) and opened a resort/casino on the island of KooeyKooeyKooey (with money stolen from the Justice League operations budget). Their continued series of misadventures made them the laughingstock of the Justice League and the heroic community.

Finally frustrated by the lack of respect that he felt that he had earned as a hero, Booster Gold was convinced by Claire Montgomery quit the Justice League to lead the Conglomerate, a team of super heroes who were backed by major American corporations. This departure from the League caused a strain in Booster's friendship with Blue Beetle that would take months to fully heal.

During this time, a time traveler identifying himself as the Linear Man stole the deactivated Skeets and used it to lure Booster Gold into a trap. Like Broderick before him, it was the Linear Man's intention to bring Booster to justice for crimes against the time stream. This plan was foiled by the intervention of Superman. To return the favor, when Brainiac threatened Earth's existence with Warworld, Booster Gold joined Superman's team of heroes to defeat the villain.

Image Copyright DC ComicsFollowing an assassination attempt on Maxwell Lord, a battle against the future-despot Monarch, and the near destruction of New York City by the alien Despero, Booster Gold rejoined the Justice League now led by Superman. This new League successfully defeated the villainous Klaarsh aliens, Weapons Master, Starbreaker, Eclipso, Qwardian Conglomerate II, Chaq, and I.Q. In between battling super villains, Booster found himself battling with his own history, fighting the founders of the Rubenico Syndicate and rescuing an orphaned girl from a tragic future. These attempts to change the future met with mixed results.

The Justice League finally found themselves overmatched against the rampaging menace Doomsday. Doomsday gravely wounded all of the active members of the Justice League, robbing Fire of her powers, placing Blue Beetle in a coma and killing Superman. As a result of the fight, Booster Gold's original power-suit was left in ruins. Despite Superman's apparent demise, time would reveal that the battle with Doomsday would leave the longest lasting scars on Booster Gold. Now powerless, Booster joined the rest of the Earth's heroes in mourning the passing of Superman from the sidelines.

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5. 1993-1994: Life after Doomsday

When the Justice League reorganized around Wonder Woman following the debacle with Doomsday, Booster Gold was powerless to join his fellow heroes. However, he was determined to repair his technology and prove his usefulness. Booster's determination not to give up being a super hero impressed his fellow Leaguers as he aided them against villains such as Sonar, Doctor Destiny, and Rott.

Once Blue Beetle recovered from his coma, he and a newly reactivated Skeets built Booster an armored power-suit based on the technology utilized by fellow Leaguer Rocket Red #4. With this suit, combining 20th-century and Apokoliptian technology, Booster rejoined the League in its intervention between the alien criminals Blake & Corbett and the United States Air Force's Peacekeepers lead by Captain Atom. This new armor was drastically inferior to his original costume, but Booster was determined to be a hero even at the cost of endangering his own health. Booster went on to assist the League against a clone of Guy Gardner called Enforcer, space parasites, and fellow Leaguer Ice's brother Ewald, among others.

Image Copyright DC ComicsBlue Beetle was able to upgrade the armor in time for Booster to see action against the New Extremists, harbingers of the Overmaster. For the first time, Booster Gold revealed to his fellow Leaguers that he has future knowledge about their activities as he promises that they will defeat the Overmaster and save the Earth.

Overconfident, Booster leads the Justice League to the Overmaster's base on Mt. Everest only to fall in combat to the Overmaster's Cadre. During the battle, the Devastator severs Booster's right arm and cuts deeply into his chest, damaging his heart and lungs. After the Justice League abandons the fight against the Overmaster to rush Booster across the globe, doctors at the Justice League's New York Embassy pronounced Booster Gold dead on arrival. Fortunately for Booster Gold, the Overmaster has temporarily suspended all deaths and births on the planet Earth pending its destruction. This stay of execution lasts long enough for the Blue Beetle to utilize S.T.A.R. Labs technology to construct a new, life-supporting armor for Booster Gold that will sustain him following the Overmaster's defeat.

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6. 1995-1996: Proactive Justice

Rushing from one Earth-threatening event to another, the Justice League joined forces with most of the Earth's heroes to save the entire universe from the mad plans of the time criminals Extant and Parallax. In the aftermath of the latest crisis, all of history, both past and future, was subject to minor restructuring. What was not repaired, however, was a deep schism between the philosophies of the leading members of the Justice League. As a result, the League fractured into three branches. Booster Gold joined Captain Atom's west coast League often called Extreme Justice.

Captain Atom's Justice League adopted an aggressive approach to solving the social and political problems facing the world. Operating out of the Mt. Thunder, Nevada stronghold seized from rogue Air Force General Synge, the Extreme Justice team battled Judgment, an out-of-control Firestorm V, Crimelord, Lord Havok III, alien Kraggz, and the schemes of the Devil himself: Neron.

During this time Booster Gold caught up with his old manager Dirk Davis who had embezzled fund from Booster Gold International and used them to establish a software company. Booster seized the new company from Davis and took over ownership, offering a partnership to the Blue Beetle. Despite this show of loyalty to his old friend, Booster was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the Beetle's progress in extricating him from his increasingly unstable life-supporting armor.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Finding his life to be unbearable, Booster accepted the aid of Monarch II, who replaced Booster's damaged limb and organs with prosthetic replacements. This seemingly benevolent act turned out to be an act of revenge against Captain Atom. Booster was only saved from certain death by his own advanced genetic make-up, which the Blue Beetle attributed to his relationship to the Oans' Millennium evolution.

Blue Beetle immediately presented the recovered Booster Gold with his new Mark X armor. In order to bridge the gap between human and alien technology inherent in the new armor, Blue Beetle installed Skeets' consciousness as the armors operating system. Though this rejoined Booster with Skeets, it presented an obstacle when the armor's original owners, the alien Exorians, return to claim it. During the ensuing battle with the Exorians, Skeets interfaces with Booster's otherwise inert implants to add to Booster's offensive and defensive capabilities.

The Extreme Justice team would remain together only for a few more adventures, battling the likes of the Brainwave II-led Legion of Doomand Dreamslayer's New Extremists before joining the efforts of humanity to prevent the devouring of the sun by an interstellar Sun Eater. The team's last official function was attending the funeral of fallen Green Lantern II Hal Jordan before parting ways.

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7. 1997-2004: Blue and Gold Forever

A visit with the new-look "electric" Superman resulted in the accidental destruction of Booster's latest Mark X armor. Feeling somewhat guilty, Superman introduced Booster to Professor Emil Hamilton. Using Skeets' schematics of Booster Gold's original costume, Hamilton was able to cobble together technology from LexCorp and S.T.A.R. Labs to provide Booster Gold with yet another new suit of armor.Image Copyright DC Comics

After years with the Justice League, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle struck out on their own, continuing the development of several businesses concepts. Chief among these was the wildly successful Blue and Gold Software that had been founded on the remains of the BGI empire recaptured from Dirk Davis. Gradually, the two friends drifted apart, each following his own calling. Beetle retired from daily super heroics (save for the occasional team-up when necessary) to return to his namesake company, Kord Industries. Meanwhile, Booster relished what fame he could gather, teaming up with heroes as diverse as Firehawk I (with whom he had a brief personal relationship), Plastic Man, and new Green Lantern V against foes such as the Clock King, Amazo, the Supplier, Meggeddon, and Imperiex.

When Maxwell Lord again came calling, Booster Gold jumped at the chance to rejoin Blue Beetle and his old Justice League International friends in the for-profit super team ignominiously named the Super Buddies. At the time, Booster feigned a marriage of convenience to an older, wealthy woman named Gladys. Booster so enjoyed this practical joke, he kept it running throuhgout his involvement with the Super Buddies. Booster would not even admit that Gladys was a ficticious person for several years.

Before meeting up with his old friends, Booster redesigned his power-suit to appear identical to his original model from the 25th century. The short-lived Super Buddies stumbled from misadventure to misadventure, as likely captured by Roulette or making deals with the Demon Etrigan as defeating Manga Khan. While with the Super Buddies, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle patched over recent differences and recaptured their old friendship and camaraderie.

After joining the search to locate the murderer of their old friend and fellow Leaguer Sue Dibny, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold began an investigation into the embezzlement of funds and equipment from Kord Industries. During the investigation, Booster was seriously injured in an explosion meant for Blue Beetle. While incapacitated, Booster learned that Skeets had been deactivated and dismantled by their mysterious foe. Unable to help Blue Beetle due to his injuries, Booster lay helpless in a hospital bed while his longtime friend met his final fate.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Booster Gold organized the search to bring both Skeets' Blue Beetle's killer to justice, ultimately reassembling most of the original Justice League International once again. Following a disastrous battle with a Checkmate-controlled OMAC unit, Booster was once again left powerless. Frustrated by his continued impotence in bringing Beetle's killers to justice, Booster Gold became determined to find a way to return to the future.

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8. 2005-2007: Return of the Corporate Crusader

A short time later, Booster Gold returned from the future in a new, rejuvenated power-suit and a new Skeets II. How Booster managed this trip through time remains unexplained. Together the pair tracked down the new Blue Beetle III, possessor of the magical scarab, and joined a Batman-led strike force against the rogue Brother Eye satellite.

In the wake of the universe-changing events of the Infinite Crisis, Booster Gold took advantage of Superman's absence from Metropolis and his own restored public image as one of the heroes of the Crisis. Booster used Skeets' knowledge of future events to foil crimes in progress, such as Mammoth's impromptu jewelry theft. Booster then capitalized on his fame by negotiating contracts as a celebrity to pitch products throughout the country.

Booster's plan began to unravel as Skeets exhibited knowledge gaps with increasing frequency, leading to some embarrassing situations. Even consultations with top scientist Doc Magnus failed to resolve the issue. In desperation, Booster tried to locate the missing Rip Hunter.

Image Copyright DC ComicsWhen the Elongated Man fueled reports that Booster Gold had hired an actor to portray the villain Manthrax just for publicity, Booster's popularity plummeted. This coincided with the appearance of a new rival for the public's affection: the altruistic hero Supernova I, who many believed was Superman in disguise. Booster's hatred for Supernova grew until the two met came to blows after competing to defeat the monstrous Ballostro rampaging through Metropolis. In order to show Metropolis that he was superior to Supernova, Booster rashly used his force field to contain the explosion of a nuclear submarine. This act appeared to result in the death of Booster Gold.

In fact, Booster was merely masquerading as Supernova in order to deceive Skeets, whom Rip Hunter was convinced was a danger to the entire universe. Working with Hunter, Booster Gold was able to gather some powerful devices throughout time (including the Blue Beetle's magic scarab from a point in time prior to Booster's first chronicled meeting with Blue Beetle) to use against Skeets. It was the better part of a year before Skeets was revealed to actually be controlled by Captain Marvel's old foe Mister Mind. Booster Gold and Rip Hunter were eventually able to defeat Mr. Mind with the help of Booster's ancestor Daniel Jon Carter, the Red Tornado, and T.O. Morrow, but not before Mr. Mind altered history on fifty-one of the alternate Earths created in the aftermath of the Infinite Crisis.

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9. 2007-2011: The New Time Masters

Returning to the present day, Booster turned down an opportunity to join the latest incarnation of the Justice League of America in order to assist Rip Hunter in policing the fragile timestream, ensuring that history unfolds unmanipulated by malignant forces. Surprisingly, Booster's first foe in his new job turned out to be none other than his own father, having stolen the Supernova costume. The new Supernova III is allied with the Black Beetle and several of time's greatest villains (including a young Despero, Per Degaton, and the Ultra-Humanite) who together as the Time Stealers seek to manipulate time for their own means.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Despite the opposition, Booster remained focused on his real goal: the salvation of Blue Beetle, a task that proved tougher than expected. Booster's attempts to change time resulted in a catastrophic alternate timeline, where Maxwell Lord had enslaved the world. Booster reluctantly returned to his own "solidified time" finally forced to come to terms with his friend's death.

Booster gained a new ally with the return of his sister, Michelle, who was saved moments before her death by Rip Hunter. Michelle would accompany her brother on several missions to ensure the stability of history before discovering her own death and fleeing into the past, where she accidently became involved in Cyborg Superman's plans to destroy Coast City. Booster saved his sister thanks to the discreet help of his future self. Following this episode, Michelle semi-retired from active adventuring, preferring to help Booster raise Rani, an orphan Booster saved from a lonely death in the future.

Image Copyright DC ComicsHaving finally accepted the death of Ted Kord, Booster joined several teams. Booster Gold, Green Lantern II, Rip Hunter, Superman and Skeets traveled through time in search of Batman, lost in time by the machinations of Darkseid. On this quest, Booster met Starfire II and Claw in the ancient past and witnessed the birth of the Linear Woman in the distant future. Booster also joined Blue Beetle III, Captain Atom, Fire, Ice, Power Girl, and Rocket Red #07 against a resurrected Maxwell Lord, who had managed to convince the world that he never existed.

When the struggle between the Flash II and his arch-nemesis Professor Zoom led to the creation of an alternate timeline (in an event commonly called “Flashpoint”), Booster Gold found himself facing altered versions of old friends and foes alike. In spite of Booster's best intentions, he was unable to prevent the alteration of key moments in history as he knew it. When Booster returned to the present, he found some significant changes to the world that he had worked so hard to protect.

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10. 2011-2012: Everything Old Is New Again

This new timeline immediately began repeating history. Deciding to be more proactively involved in global affairs, the United Nations chose to sponsor their own version of the Justice League, to be called the Justice League International. Their first decision was to immediately enlist Booster Gold to lead the group which would include established heroes, such as Fire and Ice, as well as newcomers August General in Iron and Godiva. Andre Briggs, head of United Nations Intelligence, was appointed as the U.N. liaison in this new JLI.

Image Copyright DC Comics

This JLI team was baptised by fire when their first mission turned from a simple rescue operation into a battle with giant robots to save the world from the alien miner Peraxxus. Despite saving the world, the team found itself at the epicenter of a political debate between American nationalists and the global community. Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Batwing joined the team in hopes of stabilizing the situation, but when the JLI became the target of a bombing plot orchestrated by Breakdown, the United Nations withdrew its support from the team.

Booster tried to keep the team together, going so far as trying to recruit several more new members to offset their casualties. (Among these new members was Blue Beetle III, who, because of the time-altering "Flashpoint," no longer had any connection to Booster Gold. Booster's first meeting with the newest — and only — Blue Beetle took place after the Beelte was an established, if misunderstood, hero in New York City.) The addition of OMAC IV proved to be the team's undoing when he was manipulated by Brother Eye into nearly killing his teammates. In the aftermath of the fiasco, the JLI disbanded and Booster Gold appeared to be erased from history by unexplained events beyond his control.

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11. 2013-2015: Convergence

Booster eventually resurfaced in the 19th century suffering from severe memory loss. Though he may have forgotten his life in the future, he still knew right from wrong. Assuming a temporary position as sheriff of Red River Junction, Booster joined forces with Jonah Hex to bring bank robbers and murderers to justice. Unfortunately, he was mysteriously drawn back into the timestream before he could complete his self-appointed mission.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Unable to control himself, Booster appeared to bounce through the timestream. It was only after a chance encounter with his sister, Goldstar, that he realized what was really happening. He wasn't bouncing through time but through space. At some point in the future, Brainiac had grown powerful enough to trap whole cities from throughout the fifty-two universes and relocate them to the care of Telos. Booster soon met an alternate version of himself, the young Booster who had been the leader of the recent, ill-fated Justice League International. Booth Boosters soon became Brainiac's prisoners.

Help soon arrived in the form of Rip Hunter, who had come to save his own father, the original Booster Gold. (Sometime between the "Flashpoint," and now, the older Booster had married and sired a child. He raised Hunter in the knowledge his son would one day travel back through time and mentor his own immature father.) Hunter released both Boosters only to find that his father was suffering from the fatal effects of chronal radiation poisoning acquired after too many years of unprotected exposure to time travel.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Still unable to control himself, the older Booster continued to bounce through space until he was rescued by a time-displaced Ted Kord. Desperate to save his father, Hunter placed him in the heart of Vanishing Point, where Booster merged with the timestream, becoming Waverider II.

With the power of the timestream at his command, Wavrider sent his son, sister, friend, and doppelganger back to their appropriate places in history and helped the heroes of the assembled Multiverse force Brainiac to restore time and space to the way it had existed before the Anti-Monitor destroyed it.

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12. 2015-2020: Rebirth

Following the restoration of the Multiverse, the only remaining Booster Gold resumed his role as policeman of history, joining forces as necessary with such unlikely partners as Bat-Mite and Fred Flintstone. He proved his mettle by standing up to Superman when the Man of Steel would have changed history in search of the fate of his own father, Jor-el.

After making a series of poor decisions while trying to give Batman and Catwoman a wedding present, Booster became a patient of the mental health facility Sanctuary. When most of their fellow patients are killed, Harley Quinn and Booster Gold accuse one another of perpetrating the murders.

Image Copyright DC Comics

An investigation by the Justice League ultimately reveals that both were framed by the real murderer, Flash III. Booster would go on to help Harley solve another murder, and the two dated for a short time.

Booster overcame his difficulties to once again become a Time Master. He traveled between to the future to help Batman Beyond (Batman IV) and the Last Boy on Earth (Kamandi) as well as the past to defeat Dominus.

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13. 2020-present: Blue and Gold Infinite

During the events at Sanctuary, Booster Gold had been reunited with a reborn Ted Kord. Both would fight in the Multiverse-spanning battle against the Batman Who Laughs' twisted villains from the Dark Multiverse. When the war ended, the citizens of the Multiverse found they had the memories of all their past incarnations. Booster and Beetle wasted no time in resuming their trademark antics, teaming up to frustrate villains like King Shark and Omnizon.

Image Copyright DC Comics

The pair created a new, crowdfunded business venture, Blue & Gold Restoration, to bring their heroic services to regular people, and were soon joined by Booster's former sidekick, the original Goldstar, Trixie (now Theresa) Collins, who volunteered the use of her New York City building as team headquarters. The business was sucessful enough that Booster and Beetle were invited to join the Justice League during the Dark Crisis.

The future has yet to be written.



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