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"Get ready world... cuz the mighty Booster is here at last!"
—Booster Gold, Booster Gold #8, 1986

Since his debut in 1985 as DC Comic's first major character in its newly reorganized post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Universe, Booster Gold has appeared in over 1038 comic books, working alongside most of DC Comics' most storied characters, including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

What makes Booster Gold unique is his uncommon embrace of global celebrity and monetary reward for performing superheroic acts often associated with more altruistic heroes. Few would guess that beneath the veneer of self-importance is a hero with a real heart of gold, selflessly dedicated to preserving recorded history.

Real Name
Michael Jon "Booster" Carter
Booster Gold,
6' 5" (1.95m)
215 pounds (97.52kg)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Date of Birth
AD 2442 December 29
Chronological Age
Estimated between 25-35 years old (though possibly much, much older)
Gotham University (2 years, expelled)
Metropolis University (incomplete)
Known Relatives
Unnamed mother (deceased),
Jon Carter (father),
Michelle Carter (twin sister),
Daniel Jon Carter (ancestor),
Rose Levin (ancestor),
Rip Hunter (son),
Rani (foster child),
Gladys (alleged ex-wife),
unidentified future wife
Known Associates
Skeets III (artificial intelligence sidekick),
Blue Beetle II (business partner & best friend),
Firehawk I (former partner & love interest),
Godiva (former teammate & love interest),
Goldstar I (sidekick),
Goldstar II (sidekick),
Harley Quinn (love interest),
Rip Hunter (business partner),
Trixie Collins (business partner)
Team Affiliations
Gotham University football team (quarterback),
Time Masters,
Justice League America,
Conglomerate (team leader),
Super Buddies,
Justice League International (team leader),
Blue & Gold Restoration
Business Ventures
Goldstar, Inc (owner, defunct),
Booster Gold Internatonal (owner, defunct),
numerous others
Base of Operations
Vanishing Point, End of Time,
Rip Hunter's Laboratory, AZ, USA,
Blue & Gold Restoration, New York, NY, USA
(formerly Gotham, Metropolis)
Brief Biography
In the year 2462, Space Museum janitor and disgraced Gotham University quarterback Michael Jon Carter stole several museum exhibits and traveled back in time to the year 1985 to assume a new career as the super hero Booster Gold.
Carter's defining attributes are his self-confidence, strong sense of humor, and eternal optimism. Carter is clever but prone to making selfish, snap judgements without considering the consequences. His charisma and confidence would make him a natural leader were it not for his extensive and well-documented history of ill-advised, short-sighted decision making.
Powers Overview
First Appearance
Dan Jurgens (writer & artist)



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