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Monday, January 7, 2019

The Worst of the Worst

What does it take to make a villain a hero's arch-enemy? If it's familiarity, then the villains vying for Booster Gold's most-hated award must be one of these:

Royal Flush Gang and Jonar Jon Carter (aka Supernova III): These long-time foes are tied with 7 encounters each.

The Director (The 1000): The Director was certainly the most dominant of Booster's early villains, racking up 8 encounters before his untimely demise.

Black Beetle: The villain with the most central role in Booster Gold's second volume, Black Beetle crossed paths with our hero 12 times with hints of more to come. Unfortunately, his story will probably remain forever untold thanks to Flashpoint and the arrival of the New 52.

Mr. Mind: Mister Mind has a surprisingly high count of 19 encounters with Booster Gold, a statistic increased both by his tendency to masquerade undetected as Booster's allies and his role in the weekly 52 title.

Maxwell Lord IV: Few characters have such frequently recurring roles in Booster's adventures as Max Lord, who has amassed a total of 65 encounters with our hero to date. Sure, most of those appearances were in supporting roles for the Justice League International (and all of those appearances take place outside modern Rebirth DCnU continuity), but nothing makes for a better antagonist than a former friend and mentor gone bad.

Now that you've seen the numbers, what do you say? Which villain deserves the title of Booster Gold's arch-nemesis?

This week's poll question: Which villain do you consider to be Booster Gold's arch-enemy? Please visit the Boosterrific Polls page to view results for this week's poll.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Now that the holidays are past us, I finally had time to update the Boosterrific database to include those pesky Convergence collections. More importantly, I also included a Booster Gold appearance I had missed in 2007:

© DC Comics

That panel is from Action Comics #848 (and was reprinted in Superman: Redemption).

Booster booster Logan spotted it over the holidays and let me know that it wasn't indexed here. So everyone thank Logan for making better than ever heading into 2016!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

This Day in History: I Miss Elongated Man

A central mystery in the middle act of 52 was the true identity of Supernova. Was it Superman? Superboy? Someone new?

Of course, Booster Gold fans were never at a loss, and neither was Ralph Dibny, better known as the world-famous Elongated Man!

© DC Comics

Dibny was the first (and only!) to deduce Supernova's identity in 52 Week 31. Out-thinking a man with access to all of time and space was one of the last achievements in Dibny's celebrated career and also one of his finest.

So long, Ralph.

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