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Friday, May 24, 2024

Just Another Day on the Internet

If you're a hardcore Booster Gold fan (and if you're on, chances are good), you probably know that his Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring is about 500 years old, his mother has no first name, and he has sassed Darkseid to his rocky face and lived to tell the tale.

You've also probably heard that Warner Bros Discovery, by way of James Gunn and DC Studios, has a Booster Gold television series in the works. You might have heard talk recently that the role has been cast and the television series is scheduled to start filming in July, as many corners of the Internet have been reporting just that.

Except, apparently, it's not. Many of the same corners of the Internet are now reporting that James Gunn (or his social media manager) has taken a break from developing the latest movie about Booster Gold's biggest rival, that goody-two-shoes Superman, to throw cold water on those Booster Gold rumors via a post at some social media website or other.

Honestly, at this point, I don't know what to believe. Were the initial reports hoaxes? Or is Gunn just trying to disguise the truth now that the cat's out of the bag? One way or the other, I suppose we'll find out the truth one day, right Superman?

© DC Comics

© DC Comics

© DC Comics
DC Challenge #12, "Phase 12.5" written by Len Wien and drawn by Ross Andru, Frank McLaughlin

Hey, if Superman's not above stealing a whole bunch of newsprint to hide his secret identity, can he really be all that mad at Booster Gold for "borrowing" some dusty old museum pieces to fight crime? (Bet they won't mention that in the Booster Gold television show.)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Anything for a Buck

This week's Green Lantern #11 sees Superman supplant Elvis in a Nevada quickie wedding chapel. That's such a clever idea, I can't believe that Booster Gold didn't think of it first.

© DC Comics
words by Jeremy Adams, art by Xermanico, Amancay Nahuelpan, Romulo Fajardo Jr, Dave Sharpe

Booster is a natural huckster who has leveraged his super powers into celebrity and that celebrity into profit since his very first appearance. Over his career, he has run such diverse business ventures as a super powered repossession agency, a bagel shop using time-travel to gather ingredients from the past, and a hi-tech teleporter package delivery service. (You can find a complete list of Booster's many, many business ventures here.)

All of those were great ideas that have kept a roof over Booster's head, but none of them have propelled him back into the Fortune 500. So what unique business idea will make Booster independently wealthy?

What endeavors can turn a celebrity pitchman into a billionaire? What hasn't Booster tried yet? Founding a company to sell age-defying cosmetics (Booster Cold Cream)? Creating a name brand alcohol (Booster Gold's Lager)? Starting in a reality television show in which he advises less famous people on how to grow their own businesses (Business Booster Gold)?

To quote Mark Cuban, "In business, to be a success, you only have to be right once." Keep at it, Booster. Time is on your side.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

New Release: Superman 13

Imagine my surprise when I opened this week's Superman #13 and saw on the very first page this panel of a Booster Gold t-shirt that is not a Booster Gold t-shirt:

© DC Comics

What the heck is that, indeed!

If you're a regular Boosterrific visitor, I'm sure you'll recognize the guy in that panel above is clearly wearing a Graphitti Designs Booster Gold Logo t-shirt (released in 2010), just as the guy in the following panel (not pictured) is wearing a Graphitti Designs Blue Beetle Logo t-shirt (released in 2011).

Why is the Booster Gold shirt colored as though it's a Wonder Woman's tiara t-shirt? I can only guess that colorist Alejandro Sanchez doesn't have a closet full of decade-old Graphitti Designs t-shirts. (I don't blame the colorist. I blame the editors. That's their job, isn't it, to take the blame for the creatives? Darn you, editors!)

Fortunately for Booster boosters, our hero appears more clearly on page three... in a photograph hanging on the wall of Warrior's Bar — next to Batman! (Batman looks very happy about that.)

It's just a small Booster Gold appearance, but consider buying this issue to make Skeets happy.

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Monday, March 25, 2024

New (Last Week) Release: Wonder Woman 7

Rasalonn writes

Hi hi. Did you see the panel in the new Wonder Woman comic? Superman and Wonder Woman go to a space mall to buy Batman a present. And the only thing they can both agree on is they refuse to buy Batman the Booster Gold autobiography! The book store even promotes Booster Gold will be there that day. Batman is missing out not getting that book!

The issue that Rasalonn is talking about is last week's Wonder Woman #7, and this is the panel:

© DC Comics

As Rasalonn describes, the story, titled "Gifted," is (mostly) about Superman and Wonder Woman searching for the perfect birthday gift for Batman. It is written by Tom King, who also once wrote a story about Booster Gold trying to give Batman the perfect gift and failing. That story is called "The Gift." I happen to agree with Superman and Wonder Woman that it's best not to remind Batman (or anyone, for that matter) of that fiasco, and I apologize for now having done so.

No, I had not seen this, Rasalonn. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Monday, January 29, 2024

This Day in History: Meet the Linear Man

I've updated the pictures and links, but the text in the following post originally ran ten years ago today, on January 29, 2014. So it's a double throwback! (Will I run it again in 2034? Stick around, and we'll find out together.)

Do you remember January, 1991? The New York Giants won Super Bowl XXV. Operation Desert Storm began. Vanilla Ice won Favorite New Hip Hop Artist at the American Music Awards. Ah, those were good times. Unless you were Booster Gold.

© DC Comics

On this date in 1991, Booster Gold was hunted by the Linear Man, the first of what would come to be recognized as the policemen of history in the DC Universe. Desperate to make Booster pay for his crime of stealing a time machine and returning to the past, the original Linear Man kidnapped and tortured Skeets. Bad cop!

Fortunately for Booster, this attack took place in The Adventures of Superman #476 — that's not a typo, kids: back in the day books kept consecutive numbering for years instead of resetting every few months — so of course Superman got involved and was displaced in time instead of our hero.

© DC Comics

The story played out in the "Time and Time Again" storyline over the following month, but Booster Gold had already been rescued by Superman and was too busy leading the Conglomerate and watching Tonya Harding win the U.S. Figure Skating Championships to return the favor. Oh, Booster!

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