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Monday, July 1, 2024

Heroes for Hire

Ross Pearsall continues his uninterrupted string of genius Super-Team Family Presents... comics book cover ideas with the long overdue pairing of both DC and Marvel's gold-shirted, high-collard, nigh-invulnerable heroes for hire (and their best buds) at

Super-Team Family Presents #4459

Something tells me that the hijinks of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle would get on the combined last nerve of Power Man and Iron Fist, so a little inter-team fisticuffs are probably in the cards here.

Thanks for all your continued hard work, Ross.

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Monday, June 10, 2024

The Return and Return of Robo Force

A recent issue of Ross Pearsall's long-running series of Super-Team Family team-up books featured a new adventure of "Robo Force," the team of robots that includes Skeets as a member!

Super-Team Family Presents #4430

Looking through the archives at, I realized I had missed a previous Robo Force cover with Skeets:

Super-Team Family Presents #3210

If Skeets can't save the day, it's a very bad day indeed.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Strange Tales

The Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up story you can't buy this week resides exclusively at Ross Pearsall's Super-Team Family Presents... blog at

Super Team Family Presents #4336

Blue and Gold seem a little out of their depth here, but when has that ever stopped them before? Keep up the good work, Ross.

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Monday, January 1, 2024

Year in Review 2023

Lazy bloggers all around the Internet are using the New Year as an opportunity to create clickbait lists of previous posts.

As it happens, I'm no better than they are.

So here, for your nostalgic end-of-year reading enjoyment (and my self-serving need for blogging content), I present the 5 most-read blog posts of 2023:

5. Monday, September 25: Fall Housekeeping
In which we celebrate the 1,000th and 1,001st books including a Booster Gold appearance added to the Database. As I type this, we're now up to 1,012. The more Booster Gold, the better!

4. Friday, September 8: My Favorite Pages: Suicide Squad 13
In which we review Booster Gold being awesome (and taunting both Blue Beetle and Superman with it) on Suicide Squad, Volume 1, #13, page 3.

3. Friday, August 18: Go See Blue Beetle
In which we encourage people to go see the best Booster Gold-adjacent film to hit theaters in 2023, Blue Beetle. (Curmudgeonly shut-in that I am, I did not follow my own advice until recently. I've seen it now. It's fine, certainly better than the average DC superhero movie. It would go on to make $129 million against a budget of $104 million, which also seems fine to me. But every DC movie is a failure if it makes less than a billion these days.)

2. Monday, April 3: A Hard Day's Night
In which we tease how The Flash #795 retconned the important bits of Heroes in Crisis, meaning that we can all now and forevermore ignore that HiC happened.

1. Tuesday, January 31: Giving Thanks for Hollywood 2023 Edition
In which we interrupted our regular posting schedule to share the news that James Gunn announced that one day Booster Gold might actually get one of those television shows Hollywood has been promising us for over a decade. I'm sure this time they really mean it. At least I'm pretty sure they did at the time. January 2023 was a whole year ago! Who knows what ripple effects were created behind the scenes by the ensuing months-long strikes of both the writers and actors guilds? I mean, to know what the future of entertainment holds, you'd have to be some sort of time-traveler. And that's just crazy talk.

Here's to another Boosterrific year in 2024!

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Monday, October 16, 2023

The Future of Imaginary Stories

Unless you're planning on picking up the new DCeased boxed set collection (of previously released trades), don't expect to see Booster Gold in any DC Comics this week. At least not in your Local Comic Shop.

However, Booster does appear on the cover of a recent issue of Ross Pearsall's Super-Team Family Presents... at

Super Team Family Presents #4201

There's a lot to like about this potential crossover. In addition to the fact that both Booster Gold and Phillip J. Fry are temporally-displaced persons with robot sidekicks, Futurama has never shied away from criticizing the sort of runaway commercialism that Booster Gold often represents.

And, of course, that pic of Booster comes from 2008's Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st-Century #19, and Futurama is set in... you guessed it... the 31st century.

Yeah, I'd definitely buy that comic. I might even be willing to pay quite a bit more than 60¢.

UPDATE 2023-10-17: Booster booster Marty writes in to let us know that a picture of Booster does appear in Batman Superman World's Finest #20. So buy that and make Skeets happy!

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