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The following list represents the 357 villains Booster Gold has encountered. Notes on methodology for the entries can be found here.


OMAC Units

OMAC Units . Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance: The OMAC Project, Vol. 1, #5, 2005

First Meeting with Booster Gold: The OMAC Project #5, 2005

OMAC, or "Observational Meta-human Activity Construct," units were designed to be the remote agents of Checkmate (see SARGE STEEL) and the BROTHER EYE satellite. They are created by exposing human beings to a nanite virus. Infected humans become carriers of the nanites, which at the command of the Brother Eye, can transform the infected human into a powerful device to perform directed tasks.

Booster Gold and several other former members JUSTICE LEAGUE battled OMACs to save their companions MARTIAN MANHUNTER and Rocket Red #4 (see HEROES OF THE SOVIET UNION). OMACs would continue to be a tool of MAXWELL LORD, ultimately developed by Professor Ivo into the powerful OMAC Prime model.

After the events of Flashpoint, Maxwell Lord forced Kevin Kho to become OMAC IV who eventually turned to Booster Gold and the Justice League International for help.


Omnizon. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance: bag101

First Meeting with Booster Gold: Blue and Gold #1, 2021

Encounters with Booster Gold: 5

Omnizon is the daughter of Lord Kif'n of the alien world Beh'imoor, which claims Earth as part of its galactic empire.

When Booster Gold and BLUE BEETLE II thwarted Omnizon's first attempt at kidnapping the Justice League, they earned her eternal enmity.

Operation Freedom Rings

Operation Freedom Rings. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance: Extreme Justice, Vol. 1, #0, 1995

First Meeting with Booster Gold: Extreme Justice #0, 1995

Membership: Kill Unit, Pulse Unit I, Pulse Unit II, Synapse

Led by highly-decorated General Synge, Operation Freedom Rings was an organization of rogue elements of the United States Air Force that were determined to save the world from Communist oppression through the implementation of bio-engineered super soldiers.

When the EXTREME JUSTICE team selected MOUNT THUNDER, Nevada as their base of operations, they inadvertently crossed paths with operatives of Operation Freedom Rings.


Overmaster. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance: Justice League of America, Vol. 1, #235, 1985

First Meeting with Booster Gold: Justice League America #89, 1994

Encounters with Booster Gold: 2

The Overmaster traveled through the galaxies, passing judgment and destroying planets that failed that judgment.

The Overmaster is one of the foes that Booster Gold believed that he had clear future knowledge about. Booster led the JUSTICE LEAGUE against the Overmaster (for the second time) only to fall to the Overmaster's Cadre, made primarily from members of the Cadre of the Immortal (Mushasi), NEW EXTREMISTS and Aryan Brigade (Backlash, Heatmonger, Iron Cross) and the Overmaster's right hand man, Shatterfist. Osiris and Seneca were associates of the Cadre of the Immortal that turned against the Overmaster and joined the Justice League in the fight against the villain.




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