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 Injustice League

Monday, January 29, 2018

While we were distracted by Booster Gold's team-ups in Action Comics and the announced Batman #45, we missed Booster's other ongoing partnership with Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes return to the digital pages of Injustice 2.

In Injustice 2 Chapter Forty-One, Booster and Jamie's training is interrupted by the arrival of the late Ted Kord's lawyer.

© DC Comics
Injustice 2 Chapter Forty-One by Tom Taylor, Daniel Samoere, Rex Lokus, Wes Abbott

The scene is both touching and laugh-out-loud funny. Good job by writer Tom Taylor.

Though Booster's participation is only half of the chapter, it's easily worth spending 99¢ for the whole thing on

For Booster boosters who still prefer to get newsprint on your hands, you can read this story when it arrives in your Local Comic Shop on March 21 as Injustice 2 #21 for $2.99.
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 In for Justice

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

DC has released March solicitations, and, sadly, it looks like Booster Gold's time in Action Comics will come to an end in February. Enjoy "Booster Shot" while it lasts, Booster boosters! (The second issue will be in comic shops next week.)

On the bright side, Booster will be returning to play mentor to Jaime Reyes in the digital-first Injustice 2. I've enjoyed Booster's rare Injustice 2 appearances so far. I expect I'll be equally satisfied when Injustice 2 #21 lands in my Local Comic Shop on March 7.

You can read all of DC's March solicitations at
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 New Release: Injustice 2 Issue 5

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Don't forget that DC Comics is releasing Injustice 2 #5 today. (Although, because of the Independence Day holiday, some shops — including my own Local Comic Shop — won't have new books on the shelves until tomorrow.)

The contents of this issue first appeared digitally last month, so we can be sure that our hero (and Skeets!) will be appearing within.

© DC Comics

Buy this issue and tell DC that we want more Booster Gold!
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 More Booster Gold In Comics

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Booster Gold reappears this week in the latest digital installment of DC's Injustice 2 "Chapter 10."

After his walk-on role in last week's "Chapter 9," Booster's appearance here isn't a big surprise, but it does make one stop to wonder why Booster can show up in stories taking place outside of regular DCnrU continuity but not in a DCnrU comic itself. First Flintstones, now Injustice — what's next? Scooby-Doo?

Before you ask, yes, I'd buy that.

You can find Injustice 2 Chapters 9 and 10 now at for 99¢ apiece. They'll be available together in your Local Comic Shop (as Injustice 2 #5) on July 5 for $2.99.
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 Booster Gold Appears in a Comic Again!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I received an email yesterday alerting me to this:

© DC Comics

Yes, that is Booster Gold, and yes, that is Ted Kord. Believe it or not, Skeets is in there, too. All in a DC comic book. Will wonders never cease?

This panel can be found in Injustice 2 "Chapter 9", now available on Injustice 2 does not take place in the standard DCnrU but in the dystopian parallel universe as seen in the Injustice series of video games. (It's not a nice place to live. Superman is a jerk.)

Injustice 2 is a digital-first title, so chapters are available online before they are released as comics. This gives you two ways to buy. "Chapter 9" and "Chapter 10" (due next week) both cost just 99¢ on Comixology. Alternately, the two chapters will be collected into the printed floppy Injustice 2 #5, coming to your Local Comic Shop on July 5 for $2.99.

Thanks for the tip, jayroc22! (Also thanks to Spencer, who tried to notify me on Facebook. Sorry I didn't see your message sooner.)
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