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Friday, October 27, 2023

Character Spotlight on Mindancer

The life of any comic book hero would be a lonely one if not for the many characters who have made up their supporting cast. Just as Superman has Lois Lane and Batman has Alfred, Booster Gold has also shared his adventures with quite a few people over the years. Today we look at one of those, Mindancer.

The People in His Neighborhood: spotlighting the characters who have made Booster Gold such a star

They say you never forget your first time. First love. First paycheck. First stollen time machine you used to travel back in time to become a super hero. And even first defeat.

In Booster Gold's case, that means he'll always remember the first time he met Mindancer.

© DC Comics
© DC Comics

Blackguard gets all the fame for appearing on the cover of Booster Gold #1, but the real villain in Booster Gold's 1986 debut issue is the "unidentified, super-powered woman who," in the breathless words of WGBS television news reporter Cindy Miles, "took S.T.A.R.'s satellite guidance system from Booster Gold!"

That mysterious, garishly-costumed assailant is "an extremely dangerous" psychic mercenary codenamed Mindancer. According to Booster's sidekick Skeets, she can leach the mental energy from nearby bystanders to boost her innate telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

At the time she crossed swords with Booster Gold, she was working for The 1000, who also employed Blackguard. In fact, Booster's inaugural defeat of Blackguard led directly to his rematch with Mindancer when she was sent to spring Blackguard from Metropolis Prison in Booster Gold #2. They fight to a draw, and Mindancer escapes after Blackguard creates a distraction. Considering that escaping was her whole reason for being there, this should probably count as another win for Mindancer.

Their third encounter, inside the headquarters of The 1000 in Booster Gold #3, goes even worse for Booster, as he is left unconscious and placed in a 1000 death trap!

© DC Comics

Booster escapes thanks only to the timely intervention of Thorn (Booster Gold #4), who also defeats Mindancer in hand-to-hand combat. Thorn tears off Mindancer's mask, revealing that her red hair is only a wig. Mindancer's true face underneath is... well, this:

© DC Comics

Why does she look like that? We may never know. The humiliation of having her true face exposed empowers Mindancer, an "unskilled physical combatant" according to her entry in Who's Who Update '87 #4, to overwhelm Thorn and escape.

Mindancer has rarely been seen since. She next shows up in 1994's Green Lantern Volume 3 #52 as a (masked) inmate in Slabside Penitentiary for metahumans, indicating that at some point she was caught and brought to justice. It must have been a long sentence. She's not seen again until The Flash #800 (2023), where she is caught participating in a poker game with stolen goods and presumably re-imprisoned.

After nearly four decades, it doesn't look like Booster and Mindancer will be crossing paths again anytime soon. Therefore, the final record stands at Mindancer 3, Booster Gold 0, a result so lopsided, I'm sure Booster Gold would prefer to forget.

Other People in Booster Gold's Neighborhood:

Booster Gold's sidekick, Skeets
Booster Gold's twin sister, Michelle Carter
Booster Gold's mother, Ma Carter
Booster Gold's 20th-century ancestor, Daniel Carter
Booster Gold's "daughter," Rani
Booster Gold's boss (and son), Rip Hunter
Booster Gold's secretary, Trixie Collins
Booster Gold's business manager, Dirk Davis
Vice President of Booster Gold International, Mackenzie Garrison
Booster Gold's first love, Monica Lake
Booster Gold's first foe, Blackguard
creators of the Booster Gold comic book, Benny and Marty
the voice of Booster Gold's conscience, Nurse Devlin
the brilliant scientist who created Goldstar, Jack Soo
the mad scientist who hacked Skeets, Doctor Shocker
the bomber who almost killed Booster Gold, Mister Twister

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Monday, May 15, 2023

New Release: Flash 799

Don't let that headline mislead you; I'm not expecting to see Booster Gold in this week's The Flash #799. But as the issue preview now available at demonstrates, we will definitely be seeing Gold Beetle:

© DC Comics

As I said a few weeks ago, I'm expecting we'll see Gold Beetle again on June 6 in The Flash's "extra-sized" final issue #800. (Don't worry, DC is restarting Flash with a whole new number one in September... because, um, the number one is cooler.)

What I was NOT expecting, and what I learned from reading the Flash #800 preview also already online at, is that the issue will feature an appearance by Booster Gold's long-lost second foe, Mindancer!

© DC Comics

I can't wait to find out what she's been up to for the last 37 years!

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