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Monday, April 10, 2023

Would-Be World Conquerors Love Time Travelers

The previews at don't give the impression that Booster Gold will be in any of this week's new releases. That doesn't mean I didn't see Booster Gold while looking.

The plot of Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU involves a time travel mishap that unintentionally allows Starro the Star Conqueror to take over the Earth. If that sounds like a familiar scenario, it's because it was also the premise of 2008's Booster Gold Vol. 2 #13.

And though modern audiences raised on Justice League Unlimited episodes and Tom King comics might be surprised to learn otherwise, it wasn't Booster's fault.

It was his 20th-century ancestor's.

© DC Comics

© DC Comics

Daniel's mistake allowed Starro to possess the original Time Master, Rip Hunter, himself. Two issues of hi-jinks ensued as Starro re-wrote the past and future to his own liking.

Booster ultimately solved his problem with the timely assistance of Chronos and Lady Chronos. Hopefully, Harley can find time-travelling love-interest/frenemies of her own to help. Seems to me she should give Booster Gold a call; he's not doing anything else.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Character Spotlight on Daniel Carter

The life of any comic book hero would be a lonely one if not for the many characters who have made up their supporting cast. Just as Superman has Lois Lane and Batman has Alfred, Booster Gold has also shared his adventures with quite a few people over the years. Today we look at one of those, Daniel Carter.

The People in His Neighborhood: spotlighting the characters who have made Booster Gold such a star

After a gruesome injury ruined his promising football career, Daniel Carter had became stuck in an unfulfilling job as Evergreen Insurance Company's fifth-best term-life salesman. He dreamed of being a super hero and reclaiming his lost glory. Perhaps it was that dream — or maybe it was fate — that lured him to Booster Gold's sparsely attended funeral in 52 #18.

Daniel was completely unaware that Michael Jon "Booster Gold" Carter was his descendant until Skeets told him the truth. Unfortunately for Daniel, that was the only truth Skeets told him (52 #19).

© DC Comics

Skeets wasn't Skeets at all, but the villainous Mr. Mind in disguise. Fortunately for Daniel, Rip Hunter was already aware of Mr. Mind's schemes. Hunter enlisted Daniel to become the second Carter to don the mask of Supernova, world-famous super hero. Together with faked-his-own-death Booster Gold, Daniel defeated Mr. Mind and saved the multiverse (52 #52). Daniel Carter's dreams had come true!

Afterwards, Booster and Daniel became roommates (Booster Gold Volume 2, #1). Though Daniel meant well, he was also rather stupid. He was often left behind while Booster was out adventuring. This made it easy for Booster's ne'er-do-well father to steal the Supernova costume and use it for evil (Booster Gold Volume 2, #2). It would also present the opportunity for Daniel to meet his future wife, reporter Rose Levin, when she came snooping into Booster Gold's personal life (Booster Gold, Volume 2, #3).

© DC Comics

Rip Hunter would eventually recover the Supernova costume, and Daniel would continue to play the role of hero for Rose. He traveled through time to find his wife the perfect gift — and only accidentally gave longtime Justice League foe Starro the Conqueror the ability to conquer all history (Booster Gold, Volume 2, #13). He would redeem himself by protecting Rose from a maurading Black Lantern Blue Beetle in Booster Gold, Volume 2, #27.

Supernova hasn't been seen since Flashpoint, but so long as Booster Gold is still around, Daniel and Rose have to be out there somewhere.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

I Am Living Proof. Beefcake!

Since SallyP scooped me by including Booster Gold's topless exercise routine from Booster Gold, Vol. 1, #18 in her beefcake roll call yesterday, for Boosterrific's final installment in her Green Lantern's Butt Forever's Beefcake Week, I give you not Booster Gold but Supernova:

Are those children's boxers? (Booster Gold, Vol.  2, #3, 2007)

Booster Gold's ancestor Daniel Carter shows his future wife, Rose, the goods. Panel from Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #3, 2007. Art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.

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