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 Birthday Surprise, Booster Gold!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Today marks the negative 425th birthday of Jon Michael "Booster" Carter, born this day in the year 2442.

If you've got $100 to drop on an action figure, I think I've got a pretty good way to celebrate the occasion.

Perhaps you recall that I first reported on a 12-inch Justice League Action Booster Gold figure from Target back in March? By June, I'd given up hope that we would ever actually see it in stores. I might have been premature.

Earlier this week, I got word that Mattel might finally be releasing the figure in 2018. While researching that claim yesterday, I found this on

2017 Mattel DC Comics Justice League Action Booster Gold 12” Figure MISB

I've still never seen one of these in the wild, but if this is the real deal (and there's no reason to suspect that it isn't), there must be others out there somewhere.

Keep your eyes peeled, Booster boosters! And Happy Birthday, Booster!

UPDATE 01/01/2018: The Blot notes that this figure is now available on for $13! Man, 2018 is looking Boosterrific already!
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 Don't Stick It Up Your Nose

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Via Twitter, Benni Beard called my attention to this custom Booster Gold minifig (with Legion Flight Ring!) now available from bilbobaggins7919 on

Booster Gold minifig by Bilbobaggins7919 on

It was just back in March that I spotlighted a different custom LEGO-compatible minifig.

There must be a growing demand for block versions of our hero in the wake of the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video game and The LEGO Batman Movie. Are you paying attention, LEGO?
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 Booster Gold Is a Pawn

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Today is New Comic Day, but you won't find Booster Gold in any of today's releases at your Local Comic Shop. If you want Booster, consider rectifying that buy winning this eBay auction for a slabbed CGC 9.8 copy of Booster Gold #1 signed by Dan Jurgens. What a bargain at only $375!

If you're looking for something a little cheaper, you'll find the Eaglemoss DC Chess Collection piece number 61: White Pawn Booster Gold elsewhere on It can be yours for as little as $8.00 (plus shipping)!

A chess piece is hardly an action figure, but perhaps it will tide you over until that DC Icons Blue Beetle and Booster Gold two-pack arrives. (Remember those?) Announced at Comic Con International in July, it won't be available until June 29, 2017! And unlike the chess piece, the figures will have a suggested retail price of $55.00.

So maybe you shouldn't buy those eBay items. If you save $2 a week between now and June, you'll easily be able to buy the greatest action figures ever made and still have enough left over for a nice lunch.
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 Super Powers Collection of the Future

Monday, May 30, 2016

For the better part of the past decade, someone identified as "Industrial Toy Werks" has been selling a series of custom action figures as though they were foreign bootlegs of the popular but long-discontinued Kenner Super Power Collection. Included in this line of figures was a Booster Gold, and one of those showed up on this past week.

Booster Gold Super Powers Collection by Industrial Toy Werks
Photos from auction by primetime_njd

ITW has become known as a pretty high quality bootleg, especially considering the detailing put into the custom blister card packaging. The Booster Gold card is no exception, reusing art from the DC Heroes role-playing game to make a card that you'd expect to find on a legitimate Super Powers Collection product.

If you Google this figure (or look at the back of the card), you'll see other ITW Booster Gold figures painted with gold paint. That color scheme was probably influenced by the Justice League Unlimited figure released in 2004. This custom is a more comic-accurate yellow, like the second Booster Gold JLU figure released in 2009. How many of these did ITW make?

Booster Gold Super Powers Collection by Industrial Toy Werks

Eagle-eyed critics might also notice that the figure's gloves are blue and his bracelets are gold. Booster's classic, high-collar costume had gold gloves and blue bracelets. The colors were inverted in Booster's 2007 collarless redesign. Even I'll admit that complaining about that sort of detail about a custom figure is simply nitpicking.

The auction is closed now, but the seller was asking $269.99 (+ $9.95 shipping)! That's about the going rate for original Super Powers figures still on their original card. That's a lot of money. If Booster Gold were here, no doubt he'd want his cut.
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 Comic Book Speculating

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Not too long ago, there was a brief discussion in the Boosterrific Forum about an apparent price increase in Booster Gold back issues. At the time, I assumed that it couldn't have anything to do with a Booster Gold television show because it had been a few years since there was any news on that front. But when have comic book prices ever been based on reality?

The website Comic Book Scalping last week recommended Booster Gold, Volume 1, #1 as a target issue for speculators looking to buy low and sell high.

A year ago, collectible copies of the issue (very fine or better) could be had for only $3, but now currently values those same issues at about $30 or more. On, you'll find high-grade slabbed copies going for over $200!

I can't think of any reason that Booster's first appearance is going up in price so quickly other than the persistent rumors that he might be coming to television. So hang on to your copies, Booster boosters. Speculators will be beating down our doors if DC ever gets that much-anticipated television series off the ground!
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