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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

B is for Boosterrific

Speaking of Blot, he also recently shared with me the latest addition to his collection of Booster Gold commissions:

Matt Kaufenberg has been doing these amazing super hero drawings in the style of the retro ABC Books. You can see a lot of examples on his Instagram [] and online store. He was doing them for fun and selling them, but then opened a few commission spots so you could pick your own super hero. So you know I had to get a Booster! Hope your readers enjoy.

Booster Gold by Matt Kaufenberg for The Blot

I do enjoy! I think it's remarkable how Booster's original 1980s costume design by Dan Jurgens works so well in such a wide variety of art styles.

Thanks, Blot.

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Monday, June 3, 2024

Tiny Statues to Greatness

The Blot has alerted us that in anticipation of the imminent release of the DC HeroClix: Masters of Time set in July, the WizKids website now has an image of the set's new Booster Gold figure!

© DC Comics

Hmm, those are some thick boots. But at least it's not the New 52 costume.

Interestingly, other pictured figures in this set include Animal Man, who has a costume styled similarly to Booster's, and Mister Mind, who has an, um, complicated relationship with Skeets. (See: 52 Week 51.)

Thanks, Blot!

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Monday, April 29, 2024

Look! A Silver Green Lantern Ooshie

In 2018, the Blot introduced us to the Booster Gold Ooshie.

Now Blot is back with more "Booshie" news!

So a few years ago I wrote in to tell you about the Booster Gold Ooshies figure, which was included in the DC Comics Ooshies line of collectible pencil / pen toppers. What I didn't know until recently is they also released two exclusive variants. So technically there are some new production Booster Gold figures in the world!

© DC Comics

The Gold Booster was exclusive to the 2022 DC Oooshies Advent Calendar, which as best as I can tell was sold exclusively at Big Lots. While I was trying to find that figure on eBay I also stumbled upon the Silver Booster, but can’t find any information about it. This one was misnamed by a seller in China, possibly coming off the factory floor as a sample. Can't find any series or sets that included a silver Booster Gold. Happy hunting to all the Booster Gold collectors out there wanting to add these to their collections!

Looking back at other Ooshie offerings, it seems they offered rare "titanium" chase variants of some figures, so maybe that explains the silver treatment?

Whatever the case, I'm not particularly surprised that a Chinese eBay seller didn't recognize The Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of. Good find, Blot!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

What We Learned at Wondercon 2024

Over the weekend, The Blot wrote me to say

McFarlane Toys announced at WonderCon there’s a new Booster Gold 7” DC Multiverse action figure coming next year!!!

Cool, I thought. But then I looked at the email's attachment and saw this:

McFarlane Toys Wondercon 2024 presentation, photo via
Disclaimer: this isn't The Blot's photo but the image I found at when I googled to confirm this wasn't an early April Fools.

A New 52 Booster Gold? An overly-complicated design that looked bad in 2D comics and looks even worse on a small 3D action figure? Who wants that? I certainly don't, and if you tell me that you do I'm going to give you a classic Gary Coleman side-eye gif.

McFarlane gave us the Blue and Gold set with Booster's modern Mark I.v2 costume back in 2022, and a Waverider Booster in 2023. While I'd love more Booster Gold figures, why can't we get the classic Mark I high-collar costume? Or, if you want to get obscure, how about a figure with the Conglomerate leather jacket? (Please!)

The Blot followed up with this message:

A quick update. Turns out the dates in the picture are wrong. The new Booster Gold figure is coming out in 2024!

That would be great news... if I wanted a New 52 Booster Gold figure. I don't. But if your name is Jim Lee and you're eager to get your hands on a New 52 Booster Gold action figure, 2024 is your year!

Thanks for the news, Blot.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Future Is Written in Chalk

Speaking of the Jurassic League....

Booster booster The Blot of has his finger on the pulse of the world of collectibles and writes us with breathless anticipation:

Have you heard about the upcoming DC HeroClix series, Masters of Time!?! There’s gotta be a Booster figure in the set right? They haven’t unveiled the whole line up yet, but have shown a few figures. The series will include Rip Hunter and his chalk board!!! That’s basically a Booster Gold release right?

© WizKids Games

I cannot deny that's certainly a Dan Jurgens' Booster Gold Volume 2-era Rip Hunter drawing come to (still) life.

Rip is just one of the 15 pre-release pieces pictured at, which says the set is scheduled for a 3rd quarter 2024 release, meaning we won't get a full list of figures probably until sometime closer to July and September. When released, the full set is advertised to contain

  • 16 Common Figures
  • 15 Uncommon Figures
  • 12 Rare Figures (and 3 Rare Primes!)
  • 13 Super Rare Figures (and 2 Super Rare Primes!)
  • 7 Chase Figures
  • 1 Ultra-Chase Figure
  • 10 Colossal-Sized Jurassic Figures (exclusively in Jurassic Boosters!)

As you can see, the Jurassic League "colossal" figures are a central point of this "Masters of Time" set. Since we now know Booster will be crossing over with the Jurassic League in May (and Rip and Booster are family Time Masters), could a Booster Gold figure be in the set? We'll have to keep an eye out.

Thanks, Blot!

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