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JLU Continuity are stores taking place in the Continuity of the Justice League Unlimited Universe.

The following list represents the 24 appearances of Booster Gold within the JLU comic book universe published by DC Comics.

By default, the list is presented in chronological order of appearance of Booster Gold within the DC Universe by story and issue. The list can be sorted alphabetically by title or date by clicking on the column titles below. The final column in the table can either represent the rating or the costume worn by Booster Gold within the issue.

Spring 1994
“Let Justice Be Done”
April 1997
Cover Art Only
December 2004
“Poker Face”
June 2005
“The Island”
July 2005
“Castle Perilous”
October 2005
“Old School”
November 2005
“Nuts and Bolts”
December 2005
“Everybody Limbo!”
March 2006
“Let Freedom Ring”
June 2006
“Just Us Girls”
October 2006
“Alone Among the Stars”
November 2006
“The Devil May Care”
December 2006
“The Ghosts of Atlantis”
March 2007
April 2007
“Heavy Mettle”
May 2007
“The One Man Justice League”
June 2007
“Big Guns”
August 2007
October 2007
“Wild Geese”
May 2008
July 2008
September 2021
“The Crack'd Mirror, Part One”
March 2022
“The Mirror Crack'd, Part 7”
November 1997
“Well, Here's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into!”



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