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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Six Boosterrific Things

An assortment of small news items about recent events here at

1. Thanks once again to Jake J for pointing out that the Boosterrific Database was missing several reprint collections, most recently Elseworlds: Justice League Volumes One, Two, and Three. Thanks for all your help, Jake J (who has emailed reminds me that he is NOT Jake. Sorry!).

2. While trying to make sense of the timeline in "Roses Are Red, Androids Are Blue" in DC's How to Lose a Guy Gardner in 10 Days, I stumbled across a previously undocumented one-panel Booster Gold appearance in JLA #119. Every time I think I've found them all, another appearance turns up. I love it!

3. If you didn't know it, a new, 2nd edition of the 2019 25th Anniversary Zero Hour: Crisis in Time Omnibus was released this week. I haven't seen it yet, but it is advertised as collecting "every chapter in the groundbreaking saga in chronological order." Does this 2nd edition include Booster Gold #0? (To the best of my knowledge, the 2019 edition did not.) If anyone can confirm or deny, please let me know.

4. Last week DC announced that their comics will once again be released on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays beginning in July. When that happens, I'll be moving New Release updates to Wednesdays more consistently, just as I used to do. So don't say I didn't warn you.

5. To whomever reached out via the Boosterrific Contact form and asked "is it possible to anonymously submit in this contact": I cannot respond to your request because you didn't include a reply-to address, but the answer is mostly "yes." I do get to see the IP address that generated the request (which is necessary as an anti-spam measure), so if I look into that, I can approximate where you were in the world when you sent it. But otherwise, yeah, pretty vague.

6. If you haven't noticed, I created some more ads for the top of the pages during some recent downtime. You can see all of them on the Boosterrific Ads page. (I do tag them all internally as ads, so if you have an ad-blocker running, you may need to disable it to see them.)

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Friday, February 2, 2024

Ask Skeets

For your weekend entertainment:

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Lock It Down

© DC Comics
Spoiler Alert: Do not let Booster Gold touch your computer!

In honor of Booster showing up for a whole page in this week's Blue Beetle #2, I *finally* bit the bullet and bought an SSL Certificate for, as Google has been urging me to do for a decade, so that Booster boosters can feel secure when they... um, leave comments.

I didn't really think that this site needed an SSL Certificate yesterday, and I'm not convinced that today is any different. But I had the money, and... well, you know what they say about fools and money.

Quick aside here about buyer's remorse: in the year 1997, I impulsively spent all my savings on a used '95 Jeep Wrangler with 47,000 miles on it. That could be considered a dumb decision, and I berated myself quite a bit about it for a while. Fast forward to 2023: I still have that Jeep, and I am very, very attached to it. Which goes to show that not all decisions that seem in the moment to be a waste of money are.

(Although, it should be noted that not 30 minutes after I pressed the button to commit to purchasing the SSL certificate, the Jeep overheated and shut down in the middle of the road; it's now sitting in the mechanic's lot waiting for parts. Isn't that always the case? Just when you think you have enough money to upgrade a hobby website, you have to take out a loan for the mechanic.)

I still can't say as I see much value in an SSL certificate for given the kind of content I deliver — should I start charging ya'll for something? — but if it makes even one person more comfortable contributing to our community and celebrating Booster Gold, it's probably worth it.

Anyway, it's now installed, and I think everything is working correctly. Please let me know if you see anything that seems to be malfunctioning.

© DC Comics

I'm sure it'll be fine.

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Friday, September 29, 2023

Uh Oh Spaghettios

It appears there was some data loss on the host server, and I've lost everything since Tuesday morning. Which, thankfully isn't much, as I haven't even gotten around to adding Action Comics #1057 to the database yet. So maybe it's a good thing that it's been a slow month for Booster Gold.

[For future reference, the lost post was a link to a custom Super Powers Collection-styled Booster Gold and Goldstar action figure by SuperPoweredCustoms at]

Goldstar by SuperPoweredCustoms

Here in the wee hours of Friday morning, I'm still finding a few glitches in the web hosting services. I'm not sure what all this means exactly (hardware failure? user error? malicious action?), but rather than risk losing another post, I'm just going to backup the database again and call it a week. See you Monday, I hope!

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Monday, September 25, 2023

Fall Housekeeping

If you pay any attention to the statistics on the homepage, you might have noticed that last last week, the Boosterrific Database registered the 1,000th comic book to include Booster Gold. In fact, it now says 1,001.

However, that's not because Booster has appeared in anything new. It's merely because I finally got around to adding a few reprint collections with very minor Booster Gold appearances. Specifically, those are 2009's Justice League America, Special and 2013's Necessary Evil: The Villains of the DC Universe, both with appearances so small I hesitate to call them even cameos.

I'll be adding another reprint collection later this week, when DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War Part 2 comes out, and another next week for DCEASED: The Deluxe Edition. If anyone spots Booster in any other books in the near future (or ever), let me know.

UPDATE: Booster Gold makes a one-panel cameo appearance in this week's Action Comics #1057!

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