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Monday, February 12, 2024

Going out of Business

The algorithms that run the Internet have decided that I'm the target audience for the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game. Despite it being a game built on DC Comic book super heroes, they are wrong.

I didn't care for Injustice or DCeased or DC Vs. Vampires, so It probably won't surprise you that I am not interested in playing as a villain and assassinating the heroes of the DC Universe. But has proven that it isn't entirely without value.

screenshot via

Booster Gold International has been out of business since Millennium in 1988, so I guess the events of Kill the Justice League must take place on an alternate Earth, perhaps one where Millennium never happened (or one where the Manhunters won?).

That's still not enough to make me want to roleplay as an unrepentantly psychopathic murderer with a bomb in my head, but I can't say that Kill the Justice League has nothing going for it anymore.

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Friday, February 9, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Intl 23

My Favorite Pages

The Invasion! crossovers continue in Justice League International #23, in which the League finds themselves tasked with disarming potentially deadly alien technology in the South Pacific. Granted, it's not a glamorous job, but somebody's got to do it.

And it does give Booster Gold a chance at a well-earned beach vacation.

© DC Comics

I love this page mostly for the single panel of Booster making sandcastles, but I also find it interesting to be reminded that in the early years, Fire couldn't fly. Although it will still be several issues before she will "green flame on" on-panel (in Justice League America #28), the trigger for that power upgrade occurs in this very issue.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

New Release: DC Power 2024

Good news, Booster boosters! Booster Gold does appear in a DC Comic this week. Can you guess which one?

Hint: it's not the concluding issue of the DC Universe-spanning Titans Beast World event mini-series. Nor, despite having shown up in recent issues of the regular series, is he in the Batman/Superman: World's Finest 2024 Annual.

Nope, Booster Gold's appearance is in the one-shot DC Power 2024, a anthology of ten stories that, as the cover blurb explains, celebrates "Black excellence across the DCU" timed to coincide with the start of Black History Month.

© DC Comics

To be fair to white-bread Booster, he isn't exactly crashing the Black Power party. In the entire issue, he's only seen in the above one-panel flashback to Bloodwynd's first appearance in Justice League America #61, which did, indeed, prominently feature Booster Gold. So at least it's an historically accurate cameo appearance.

As I've said many times before, I love DC's current strategy of holiday-themed anthologies because they give us readers the opportunity revisit the oft-overlooked, lesser known characters of the DC Universe like Bloodwynd. And, this time, to a much lesser extent, Booster Gold. Hooray!

Despite Booster only having a very small cameo appearance, consider buying this issue and making Skeets happy.

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Friday, January 26, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Intl 22

My Favorite Pages

DC's late 1988 event was Invasion!, and in the early days of the alien assault on Earth, Booster Gold played an important role... as the Justice League International member assigned to monitor duty.

Booster has a brief supporting role answering a telephone call from Wally West in Flash #21. Since that's just a one page appearance, we'll skip to Booster's larger supporting role in Justice League International #22, where our hero confronts the invading enemies directly.

JLI #22 is divided evenly into two stories: a surprise alien ambush on the League's New York Embassy, and the League's first battle against a fleet of alien warships over the South Pacific Ocean. The first story is mostly comedy, so of course that's the one that features Booster Gold.

It doesn't go well for our hero, especially on page 5.

© DC Comics

Poor Booster. He should have been on his toes. As everyone who has ever read a Justice League comic knows, there's nothing more dangerous than being assigned to monitor duty.

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Friday, January 19, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Intl 21

My Favorite Pages

Booster Gold appears in only two panels in Justice League International #20, so we'll skip ahead to Justice League International #21 where Booster Gold has about the greatest three consecutive panel sequence you'll ever read in a DC comic.

© DC Comics

And can we just take an extra moment to admire Ty Templeton's pencils on what is very obviously a layout (with an iconic Darkseid closeup) by the late, great Keith Giffen? Amazing work, guys.

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