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Friday, September 22, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Intl 14

My Favorite Pages

The art of Justice League International #14 almost feels like it was a rush job, and perhaps it was. Regular series penciller and master of facial expressions Kevin Maguire took (or was given) a vacation, and Steve Leialoha's very loose style is a poor substitute for this issue that heavily features character moments. The layouts, as usual, are by Keith Giffen, so part of the problem here could be that Leialoha wasn't a great match for Giffen's distinctive style of closeups. (It gets a little better in the next issue, as we'll soon see.)

Which is not to say that JLI #14 isn't worth our time. For one thing, this is the issue that sees Green Flame and Ice Maiden officially join the team. (They'll not become Fire and Ice until issue #19.)

For another, there's football!

© DC Comics

If there's anything better than superheroes and football, I don't know what it is.

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Friday, September 8, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Suicide Squad 13

My Favorite Pages

As I promised last week, Suicide Squad #13 has Booster Gold's biggest on-panel presence in months as the Justice League International goes toe-to-toe with a badly overmatched Suicide Squad, as you can already see on page 3:

© DC Comics

After weeks on the sideline, Booster Gold comes off as something of a beast in this issue as literally no one on the Suicide Squad's roster can touch him (thanks to his force field). For what it's worth, Booster Gold is ultimately paired off against Javelin because somebody's gotta fight him (that's how these sorts of stories work). Were they paired just because they dress alike?

If you're a fan of the Green Lantern/Booster Gold running gag introduced in the 2004 Justice League Unlimited episode "The Greatest Story Never Told," you'll appreciate that Javelin debuted as a Green Lantern villain (in 1984's Green Lantern #173) who gave the Lantern considerably more trouble than he gives Booster Gold here.

© DC Comics

Fip whang whiii, indeed.

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Friday, September 1, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Intl 13

My Favorite Pages

Just last week, my chronological collection of favorite pages touched on Justice League International #11. That book was published on November 10, 1987. The following week, Booster appears (mutely) in exactly two panels of the frame story on page 2 of Blue Beetle #22. Two weeks after that, he is in just one panel of a previous issue recap in Action Comics #598. A week later, Booster is depicted in five panels across the 22 pages of Justice League International #12 — three of those in flashbacks!

Which finally brings us to Justice League International #13... which has Booster in exactly 6 panels. Why am I giving you a favorite page from this book and not those others? Although he is rarely seen or heard, Booster's role here is larger than a simple drop-in, drop-out cameo. He's present with his Justice League teammates as the action rises steadily towards the adventure's climax that will play out in Suicide Squad #13, and Booster has a more sizeable part in that melee. So even though Booster's role in Justice League International #13 is limited, it's not insignificant.

But it's not significant enough to make my favorite page.

© DC Comics

That's page 8, and it really illustrates what I like best about Keith Giffen's very stylized art (ably aided by Al Gordon's confident inks and Gene D'Angelo's strong color) comprised almost entirely of close-ups and heavy shadows. Maybe Watchmen made me a sucker for the rigid 9-panel layout, but I especially love how Giffen uses it to create three horizontal triptychs — Rule of Three raised to the third power! — to ratchet up both the comedy and the drama. Very well done.

Tune in next time to finally see a Booster Gold panel in Suicide Squad #13!

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Friday, August 25, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Intl 11

My Favorite Pages

Given that I'm calling this series "My Favorite Pages," I feel beholden to only present my favorite page from an issue. And sometimes my favorite page of an issue with Booster Gold in it doesn't have Booster Gold on it.

Such is the case for Justice League International #11.

This is the first Justice League issue to include Booster since he betrayed the team during Millennium, so it's no great surprise that he plays a minor role here. Even if Booster didn't provide much material support for the Manhunter's cause and did ultimately help the heroes triumph, you can't exactly blame the rest of the league for no longer trusting the guy.

In fact, it will be a few months yet before Booster plays any significant role in another Justice League adventure. In the meantime, we always have Blue Beetle.

© DC Comics

Yes, Manhunter. I enjoyed it very much.

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Friday, August 4, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Millennium 8

My Favorite Pages

DC's 1988 event Millennium is not widely beloved for a variety of reasons — foremost among them for all Booster boosters is that it got Booster Gold cancelled. But what sealed its fate is that it doesn't stick the landing.

The concluding issue, Millennium #8, is 24 pages of just talking and new character introductions. It doesn't feel as much like a denouement for what came before as it does the first issue in a brand new comic book populated by a bunch of badly stereotyped characters with poorly thought-out powers. Blech.

Booster appears in several panels in this turkey, and he's featured equally as prominently as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Which is to say that they are all extras in the story of future household names Gloss, RAM, Extrano, Jet, Floro, and... Betty.

As it happens, I do have a favorite page in this issue. It's page 5, in which Booster Gold learns that everything he's gone through in the previous seven weeks — losing his fortune, his friends, and his good name — was leading to the creation of a superhuman with the power to arrange furniture for maximum harmony!

© DC Comics

I have to believe that when Gloss says "You'll never regret this," she's being sarcastic.

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