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Friday, March 29, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Hawk and Dove 1

My Favorite Pages

Do you remember that my favorite page in Justice League International #24 was Booster and Beetle behaving badly at a super-hero gathering?

If so, then you can probably already guess which page is my favorite in Hawk and Dove #1.

© DC Comics

These panels are a flashback to events behind the scenes of Invasion! Book Two, which means this party actually takes place before that one. So if Booster seems comparatively immature here, don't worry; he grows up fast.

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Friday, February 23, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Intl 24

My Favorite Pages

The "2nd Anniversary Issue" Justice League International #24 sees the League holding a membership drive, which sets the stage for a generational clash between Leagues old and... well, immature.

© DC Comics

I side with Booster. For all his faults, he's never foul-mouthed.

I've always liked this issue a lot. On re-read, I still do, even the running gag of Beetle being aggressively inappropriate with Wonder Woman (and Booster trying to restrain him). It's only tolerable because everyone knows Wonder Woman could squeeze Beetle into a roach motel if she wanted to. (Poor Diana. She must have to deal with this every day.) Show some respect, boys; you're supposed to be heroes.

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Friday, January 6, 2023

Booster Gold Is a Really Great Cereal Mascot

2023 is off to a pretty Boosterrific start. Another day, another lost Booster Gold appearance spotted by Booster booster Brandon.

Hi, I think this might be a new find of yet another Booster themed breakfast cereal from Hawk and Dove #28 from Oct 1991, page 7. Hawk has been hiding on the run, and been apparently been only eating sugary boxes of Booster Gold cereal.

Could this be true? Especially in light of what I posted on Monday, could there be another Booster Gold cereal product placement I didn't know about?

Turns out, yes. And it's a really cool one. Check it out.

© DC Comics
art by Greg Gular, Curt Swan, Ian Akin, John Statema, Matt Hollingsworth

I love, love, love that box, especially the back.

This, Flakies, Sugar Packed Boosteroes, Booster Bits, Booster Puffs, Golden Flakes.... I'm starting to think that Booster came back in time to fight dentists.

Thanks, Brandon.

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Friday, December 9, 2022

My Favorite Pages: Booster Gold 17

One of the biggest cliches in American superhero stories is that the superheroes are often, by default, champions of the status quo. But what if the status is not quo? Should superheroes be using their powers to build a better world? That question is at the heart of Booster Gold #17.

My Favorite Pages

The issue themes will be familiar to fans of Roger Moore's James Bond: A mad scientist plans to improve the world by killing a bunch of people, and the Americans and Russians stand on opposite sides advocating for their own interests while a lone hero struggles against all odds to save the day.

The Russian agent is the amoral mercenary Cheshire. The issue's interesting twist is that the American agent is also a villain; the superhero Hawk's good intentions have become warped by his political ideology. Caught in the middle is Metropolis' own Corporate Crusader, Booster Gold, who is just trying to mitigate the collateral damage.

When it all builds to a head, Booster is forced to play his opponents' hardline games against them with a bluff that only an unknown wildcard could hope to pull off, as seen in this very dramatic sequence of panels:

© DC Comics

Can superheroes make the world a better place? Booster Gold is still fighting to find out.

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Superheroes As Pets

Once a week, Brian Cronin asks Twitter for silly superhero suggestions for random artists to draw for his "Line it is Drawn" column at Last week, the topic was

In honor of the League of Super Pets, suggest a superhero that you'd like to see a generic pet drawn as, or feel free to supply a pic of your own pet as a suggestion. So either, say,

That delightful exchange got the world this drawing, from artist Caanan Grall:

© DC Comics

Brilliant! I think this is a masterful expression of everything I want in a comic book.

Thanks to Eskana for pointing this out.

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