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Secret Sanctuary

Secret Sanctuary. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance:
The Brave and the Bold, Vol. 1, #28, 1960

First Meeting with Booster Gold:
Justice League #3, 1987

The Secret Sanctuary, located in Justice Mountain somewhere between Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, New York City, and Metropolis has long been the property of the JUSTICE LEAGUE. It was the first headquarters of the League and has been used by other heroic super teams over the years, including the DOOM PATROL and Young Justice.

Booster Gold's first trip to the Secret Sanctuary with MAXWELL LORD was interrupted by the ROYAL FLUSH GANG. Even after the creation of the JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL EMBASSIES, Booster and the League would continue to make use of the hanger within Justice Mountain to house their large equipment and aircraft, including the flying Bug of BLUE BEETLE II.

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Skeets. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance:
Booster Gold, Vol. 1, #1, 1986 (Skeets I)
Infinite Crisis, Vol. 1, #2, 2006 (Skeets II)

First Meeting with Booster Gold:
Booster Gold #8, 1986

Without a doubt, Skeets can be considered Booster Gold's sidekick. Diminutive and endearing -- and rather coincidentally shaped like an American football -- Skeets serves Booster loyally as a strategic, technical, and cultural adviser as well as an occasional battle partner. Without Skeets, Booster Gold would never have been able to rise to the levels of wealth and prominence that Booster has managed to achieve. Booster has frequently referred to his small golden companion as "Coach."

""/Skeets is a robot from the future that Michael Jon "Booster" Carter stole to provide historical detail for his adventures as a twentieth-century super hero. Rather than resenting Booster's kidnapping of him, Skeets has always assumed the role of co-conspirator in Booster's plans for the "present." In fact, Skeets has suggested that it willingly joined Booster's schemes because the existence of a twentieth-century Booster Gold is a historical fact in the 25th century, mandating its involvement to ensure history.

Skeets I was a 25th-century BX9 Security Robot owned by the SPACE MUSEUM. This Skeets was stolen by Booster when he journeyed to the present. Skeets I notably lacked a sense of humor and relied heavily on its onboard stun ray, which fired from its red visor. During most of Booster Gold's tenure with the JUSTICE LEAGUE and CONGLOMERATE, Skeets was deactivated and stored. In later versions of Booster Gold's 20th-century armor, Skeets served as an integrated operating system. Skeets I was confirmed destroyed some months after Booster changed power suits and once again returned Skeets to its original body.

""/Skeets II is a 25th-century valet robot. Skeets II returned from the future with Booster Gold during the Infinite Crisis. It remains unclear from what point in time Skeets II was retrieved and how Skeets II is different from Skeets I other minor changes in their exterior design. It has been hinted that Skeets II has limited time travel capabilities and that its exoskeleton is made up of the skin of the chrononaut WAVERIDER, though this remains unconfirmed. Certainly Skeets II has demonstrated prehensile arms and a sense of sarcasm that Skeets I never possessed.

Following its manipulation by MISTER MIND, Skeets II has undergone another physical change, appearing much slimmer than previously. In addition, Skeets II has been upgraded and extensively reprogrammed by RIP HUNTER to improve its encyclopedic knowledge of historical events as well as sharing time travel capabilities with Booster. Following this reprogramming, Skeets has again become more distant from Booster, and not surprisingly, more loyal to the goals and ideals of his programmer, Rip Hunter.

""/Skeets III is the sidekick of the Booster Gold native to the New 52 continuity. This Skeets is a 25th-century SKS-1 prototype "soldier's assistant / security escort" droid that Booster stole with the intention of delivering to a third party. This Skeets is flat and triangular, and is considerably more powerful than previous incarnations, with upgraded sensors and weapons.

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Jack Soo

Jack Soo. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance:
Booster Gold, Vol. 1, #7, 1986

First Meeting with Booster Gold:
Booster Gold #13, 1987

Encounters with Booster Gold: 10

Dr. Jack Soo graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and found a job at S.T.A.R. LABS, eventually becoming Vice-President of Research and Development.

DIRK DAVIS hired Soo away from S.T.A.R. Labs to become a technical director for BOOSTER GOLD INTERNATIONAL. Soo was responsible for the creation of the GOLDSTAR power suit, repairs to Booster's original costume, and introducing Booster Gold to RIP HUNTER.

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Ami Soon

Ami Soon. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance:
52 Week Seven, Vol. 1, 2006

First Meeting with Booster Gold:
52 #7, 2006

Encounters with Booster Gold: 2

Ami Soon is a reporter for Metropolis' Channel Five news.

When news broke that Booster Gold had been hiring actors to impersonate villains in order to improve his public image (see MANTHRAX), Ami Soon was among the first reporters to begin accusing Booster of fraud. Soon continued her cynical ways by accusing SUPERNOVA of slaughtering thousands of Metropolis' citizens.

Soon follows in the footsteps of other reporters quick to call Booster Gold a fraud, such as Sam Carson of Metropolis Today and Cindy Mills and Quentin Fairacre of WGBS. Daily Planet reporter Ty Duffy never openly disrespected Booster Gold, but his reporting was generally dismissive of the positive aspects of super heroes interacting with the public. Rare are the reporters like Matt Olsen or Sherri Young of Entertainment Alive who glowingly report Booster's heroics, or even Connie Burnett~ who engaged Booster as professional commentator on her show Newstime A.M. with Connie Burnett.

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Space Museum

Space Museum. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance:
Strange Adventures, #104, 1959

First Meeting with Booster Gold:
Booster Gold #6, 1986

The Space Museum of Metropolis houses exhibits celebrating centuries of super heroic artifacts. After being expelled from Gotham University, Michael Jon Carter was hired by the Museum as a night watchmen. It was here that Booster first met Skeets I (see SKEETS) and hatched the idea to steal exhibits from the Museum and travel back through time to the 20th century to become a super hero.

Booster Gold has revisited the Museum since his employment there, "borrowing" RIP HUNTER's Time Sphere on display a second time.

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Simon Stagg

Simon Stagg. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance:
The Brave and the Bold, Vol. 1, #57, 1964

First Meeting with Booster Gold:
Justice League America #32, 1989

Encounters with Booster Gold: 2

Industrialist Simon Stagg is among the most successful men in America. His devious mind has driven his company, Stagg Industries, to a world powerhouse.

Booster Gold first met Simon Stagg and his assistant Java while the JUSTICE LEAGUE was trying to save his European chemical plant from a plague-bearing mob engineered by former Stagg employee Irwin Teasdale. A short time later, Booster found himself leading the CONGLOMERATE, a team financed in part by Stagg Industries.

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S.T.A.R. Labs

S.T.A.R. Labs. Image © DC ComicsFirst Appearance:
Superman, Vol. 1 #246, 1971

First Meeting with Booster Gold:
Booster Gold #1, 1986

Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories, commonly referred to by the acronym S.T.A.R. Labs, is the premiere scientific corporation in the world. Utilizing the highest quality scientists, S.T.A.R. Labs is a research organization devoted to the advancement of technology. With branches located throughout the world, S.T.A.R. Labs often works closely with the heroes of the world, as they often find themselves on the forefront of scientific endeavors.

Booster Gold has cooperated with S.T.A.R. Labs since his earliest adventures against the 1000 and Mindancer (see DIRECTOR OF DEATH). S.T.A.R. Labs technology and scientists (such as Doctor Klyburn and JACK SOO) have been invaluable to Booster, providing him and the JUSTICE LEAGUE with equipment and information. In Booster's return trips to the 25th century, S.T.A.R. Labs is seen to still maintain a Metropolis branch, proving that even well into the future, it will be a viable technological research organization.

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