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The following list represents the 244 supporting characters Booster Gold has encountered. Notes on methodology for the entries can be found here.


Planet Krypton

Planet Krypton. Image © DC ComicsFirst Meeting with Booster Gold: The Kingdom: Planet Krypton #1, 1999

Planet Krypton was one of many business ventures attempted by Booster Gold over the years. This super hero-themed restaurant is in many ways similar to Warrior's, the bar owned and managed by fellow JUSTICE LEAGUE member GUY GARDNER.

Booster Gold established Planet Krypton with silent partner RIP HUNTER. Despite being a public restaurant with regular human employees such as Rose D'Angelo, the restaurant was the site of much time and dimension travel oriented adventures during its operation.

The Press

The Press. Image © DC ComicsFirst Meeting with Booster Gold: Booster Gold #1, 1986

Membership: Cindy Mills and Quentin Fairacre (WGBS), Sam Carson (Metropolis Today), Ty Duffy (Daily Planet), Matt Olsen and Sherri Young (Entertainment Alive), Connie Burnett (Newstime A.M. with Connie Burnett), Josina Gage

It would be impossible for Booster Gold to achieve the celebrity of his dreams without the assistance (witting or otherwise) of the news and entertainment reporters of the press.

Cindy Mills was the first reporter to speak to Booster Gold, and she began a proud tradition of journalists who have found fault with Booster's performance and competence, a tradition followed by such luminaries as LOIS LANE, AMI SOON, and even Booster's own ancestor Rose Levin (see DANIEL JON CARTER). While Booster generally gets along better with the more fawning entertainment journalists like talk show hosts, he rarely shies away from any opportunity to be in the headlines. To Booster Gold, the only bad press is no press.




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