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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

New Releases: Green Lantern, Speed Force

Booster Gold appears two new books this week!

If you recall the end of Speed Force #5, Booster was the MC for the kickoff of the Symphonee Music Festival. What the reading audience knows — and Booster doesn't — is that Symphonee is actually a mind-control app that the Fiddler, Mad Mod, Music Meister, and Klarion the Witch Boy have built with the ultimate goal of... brainwashing teens for money? Okay, I admit, their ultimate goal still isn't quite clear.

Booster should have known better than to get involved in a business run by a bunch of super-villains. Therefore, it's up to Kid Flash to save the day in Speed Force #6 (preview online at

© DC Comics

It might be too late to cut and run, Booster. Do you think the general public is likely to forget that you already went on tv and announced you were a sponsor of this festival — with accompanying merchandise? Those "one-of-a-kind" Booster Gold Symphonee collectors cups are destined to turn up as evidence in a lawsuit and as punchlines on late night talk shows.

Elsewhere, in the backup story in Green Lantern #10, Booster and Skeets have a whole page to debate Booster's declining media exposure. No preview is available for this one, but you shouldn't need one once I tell you that it was drawn by Kevin Maguire!

Buy these issues and make Skeets happy.

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Monday, February 5, 2024

New Release: How to Lose a Guy Gardner

DC's solicitations for January (released back in October), we learned that the Valentine's Day anthology one-shot would be called DC's How to Lose a Guy Gardner In 10 Days. We learned that it would be released on February 6 and feature 8 stories about dating inspired by "rom-coms of the ’90s and ’00s."

But now that it's here, and we have a preview of the issue at, we have also learned that one of those stores is about Booster Gold!

© DC Comics

Hmm. DC's 'Twas the 'Mite Before Christmas was released in mid December, so this is the second time in under two months that Booster has appeared in his own story in one of these DC holiday anthologies. Should I take that to mean that A) there is no shortage of young creatives eager to work with Booster Gold, or B) anthologies sell better if they contain a Booster Gold story?

In either case, buy this book and make Skeets happy.

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Monday, December 11, 2023

New Release: Mite Before Chris

This year's annual DC Christmas anthology, available at fine Local Comic Shops this week, is the rare tripled-apostrophed DC's 'Twas the 'Mite Before Christmas!

J, who has spent a lot of time helping me find and correct the many "its" and "it's" sprinkled throughout the Boosterrific Annotations, probably thinks I have no idea how to use an apostrophe. Au contraire!

DC gets an apostrophe plus an "s" because it has possessive ownership of what comes after. 'Twas gets a leading apostrophe because it is a contraction of the two words "it was," and the apostrophe replaces the dropped "i". And 'Mite has an apostrophe in front of it for the same reason as 'Twas but covering many more letters, which is pretty sensible, because re-writing Bat-Mite as ''''Mite looks pretty ridiculous.

But I'm not mentioning DC's 'Twas the 'Mite Before Christmas here just because I wanted to give an impromptu grammar lesson. I mention it because it's Golden. Specifically, it's Booster Gold-en, as you can see from the title page previewed at

© DC Comics

Buy this book and make Skeets happy.

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Monday, October 2, 2023

New Release: Blue Beetle 2

As you can see from the preview at, Booster Gold and his Justice League International pals are definitely in this week's Blue Beetle #2 to support their oft-injured friend, Ted Kord.

© DC Comics

You don't need me to tell you that buying this issue will make Skeets happy.

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Monday, September 4, 2023

New Release: Blue Beetle 1

Some people take Labor Day off, but not me, not when I've got to tell you about Booster Gold coming to your Local Comic Shop this week!

As you can see in the issue preview at, Booster gets a cameo appearance on the very first page of Blue Beetle #1!

© DC Comics
I'm pretty sure that's a "Bwah-Ha-Ha" being cut off by the narrative box in that panel.

And if one panel isn't enough homage to Kevin Maguire's famous Justice League #1 cover, remember that there's also a 1:25 Justice League #1-inspired variant cover to this week's Fire and Ice: Welcome to Smallville drawn by... Kevin Maguire:

© DC Comics

(For the record, neither Booster Gold nor Fire nor Ice appear on the original cover to Justice League #1, which wouldn't be re-titled Justice League International until issue #7. Booster joined the team in issue #4, and Fire and Ice joined in Justice League International #14. All three are on the updated roster cover of Justice League International #24, which was the very first book to homage the cover to issue #1. It is no coincidence that Issues #1 and #24 also bookend artist Maguire's run on the series.)

Buy one or both of those issues and make Skeets happy!

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