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Friday, August 12, 2016

I Don't Know If You're Meant to Read into It

Comic fans love a good Easter egg. There has been a lot of speculation why Rip Hunter's real name was revealed to be "Michael" on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Is that a Booster Gold reference? Inquiring minds want to know!

Fast forward to the 2:48 mark in the video below to hear Andy Behbackht of put that question to Darvill himself at Comic Con.

Darvill's reaction to the question reminds me of William Shatner's response to the question "What was the combination?" on a rather in famous Saturday Night Live skit. That's what Comic Con is all about. Gotta love it.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Confirmed: No Gold on Legends of Tomorrow

Over the weekend, a reliable source confirmed 2 things for me:

1) Booster Gold will NOT be appearing in the season finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

2) Booster Gold will NOT be appearing in ANY DC television property in the foreseeable future.

Why not? Because Booster Gold is currently reserved for development as a movie property.

Good things? Bad things? You decide.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

You Just Might Find You Get What You Need

The continued speculation that Booster Gold might be the secret guest star of the season finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow has driven countless websites to run articles informing their readers who Booster Gold is. I'm of two minds about this.

One, how many people could there be watching Legends of Tomorrow who have no idea who Booster Gold is? Over two million people watched when he was featured in a Smallville episode 5 years ago on the same network. Am I to believe that the entire Legends audience are new-to-the-scene teenagers? Maybe I'm old fashioned, but back in my day, teenagers learned about comic book super heroes by reading comic books. Of course, there are no Booster Gold comics being published right now, so maybe these websites are just picking up DC's slack.

Two, is it a good thing that the public is being educated about Booster Gold if so many of these sites are getting some pretty basic facts wrong? How would Booster feel if he learned the person writing his biography had never heard of him before putting finger to keyboard. If all anyone learns about Booster Gold is that he's a jerk who trades heroing for cash and fame, is that really helping the character?

Don't get me wrong. I'm excited that people are talking about Booster Gold. And I suppose that it's irrational of me to expect them to say only nice things. However, I could expect some reporting accuracy. Or maybe a link to the Internet's foremost repository for Booster Gold information. Hint, hint.

Oh, well. As the song goes, you can't always get what you want. Booster Gold would be happy knowing people were talking about him.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

I've Got Your Beloved DC Hero Right Here

Yesterday, Michael Ausiello of reported the following:

Rumor has it the final scene of Legends of Tomorrow's May 19 season finale will introduce a "beloved superhero from the DC canon" whose mysterious agenda serves as "a launching off point for Season 2."

Naturally, the Internet seems to think this will be Booster Gold. "Mysterious" might be a bit much, but "beloved" is on target.

If you recall, it was just last August when Legends of Tomorrow Executive Producer Phil Klemmer told The Hollwyood Reporter that there was no way Booster Gold would be appearing in Season One.

"I wish I could tease a Booster thing but, you might have to wait a good long while at least on our show. Perhaps Booster is being groomed for bigger things."

Have Booster's "bigger things" fallen through? Was "bigger things" always intended to be Legends of Tomorrow's Season Two? Or is this "mysterious" and "beloved" hero from DC's canon not Booster Gold at all? I guess we'll find out on May 19.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rip Hunter Knows Who His Daddy Is

Craig Byrne interviewed Arthur Darvill, television's Rip Hunter, about his take on the character. Naturally, Booster Gold came up.

Byrne: On the show, do we have a sense or any clues as to who Rip Hunter's parents are?

Darvill: I don't know how far they've planned. I've obviously read the comics and know the deal of who his parents are and all of that. As with all of these shows, I don't know how true they're going to stick to it or if they're gonna bring that in later on or anything. Hopefully we've got a long time to go on the show.

Byrne: A lot of actors we’ve talked to who are playing beloved comic book characters sometimes say, "Oh, I don't want to read the comic books because I want to put my own spin on it." But you’re a fan of the comics. Do you think that’s brought something special to the role?

Darvill: Oh, totally. I'm obviously going to put my own spin on it cause that's my job and that's what I enjoy doing. I get the idea of not looking at it, but I think for me, Rip's been depicted in such different ways through the history of the comics — and actually none of them are close to how I'm playing him.

My key into him was reading the Vanishing Point comic, which I like. It made me realize I can make him stronger than I thought he was. He has that kind of action-adventure thing and he can be a leader, which I'm really interested in. I like the way he’s got Superman and Booster Gold there to contend with, yet he totally leads the way. I think that shows he can stand up for himself.

You can read the whole interview at, and you can catch Davrill's take on Hunter DC's Legends of Tomorrow tomorrow on The CW.

(And if you're so inclined, you can leave your comments about what you think of the show in the Boosterrific Forum.)

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