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Monday, January 29, 2024

This Day in History: Meet the Linear Man

I've updated the pictures and links, but the text in the following post originally ran ten years ago today, on January 29, 2014. So it's a double throwback! (Will I run it again in 2034? Stick around, and we'll find out together.)

Do you remember January, 1991? The New York Giants won Super Bowl XXV. Operation Desert Storm began. Vanilla Ice won Favorite New Hip Hop Artist at the American Music Awards. Ah, those were good times. Unless you were Booster Gold.

© DC Comics

On this date in 1991, Booster Gold was hunted by the Linear Man, the first of what would come to be recognized as the policemen of history in the DC Universe. Desperate to make Booster pay for his crime of stealing a time machine and returning to the past, the original Linear Man kidnapped and tortured Skeets. Bad cop!

Fortunately for Booster, this attack took place in The Adventures of Superman #476 — that's not a typo, kids: back in the day books kept consecutive numbering for years instead of resetting every few months — so of course Superman got involved and was displaced in time instead of our hero.

© DC Comics

The story played out in the "Time and Time Again" storyline over the following month, but Booster Gold had already been rescued by Superman and was too busy leading the Conglomerate and watching Tonya Harding win the U.S. Figure Skating Championships to return the favor. Oh, Booster!

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Monday, July 10, 2023

This Day in History: There's Hope for Him Yet

Every day, I get a new email notifying me that someone on the Internet is talking about James Gunn's announced Booster Gold show. They don't have any new details, mind you, because there aren't any new details.

But I appreciate their enthusiasm. From their breathless clickbait, you'd think the character had never been on TV before. How soon everyone forgets Smallville.

To be fair to them, it has been over a decade since the CW cancelled that show after ten seasons. In fact, it's been exactly 10 years to the day since Booster's last appearance in the Smallville Season 11 comic book. Issue #15, to be specific.

At the time, Booster had been teleported to the 31st century to help the Legion of Super-Heroes save Metropolis. And Booster delivered as only he could.

© DC Comics

I'm excited for a new Booster Gold television series, too. I'm looking forward to a new generation of audiences seeing a real hero in action again.

(While I'm on the topic of Smallville comics, I must admit that looking into this issue I realized that I had somehow failed to catalog Booster's cameo in Smallville Season 11 Special #5 and the reprint collections Smallville Season 11 Volume 8: Chaos and Smallville Season 11 Volume 9: Continuity. I think I've got all the Smallville appearances now, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

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Monday, December 5, 2022

This Day in History: Office Christmas Party

I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw the Mess Hall in the Justice League Hall of Justice in last week's Superman: Kal-El's Return Special #1 and thought, "That looks just like Warriors!"

If you don't remember Warriors, it was a bar filled with memorabilia from Guy Gardner's crime-fighting career. (Warriors is not to be confused with Planet Krypton, the superhero-themed restaurant found on multiple Earths.)

Booster Gold visited Warriors on several occasions, most notably on December 5, 1995, when Guy Gardner threw the DCU's largest Christmas party in the pages of Guy Gardner: Warrior #39.

© DC Comics

As you can see, almost everyone who was anyone in 1995 made this party, including Booster in his Extreme Justice-era Mark IV power armor. It's no tuxedo, but it *was* keeping Booster alive at the time, so come as you are, I guess.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

This Day in History: Just Say (Kingdom of) No

Grant Morrison became a fan favorite writer by tweaking threadbare superhero genre tropes to breathe new life into the JLA, Superman, and Batman mythos.

But before Damian Wayne or All-Star Superman or "Mageddon," Grant honed a talent for thinking outside the four-color corner box with often bizarre deconstructionist experimental comics like The Invisibles, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, and The Doom Patrol. That last one was especially fitting, as the Doom Patrol had billed itself as "The World's Strangest Heroes" since it's earliest appearances in 1964.

Booster Gold would find out just how strange they were in Doom Patrol #29, released on this day in 1989. The Justice League International confronted Morrison's brand of psychedelic madness head-on after Mister Nobody and his Brotherhood of Dada displayed a stolen painting that eats people (and also happens to contain the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, "Extinction") under the Eiffel Tower and... well, see for yourself:

© DC Comics

© DC Comics

© DC Comics

© DC Comics
art by Richard Case, John Nyberg, Danny Vozzo, John E. Workman

Just another regular day on the job for Morrison's Doom Patrol.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

This Day in History: Forever 90s

If anyone ever asks you what superhero comics were like in the 1990s, just show them this panel:

© DC Comics

Shoulder pads, pouches, and armored cowls, oh my!

It probably won't surprise you to learn that panel is from Bloodbath #1, released on this date in 1993.

"Bloodlines" was the DC's annual crossover event series for 1993, and as you can see, Booster was trapped in his ungainly (and unsightly) post-Doomsday football armor at the time, which partially explains why he played such a small role in the proceedings.

© DC Comics

© DC Comics

Don't worry, Booster. There will be better (and better looking) days ahead.

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