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Armageddon 2001


Volume 1, Issue 2, October 1991
Released September 3, 1991

Cover Price: $2.00
Guide Price: $3.00 (as of 2003) Rating
  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Armageddon 2001, Vol. 1, #2. Image © DC Comics



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Cover Description: A titanic Monarch removes his helmet as several heroes are repulsed by an energy field. Heroes pictured are Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Elongated Man, Flash, Guy Gardner, Hawkman III, Hawl, Ice, Martian Manhunter, Metamorpho, Power Girl, Rocket Red #4, Starman, Superman, Waverider.

Brief Synopsis: Figuring Captain Atom to be Monarch, Waverider accidentally inspires Captain Atom to release Monarch from the Quantum Field within which he was trapped. The assembled heroes of the DC Universe must now combine their powers to repulse the invader.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Cameo (Booster Gold makes a minor appearance)

Costume Worn: MARK I power-suit

Issue Notes: The story in this issue concludes the summer-long "Armageddon 2001" storyline running throughout the 1991 DC annuals.

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Page 46, panel 5
Just as Matthew Ryder "remembered" in Armageddon 2001 #1, Booster Gold appears among the heroes that have assembled in Metropolis to fight a villain. However that villain is not Darkseid but Monarch. Other heroes in the panel are, from left to right, Blue Beetle II, Starman V, Captain Atom, Power Girl, Flash III, Orion, Waverider, Superman, Green Lantern II, Geo-Force, Batman, and Aquaman. Other heroes shown to have assembled for the fight against Monarch include Blue Devil, Fire, Gangbuster, Guardian, Guy Gardner, Ice, Jade, Kilowog, Lightray, Martian Manhunter, Nuklon, Robin III, Rocket Red #4, Speedy, and Valor. This is Booster's first meeting with Gangbuster, Orion, Lightray, Robin, and Valor

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 55, panel 3

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Boosterrific Review: No doubt this is one of the more controversial books ever published by DC Comics, as a leak of the story's ending caused a last-minute change in the details that really do not make any coherent sense. So while the finished product is a typical super-powered brawl between clearly defined groups of good and evil, the distracting failure to tell a complete story prevents this issue from ever being anything greater than mediocre.

Boosterrific Rating:

  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.
Gold Standard.

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