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Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Artist Tom Reilly presented his (unofficial) redesign of Booster Gold's costume on, and I'd say it's pretty Boosterrific.

© DC Comics

Like: the gold star wrapping around his chest evoking football shoulder pads (bonus points for emulating the way Blue Beetle's costume utilizes a bug outline).

Dislike: the pointless triangle belt stolen from Aquaman and the weird ankle weights.

Love: the collar. All Booster Gold costumes should have a collar.

I sure wish we could have gotten something more like this in the New 52 relaunch.

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Friday, October 14, 2022

My Favorite Pages: Booster Gold 12

My Favorite Pages

Spoiler Alert!

The first year of Booster Gold's adventures built to a very cinematic page 16 in Booster Gold #12:

© DC Comics

The presumed victim is really the villain! Booster Gold is betrayed by his most loyal friend! Close-ups! Time dilation! Silence! Death?

It sure makes you want to turn to the next page and keep reading, doesn't it?

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Friday, September 2, 2022

My Favorite Pages: Booster Gold 8

My Favorite Pages

As a general rule for this series, I'm going to try to steer away from full-page panels. But sometimes they're just too good to ignore.

Like this page from Booster Gold volume 1, number 8, depicting the very first flight of Booster Gold in costume:

© DC Comics

This selection will come as no surprise to longtime boosters, as it was the panel selected to be basis of the imagemap for this site's original homepage in June 2007:

© DC Comics

What a long, strange trip it's been, eh, Booster?

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Friday, August 12, 2022

My Favorite Pages: Booster Gold 5

My Favorite Pages

The fifth Booster Gold adventure, Booster Gold volume 1, number 5, is the first time in this series that I really struggle to pick just one favorite page.

I love the confrontation on page 4 in which Booster Gold arrives like an angel only to have the Metropolis cops reject him because he "ain't Superman."

I also love the nearly wordless (but imperfectly rendered) emotional sequence with those same cops in the snow after Booster's apparent death on page 11.

And the panels on page 16 perfectly sell Booster's personal regrets about his mysterious past and give us a sweet Back to the Future-inspired emotional transition.

But forced to choose, I have to say that my favorite single page in Booster Gold #5 is Booster Gold driving the Boostermobile for the first time like those two parking attendants in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Drive it like you stole it, Booster!

© DC Comics

In a story built to compare and contrast Booster to Superman, this page is all about Booster enjoying himself doing something no responsible hero would (granted that the always responsible Skeets is in a position to take the wheel if necessary), in a for-profit licensed product no less!

He jumps a car over an ocean liner. I'd like to see Superman do that.

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Friday, February 18, 2022

Calling All Librarians

OG Booster booster Shawn Baston recently notified me that he had spotted Booster Gold someplace I'd never thought to look: in the pages of DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia (Picture Window Books, 2013)!

© DC Comics
written by Steve Korte, illustrated by Art Baltazar

Skeets... classified as a pet? I don't think he'd like that.

I've updated the Other Media > Books section of the site with this and a few other books that Shawn was able to confirm, but he suggested still others that *might* have Booster Gold (or Skeets!) appearances that we have not been able to confirm. I thought I'd put the word out to see if any of Booster's other loyal fans could provide any additional insights.

All of the following were published by DK. Links are to the titles on for reference.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia: New Exclusive Pirate Batman Minifigure (2016)

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Visual Dictionary: With Exclusive Yellow Lantern Batman Minifigure (2018)

DC Comics Year By Year, New Edition: A Visual Chronicle (2019)

DC Comics Cover Art (2020)

The DC Book: A Vast and Vibrant Multiverse Simply Explained (2021)

If anyone can confirm or definitively rule out a Booster Gold (or Skeets!) appearance in any of those — or any other books that may not be listed on, please drop a note in the comments below.

Thanks, Shawn!

UPDATE: Logan Peterson has confirmed Booster's inclusion in DC Comics Cover Art, The DC Book, and DC Comics Year By Year. Thanks, Logan!

UPDATE February 20: J adds that Booster Gold is name-dropped in the Kingdom Come novelization that I didn't have in the books section, so I've added that, too. Thanks, J!

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