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Monday, November 26, 2018

Ghost of Christmas Future

DC Nuclear Winter Special #1 will be coming to your Local Comic Shop later this week. It will be an anthology that includes a story about Rip Hunter being trapped in a post-apocalyptic future with a malfunctioning time sphere. The writer for that story is Mark Russell.

Russell — who ranks high among my favorite writers — was recently interviewed by Ernie Estrella for SyFy Wire in which he hinted that he'd like another shot at writing Booster Gold.

Russell has also written backup Superman stories, and has Harley Quinn #56 due out in December. He is inching closer to writing a DCU title regularly. His next project is to establish The Wonder Twins as a part of Brian Michael Bendis' Wonder Comics imprint in February of 2019. As for Rip Hunter, Russell had so much fun but had to leave much of it on the cutting room floor, similar to writing the Booster Gold / Flintstones crossover.

"What I would like to do someday is write a Booster Gold - Rip Hunter crossover that involves a time sphere, that expands on the two stories that I didn't get to tell in their totality," Russell openly pitched. If fans are lucky enough, Rip's future looks gold.

I could never be that lucky, so I hope that some other Booster booster is. I need more Booster Gold & Son stories in my life!

You can read more of the interview and see a preview of the DC Nuclear Winter Special at

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Would Max Lord Put a Bullet in Ernie's Head?

This is not the first time I've posted a pic of Blue and Gold as Bert and Ernie. This is also not the first time I've posted a pic by Bill Walko. However, this is the first time that I've posted a pic of Blue and Gold as Bert and Ernie by Bill Walko.

Ernie and Bert as Beetle and Booster

Walko created this piece for "The Line It Is Drawn" feature of the Comics Should Be Good! blog at, where you can find more amazing mash-ups every week. You can find more work by the insanely talented Walko at his page on

Thanks to Kord Industries (@KordIndustries1 on Twitter) for being the first to call this piece to my attention. (It's funny, but some pieces of art really stir up the fans. This is one of them. After @KordIndustries1 tweeted me, I must have been told about this a half dozen more times. Thanks to everyone who let me know. It's better to have a bunch of tipsters reporting the same thing than to accidentally miss something this awesome.)

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rubber Ducky, You're the One

Would this make Batman Oscar the Grouch?

blue beetle, booster gold x sesame street by m7781

Much of the work of Candadian artist Marco D'Alfonso is comprised of clever pop culture smash-ups. From Blue Beetle and Booster Gold as Bert and Ernie (seen above) to Ghost Rider on Shotaro Kaneda's motorcycle (from Akirm), his work is fun and clever. You can find more of his work under the pseudonym m7781 on Deviant Art.

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