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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Heat Death in the DC Universe, Part 2

Last week, I mentioned as one of the reasons that I still liked single-issue floppies was in large part because I love the cover art. That conditioning led me to do something yesterday that I almost never do: I paid far more than cover price just to buy a variant cover, and it doesn't have anything to do with Booster Gold.

© DC Comics
Can... not... resist....

See that price tag? The last time I spent $40 on a comic book, I got the second best Booster Gold trade collection ever printed. And the time before that, I got the best Booster Gold trade collection ever printed.

As satisfied as I am to have an Art Adams-drawn Captain Carrot cover (and I consider $40 a small price to pay against the amount I would have paid over the past 3 decades if DC had chosen to give me any ongoing Zoo Crew comics), I do have to admit that the Booster Gold trades were money better spent.

You can still get both Booster Gold: The Big Fall and Booster Gold: Future Lost at (and maybe a Local Comic Shop near you).

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Year in Review 2018

As usual, I'll be taking New Years Eve off to watch football. In the meantime, consider revisiting these, the top 5 most read posts from the past year.

5. Friday, May 4: More Fung at C2E2
In which Herbert Fung shared his Booster Gold commission from Tom Grummett.

4. Wednesday, May 16: New Releases: Batman 47 and Injustice 2 26
In which I showed you a picture of Booster Gold wearing a Booster Gold t-shirt from Injustice 2 #26.

3. Friday, February 2: This Day in History: Superfriends
In which I highlight the Linda Medley/Art Adams JLI pin-up from Action Comics #600.

2. Wednesday, September 19: A Streaming Pile
In which I explain my reasons for not subscribing to the DC Universe streaming service.

1. Wednesday, July 18: New Release: Injustice 2 30
In which I announced that Injustice 2 #30 had gone on sale featuring Red Lantern Starro (and Booster Gold's new jacket).

See you in 2019.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

This Day in History: Superfriends

As we continue the march to the milestone Action Comics #1000, it's probably worth noting that Booster Gold was seen in previous anniversary issues.

Booster had only been in comics for 2 years when he was included in Action Comics #600, released 30 years ago today. Booster's role was a small one, appearing in a pin-up of the Justice League International by Linda Medley and Art Adams.

© DC Comics

That's a happy bunch. Obviously Booster is pleased to be beside his best bud Blue Beetle, but everyone else seems to be enjoying the occasion as well. Everyone but Guy Gardner. Does that guy ever smile?

Will Booster be reunited with his Justice League pals in Action #1000? I guess we'll find out in April.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

This Day in History: Superman's Anniversary

On this day in 1988, Superman celebrated 600 issues of Action Comics. (New to comic books? Don't let this week's Action Comics #39 confuse you. As hard as it may be to believe, DC Comics once promoted Action Comics' status as the longest running comic book by putting really big numbers on its cover. We call those "the good old days.")

© DC Comics
Action Comics #600
by by Linda Medley and Art Adams

Of course, Booster Gold couldn't let Superman celebrate a milestone like that without sharing some of the spotlight, so he crashed Superman's pin-up. No one seems to mind much. Even Batman is smiling.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Speaking of Howard Chaykin

So no sooner do I imply that I'd like to see Howard Chaykin darw Booster Gold than does TheBlotSays come to the rescue. And Chaykin is just one of six fabulous artists he's lined-up in his Booster Gold sketchbook. Check it out:

Kevin Maguire draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says Nick Patarra draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says Ben Templesmith draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says Howard Chaykin draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says Joe Eisma draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says Art Adams draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says

You can see the whole sketchbook in much larger detail (including Art Adam's accompanying drawing of Skeets!) at The Blot Says' Flickr page. And while you're out there, consider popping on over to The Blot's blog,, where you'll find some other pretty awesome articles about art and comics and toys and things. Thanks for sharing, Blot!

[UPDATE 08/20/2012: Speaking of sharing, if you see this message, Jesster, can you please get in touch with me at Webmaster at Boosterrific dot com? There's a fellow looking for some reference art, and I was hoping you might be able to lend a hand.]

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