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Monday, April 12, 2021

My Name Is Booster Gold and I'm Here to Say...

Sometimes I need a reminder that the world is full of creative people doing good things, and that's what Ithildyn gave us this weekend. Specifically, we got a link to this video:

Apparently, that's a DC Comics skin mod featuring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle created by CosmicBeetle for a rhythm game called "Friday Night Funkin'" by ninjamuffin99.

I've never been any good at rhythm games (I have two left thumbs), so I'm content to watch the video. If you're the sort who's into playing such things, there are resource links in the video description at

Thanks, Ithildyn.

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Friday, April 9, 2021

No Booster Gold? No Way

DC Comics has taken the unusual tact of pitting its potential audience against itself in whittling down pitches for upcoming books with its current "Round Robin" tournament.

If you are unaware, DC has revealed 16 different comic book concepts by 16 different art teams. These concepts were set in paired brackets, and fans are asked to vote for their favorite in each pairing. After four rounds, the winning pitch is promised a series. There's one big problem with this plan:

None of these concepts include Booster Gold.

One round has already been completed. You can find details and concept art for the potential books still in the tournament at

Go ahead and vote for the ones you like. (The Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle soldiers on, but Justice League Pets has already been eliminated, and I can't bring myself to care about the rest.) I offer my congratulations to whoever wins. But don't be surprised if I keep a firm hold on my purse strings until such time as Booster Gold reappears in the DC Universe.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

New Release: Death Metal Deluxe Edition

Today at your Local Comic Shop: more Dark Nights: Death Metal!

Don't worry. DC isn't releasing new chapters of last year's Death Metal event. (At least not yet.) This is the first collect edition for the seven issues of the main Dark Nights Death Metal mini-series. DC is calling this one Dark Nights: Death Metal: Deluxe Edition (because someone at DC *loves* colons).

I don't know if the story will make any sense without the eleventy-something crossover tie-in one-shots, but come to thing of it, it didn't make much sense with them, either.

Booster Gold was in issues 3, 5, 6, and 7. Those are all cameo appearances, but Booster did get a couple of lines:

© DC Comics

There are no small parts, only small heroes. Go get 'em, Booster!

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Red, Blue, and Gold

With tornadoes and fools now in the rear-view mirror, let's get back to what's really important around here: the awesome awesomeness of Booster Gold.

Last week while I was taking a forced sabbatical from the Internet, artist Michel Fiffe teased his upcoming story in the Superman: Red & Blue anthology with a step-by-step construction of this panel:

© DC Comics

I love the fact that our golden hero will be appearing in glorious black and white — with flight ring *and* high collar! — in Superman's comic. Stealing Booster's color is probably a ploy by the Man of Steel to prevent Booster from outshining him. (Again.) The Rainbow Raider would be proud.

You can see the complete breakdown of Fiffe's panel art on And you can buy a copy of Superman: Red & Blue #3 at your Local Comic Shop on May 18.

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Thursday, April 1, 2021


The prolonged Internet outage earlier this week has me rethinking the way I do things here at

As you know, I don't normally post on Thursdays. But I wanted to post as soon as I was able on Tuesday, and I didn't want to crowd that with a new post, so I waited to follow up until today. Two days a week seems an appropriate posting pace for the amount of new Booster Gold news we've had lately, and I think from now on, Tuesday and Thursday are going to be the new posting schedule.

While I'm at it, it seems like a good time to go ahead and change a few other things.

It's been bothering me lately how I've chosen to manage continuities. In the wake of Infinite Frontier and Generations: Forged, it seems that there are no longer individual continuities in the DCU, but a single, unified continuity. So from now on — or at least until DC changes things again — all separate continuities will be combined into a single stream. That's right, now considers every Booster Gold appearance to be canon.

Also, I've decided that the way I handle images on the site is a little old-fashioned. Rather than using smaller static images originally designed to pass easily through dial-up connections, it's time to start moving to a more modern, full motion video format that's so popular with today's broadband audiences. These videos have the additional benefit of audio tracks, which I will be able to release as podcasts, as is all the rage.

But that's not the only concession I will be making for the modern Internet generation. It's well past time I finally embraced the emoji. In order to make this site more inclusive to fans of all ages, all written content will be composed entirely of emoji pictographs from this point onward!

🙏 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 ❤️ 🆕 ✨!


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