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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

New Release: Superman 13

Imagine my surprise when I opened this week's Superman #13 and saw on the very first page this panel of a Booster Gold t-shirt that is not a Booster Gold t-shirt:

© DC Comics

What the heck is that, indeed!

If you're a regular Boosterrific visitor, I'm sure you'll recognize the guy in that panel above is clearly wearing a Graphitti Designs Booster Gold Logo t-shirt (released in 2010), just as the guy in the following panel (not pictured) is wearing a Graphitti Designs Blue Beetle Logo t-shirt (released in 2011).

Why is the Booster Gold shirt colored as though it's a Wonder Woman's tiara t-shirt? I can only guess that colorist Alejandro Sanchez doesn't have a closet full of decade-old Graphitti Designs t-shirts. (I don't blame the colorist. I blame the editors. That's their job, isn't it, to take the blame for the creatives? Darn you, editors!)

Fortunately for Booster boosters, our hero appears more clearly on page three... in a photograph hanging on the wall of Warrior's Bar — next to Batman! (Batman looks very happy about that.)

It's just a small Booster Gold appearance, but consider buying this issue to make Skeets happy.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Junk Food for Your Closet

DC Rebirth #1 is out today . . . and according to, Booster Gold is not in it.

On an unrelated note, long time Booster booster Shawn Baston wrote in to chastise me for not pointing out that the May Previews catalog solicited a new Booster Gold t-shirt:

© DC Comics

This shirt from Junk Food Clothing reproduces the cover of Booster Gold #1. It should be available in late July for about $18.00. This is a Previews exclusive, so if you want it, be sure to tell your Local Comic Shop so that they can order one for you.

Thanks, Shawn. Now that I know you're paying attention, I'll try harder!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Every Girl Crazy Bout a Sharp Dressed Man

Just in time for the return of "classic" Blue and Gold in Justice League 3000 comes this new shirt from

Booster Gold t-shirt at

Says the ad copy: "Booster Gold is from the future, so he knows already knows how much you want this shirt." I wish I'd thought of that.

The shirt is currently on sale for $19.99, but you'll find that you'll be spending twice that when you see the accompanying Blue Beetle shirt.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

JL8 Is Great

Booster booster Chris Aguinaldo was the first point my attention to Li'l Blue and Gold, appearing in the latest installment of the JL8 webcomic by Yale Stewart.

JL8 Comic #135 by Yale Stewart
Click image to read in its original size and aspect ratio at

I have to admit, I had never heard of JL8 until Wednesday, but it seems that many of you are already following it. As I said, Chris was the first to point me in that direction via email, but I have also gotten notifications about it in Twitter and private messages, and it is even a thread in the Boosterrific Forum. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know about it!

Stewart has taken this strip one step further and merchandised it with a "Cheese it, Ted!" golden t-shirt that you can order at

Thanks to Yale for making such a Boosterrific comic and shirt (why doesn't offer any t-shirts?), and to everyone else for pointing it out.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Release: Smallville Season 11 Special #1

Only die-hard Booster Gold completists (you know who you are) may care about this, but Booster Gold will be making an appearance in today's Smallville Season 11 Special #1. The main story features Smallville's version of Martian Manhunter, but Booster will be making a brief cameo. Or at least his Fan Club t-shirt will.

© DC Comics

Hey, I think I own that shirt! Now I can dress just like some kid in a comic book! Sweet! (If you want to be able to dress just like some kid in a comic book, you can get your own officially licensed Booster Gold Fan Club t-shirt from All the coolest comic book supporting characters are wearing them!)

The 48-page Smallville Season 11 Special #1 by Bryan Q. Miller, Axel Gimenez, and Diana Egea will set you back $4.99 at your Local Comic Shop.

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