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Monday, November 13, 2023

Another Hollywood Story

Since last week I posted that 1991 article about a never-filmed Justice League movie script, I feel bound to report that over the weekend, I bumped into another Booster Gold script on

While Sean(Gary) worked on The Flash in 2021, Sean was doing some work on the script (uncredited and improv). He mentioned to me that he and ezra had been talking about Booster Gold on set in that context. I've been friends with sean since like 2014, we've written a lot together. They apparently talked about Sean as booster being fun so me and Sean ran with it.

Me and him fell in love with the fun and original take Booster could bring to superhero live action media, so we decided to start writing a pitch on spec. The season would have dealt with a time traveling OMAC trying to wipe heros out by stopping their origin moment. So booster, with Rip Hunter, would have traveled to multiple time periods to try and preserve the timeline, thus learning what it means to be a true hero through seeing the origins of others (since he doesn't really have his own organic origin). We have episodes, concept art and the pilot script.

The post goes on to explain that they hoped to eventually sell it to James Gunn/Warner Bros, though it seems that after many obstacles were placed in their way, they've mostly given up on that idea.

You can visit that reddit link above to read more about their plans; you'll even find a link to download the script, if you're so inclined.

The script does indeed have Dirk Davis and Trixie Collins and a lot of other characters Booster boosters will recognize in it, but beware that their Booster is also a bit of potty mouth.

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Monday, June 26, 2023

Chewing Gum and Bailing Wire

Ok, so over the weekend, while trying to fix one malingering back-end code problem here at (stupid, stupid spam filters), I discovered that another of my recent-ish changes had resulted in a bunch of bad internal links. Specifically, following links on a character's list of shared Booster Gold appearances could take you to the bio of an entirely different character. Oops.

Now, I think I've got both problems are fixed. Going forward, if you do click an internal link here on and it doesn't take you where you think it was supposed to take you — for example, if a link promising Harley Quinn takes you instead to *ahem* the Sea Devils — please do me a favor and drop me a note, either in a blog post comment or via the Boosterrific Contact form so that I can fix it. Thank you for your help in making Boosterrific better.

And just so you don't leave this post thinking that has nothing to offer today other than malfunctioning code and hijacked links, here's a seasonally appropriate piece of delightful Blue and Gold fan art by Melonnabar (from Tumblr via Reddit):

Blue and Gold On the Beach by Melonnabar

It tickles me that they wear bathing suits that give away their secret identities. Very subtle, boys.

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Picking Favorites

I recently saw on reddit someone complain that the first volume of Booster Gold was "boring" but that second volume was their "favorite comic of all time." That made me think about how the second volume was different than the first, which one I liked better, and why.

It's true that the style of Booster's first solo series is very much of its era. It's comprised primarily of the straightforward adventures of a flawed dramatic character struggling to better his position in a serious world. There isn't a lot of humor, and as a new character to the DCU, Booster's world often feels smallish. In many ways, it feels like the first season of a new soap opera.

However, the second series is very much of its era as well, with better paper, better art, and a larger universe to interact with than were available decades earlier. The biggest difference between the two volumes is most noticeable in the stories focusing on its character's inner lives. (It's a dirty word some places, but around here we call the sort of character development Booster and his supporting cast had undergone between volumes "continuity.") It is also often much more humorous.

Honestly, of the two, I think I like the first volume the best. I admit it's imperfect, but I like Booster's rougher edges, naivete, and imperfect understanding of contemporary society. On the other hand, I sure do love the deeper dives into DC Universe history that volume 2 makes possible. And I really appreciate Booster's extended family and recurring villains. Hmm. It's a hard choice to pick only one.

But maybe, just maybe, I like Booster's most recent book best. It re-teams him with his comedy duo partner of the 1990s and has even more humor, both in art and story. If DC Comics should decide to launch another Booster Gold series for his upcoming 40th anniversary in 2025, they could do a lot worse than giving us more Blue and Gold.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not that picky. I'll take whatever Booster Gold I can get.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

As Boosterrific As 1-2-3

As was recently pointed out to me by way of, check out cosplayer cosplinds (Instagram) in her Goldstar costume at Toronto Comiccon 2022:

Goldstar cosplayer cosplinds, photo by veryfrankpictures

And since no Michelle Carter costume would be complete without a Booster Gold, here she is with crazymikecosplay (Instagram) as her fraternal twin brother, Mike:

Goldstar cosplayers cosplinds and crazymikecosplay, photo by veryfrankpictures

And since no Carter family reunion would be complete without Booster's BFF, here both Booster and Goldstar are with messiahcomplexcosplay (Instagram) as the Blue Beetle!:

Goldstar cosplayers cosplinds and crazymikecosplay and messiahcomplexcosplay, photo by veryfrankpictures

All of those very Boosterrific images were taken by veryfrankpictures. The whole gallery can be seen on

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Friday, August 21, 2020

The Team-Up We Deserve

Earlier this week, Kat Calamia interviewed Aquaman fill-in writer Jordan Clark for GamesRadar or Newsarama or whatever they call themselves these days. Of particular interest to Booster boosters is the following exchange:

Nrama: You've only gotten your feet wet at DC, what other books would you like to work on in the future?

Clark: Oh wow, well anyone who knows me knows my undying love for Booster Gold, the greatest superhero of all time.

That is absolutely the right answer. Good luck with that, Jordan.

And while we're on the subject of things I crashed into while surfing the Internet, here's something I found on under the heading "[Artwork] BLUE BEETLE & BOOSTER GOLD in the style of Dark Nights: Death Metal, by Fico Ossio":

BLUE BEETLE & BOOSTER GOLD in the style of Dark Nights: Death Metal, by Fico Ossio

Now *that* is some extreme justice!

Hey, DC, how about teaming up Jordan Clark and Fico Ossio on a Blue and Gold book? Pretty please? I'm already setting aside a $10 bill for that sucker. It's yours for the taking, DC. Come and get it.

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