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Monday, March 25, 2024

New (Last Week) Release: Wonder Woman 7

Rasalonn writes

Hi hi. Did you see the panel in the new Wonder Woman comic? Superman and Wonder Woman go to a space mall to buy Batman a present. And the only thing they can both agree on is they refuse to buy Batman the Booster Gold autobiography! The book store even promotes Booster Gold will be there that day. Batman is missing out not getting that book!

The issue that Rasalonn is talking about is last week's Wonder Woman #7, and this is the panel:

© DC Comics

As Rasalonn describes, the story, titled "Gifted," is (mostly) about Superman and Wonder Woman searching for the perfect birthday gift for Batman. It is written by Tom King, who also once wrote a story about Booster Gold trying to give Batman the perfect gift and failing. That story is called "The Gift." I happen to agree with Superman and Wonder Woman that it's best not to remind Batman (or anyone, for that matter) of that fiasco, and I apologize for now having done so.

No, I had not seen this, Rasalonn. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Lucky City

I love praise, and I also love seeing Booster Gold in comics. So I especially love this message I got last week from Rasalonn:

Hi. Love the blog. In the new Catwoman book, Zatanna is shown working at a casino. And there is a single image of the casino and it has to be owned by Booster Gold . Does that count? Even if it's not him, it is a clear reference to him.

The book Rasalonn is talking about is Catwoman: Lonely City #4, which takes place ten years after the death of Batman. Pictured on page 4 of that issue is this sequence:

© DC Comics
written, drawn, colored by Cliff Chiang

So is that "Gold's" casino a reference to former gambler Booster Gold? I don't know. The last time we saw a Las Vegas casino of the future (in 2019's Old Lady Harley #3), the Booster Gold connection was more clear.

Lonely City gives us no more hints than what we see in those panels, but certainly agrees with Rasalonn. Too bad issue #4 is the finale. I hope DC greenlights a sequel just so we can find out for sure.

Thank you, Rasalonn, for bringing this to our attention.

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