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Monday, July 8, 2024

Pot and Kettle

If you've not been paying any attention to Absolute Power (mild spoilers ahead), we learned in May's Absolute Power FCBD Special Edition #1 that a former Justice Leaguer has pulled a Benedict Arnold and turned against his former friends. That ally (and this is the spoilery bit) is Green Arrow, and we learn in last week's Absolute Power #1 that (even more spoilery) he joined Amanda Waller's new world dictatorship willingly.

The betrayal here is pretty severe, as Green Arrow was the first non-founding Justice Leaguer to join the team, signing up "for life" in Justice League of America #4 (May 1961). It's hard to imagine that such a longstanding hero won't eventually turn out to be a double agent, working against Waller from the inside. Which is why when I read Green Lantern reading Batman the riot act in Absolute Power #1 last week, I immediately thought of Booster Gold, specifically Booster Gold in 1987's Millennium #7:

© DC Comics

Hmm. That broody guy in the green hood casting aspersions about Booster sure looks familiar. Maybe it's the mustache.

It took a few months for the dust to settle around Booster, but eventually it did. I'm sure one day everyone will forget about Arrow's betrayal, too.

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Friday, August 4, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Millennium 8

My Favorite Pages

DC's 1988 event Millennium is not widely beloved for a variety of reasons — foremost among them for all Booster boosters is that it got Booster Gold cancelled. But what sealed its fate is that it doesn't stick the landing.

The concluding issue, Millennium #8, is 24 pages of just talking and new character introductions. It doesn't feel as much like a denouement for what came before as it does the first issue in a brand new comic book populated by a bunch of badly stereotyped characters with poorly thought-out powers. Blech.

Booster appears in several panels in this turkey, and he's featured equally as prominently as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Which is to say that they are all extras in the story of future household names Gloss, RAM, Extrano, Jet, Floro, and... Betty.

As it happens, I do have a favorite page in this issue. It's page 5, in which Booster Gold learns that everything he's gone through in the previous seven weeks — losing his fortune, his friends, and his good name — was leading to the creation of a superhuman with the power to arrange furniture for maximum harmony!

© DC Comics

I have to believe that when Gloss says "You'll never regret this," she's being sarcastic.

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Friday, July 14, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Millennium 7

My Favorite Pages

While reading Millennium, it's worth remembering just how unloved Booster Gold was in 1987. This was before the now-beloved "Blue and Gold" bromance, and most DC readers thought very little of a wannabe hero who stole his way to stardom. So it was easy to believe he could side with the manipulating Manhunters.

It's hard to imagine that a Superman might go bad, but Booster Gold? Was he ever really good to begin with?

With that in mind, could there ever be any question about which page is my favorite in Millennium #7?

© DC Comics

It might take him a while to get there, but Booster Gold always does the right thing in the end.

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Friday, July 7, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Millennium 6

Booster Gold makes only a small cameo in Millennium #4, and we only hear about him in Millennium #5 when we (and Mister Bones) eavesdrop on a conversation between siblings Jade and Obsidian.

© DC Comics
Millennium #5, words by Steve Englehart, art by Joe Staton, Ian Gibson, Carl Gafford, Bob Lappan

It's not until Millennium #6 when we see our hero finally return to full-page action. Three pages of action, actually. And I have to say he puts on a pretty good showing for himself despite siding with the Manhunters.

© DC Comics

Booster's rarely-seen Absorbing Field wins the day, temporarily incapacitating both Batman and a Green Lantern. Even if you are on the wrong side of this conflict, Booster, that's impressive.

And that's why this is one of My Favorite Pages.

My Favorite Pages

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Friday, June 9, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Millennium 3

My Favorite Pages

Somehow, Booster Gold doesn't appear anywhere in Millennium #2, but Millennium #3 makes up for that by dedicating several pages to our hero.

Of those, my favorite is this one, page 11, written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Joe Staton:

© DC Comics

Somehow, Steve Englehart's characterizations of the JLI here feel much more "correct" than Len Wein's JLA we saw last week in Blue Beetle #20. Both writers had worked on Justice League comics before, in the early (Wein) and late (Englehart) 70s. It's probably worth noting that according to Englehart's own website,, he was brought on to the book in 1977 to "give the characters personalities." That tradition clearly continued into Giffen/DeMatteis's International era, where personalities were often more important than plots.

And while I'm talking Englehart, I should probably also add that although he didn't introduce the "Manhunter" characters — that credit technically belongs to Joe Simon and Jack Kirby — Englehart did introduce the concept of the Manhunters as Oan robot constructs in Justice League of America #140. So there's a direct line from Englehart's 1970s JLA to Millennium a decade later.

That concludes your comics history lesson for this week, kids. Your assignment: read more comics!

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