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Friday, August 4, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Millennium 8

My Favorite Pages

DC's 1988 event Millennium is not widely beloved for a variety of reasons — foremost among them for all Booster boosters is that it got Booster Gold cancelled. But what sealed its fate is that it doesn't stick the landing.

The concluding issue, Millennium #8, is 24 pages of just talking and new character introductions. It doesn't feel as much like a denouement for what came before as it does the first issue in a brand new comic book populated by a bunch of badly stereotyped characters with poorly thought-out powers. Blech.

Booster appears in several panels in this turkey, and he's featured equally as prominently as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Which is to say that they are all extras in the story of future household names Gloss, RAM, Extrano, Jet, Floro, and... Betty.

As it happens, I do have a favorite page in this issue. It's page 5, in which Booster Gold learns that everything he's gone through in the previous seven weeks — losing his fortune, his friends, and his good name — was leading to the creation of a superhuman with the power to arrange furniture for maximum harmony!

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I have to believe that when Gloss says "You'll never regret this," she's being sarcastic.

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