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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Release: Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 is out today. It features the return of Ted Kord as the mentor to Jaime Reyes. You can find two previews online at and

On a related note, DC Comics released solicitations for comics shipping in November earlier this week. As has become the norm, Booster Gold was nowhere in sight.

Could a future issue of Blue Beetle be where we'll next see our hero? Given that the series is written by Keith Giffen, it seems a possibility. Consider picking up this issue and getting in on the ground floor.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

What Did We Learn at Comic-Con?

Geeks of Doom tells us that DC finally announced the poorly-kept secret that Flashpoint #5 would be the official launch point for the DCnU. Time gets changed, and the new DC Universe spins out of it. Spoiler alert: Booster Gold fails at his job of protecting DC's existing continuity.

Major Spoilers reports that Booster Gold will be the official leader of the Justice League International, and that Batman will be an unofficial, secret team member. This would appear to make Batman the greatest hero that the United Nations has never heard of.

Bleeding Cool adds that Flashpoint Global Guardians' character Lady Godiva will be among the members of the Justice League International. However, blond Lady Godiva does not look like the woman on the cover of Justice League International #1. How many heroes will be on this team?

iFanboy tells us that the question of whether Booster Gold will know that he failed to save the time stream will be addressed in Booster Gold #47. If new Flashpoint characters are on his JLI team, I suspect he'll have a clue.

And according to Comic Book Resources, 'Jurgens said he enjoyed "doing Doomsday in a different way, and ending Doomsday in a different way."' I guess that means that this time Superman doesn't die.

EDIT 07/26/2011: After posting this, I realized that Lady Godiva is probably the same Godiva that was once a member of the Global Guardians. Oops. Sorry to doubt you, Booster. Maybe you do get the job done.

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