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Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing with Gold

Some people who play video games want more than the default characters. They want to customize the action and play with their heroes. We have those gamers to thank for the following Booster skins, costumes, and mods.

© DC Comics

Moving clockwise from the left:

Booster Gold Sackboy from Little Big Planet (found on

Booster Gold costume for Animal Crossing (found on

Booster Gold skin for Fallout New Vegas (found on

Booster Gold skin for Minecraft (found on

As a bonus, check out this Create a Wrestler version of the Smallville Booster posted to the forum at

© DC Comics

Booster Gold has fans everywhere!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Panic

This time, I'm warning you in advance: beginning today and continuing for the next week, there will be server maintenance behind the scenes at This will eventually result in a server relocation which will require some down time for the site. Hopefully, the outages will be brief and limited in number.

In the meantime, if you should come to and find that you cannot get your fix of Booster Gold, take a trip over to and read Jeff Reid's summary of Booster's publication history.

Or perhaps you feel you are missing out on your Dan Jurgens news? Try clicking over to Comic Book and read nailbiter111's interview with Dan Jurgens.

Sure neither site is, but we'll all just have to make due in these trying times.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

International Exchange: JLI #3

Russ Burlingame's latest "International Exchange" column with Dan Jurgens will soon be live at The Outhouse. A preview of the column is already posted at Comic Jurgens seems to be everywhere right now -- in addition to last week's two linked interviews, Jurgens is also interviewed at Comic Book Movie -- but Burlingame still finds a way to get some good information from the typically tight-lipped Jurgens, even if it isn't strictly Booster Gold related. Hey, whatever happened to thought balloons? You never really see them anymore, and I always kinda look at Guy's monologue at the end [of Justice League International #3] and think, "If only he'd been quieter...!".

DJ: Thought balloons have largely disappeared from comics, in general. There are circumstances where they work, others where they don't. My general approach is that if one member of the team has thought balloons, let's say Rocket Red, then they all should. And Batman never should, in my view.

© DC Comics

I suspect that Booster's last thought balloons appeared in Extreme Justice, 16 years ago. These days internal dialogue is almost always replaced by first person narrative boxes. This isn't necessarily a narrative improvement as much as it is an artistic convention.

That said, it is awfully hard to image Batman showing thought balloons in a team setting in 2011, isn't it?

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Monday, March 8, 2010

JLI Movie Fan Casting

If the Academy Awards have you in the mood for movies, Fansites over at produced a proposed cast list for a JLI movie late last week. While I'm not much for this sort of thing (I'm not a big fan of hypotheticals: I prefer things I can count, like actual comic book appearances, 'natch), they chose television's Teddy Sears as Booster Gold and James Roday as Blue Beetle. That sounds like something that I'd watch. Aw, who am I kidding. I'd watch a movie with Booster and Beetle if they were played by Ethan Suplee and Andy Dick. I'd complain about it, but I'd still watch.

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