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Batman Beyond

“Canceled by Yesterday, Part Two”

Volume 6, Issue 49, January 2021
Released November 24, 2020

Cover Price: $3.99 Rating
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Batman Beyond, Vol. 6, #49. Image © DC Comics



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Cover Description: This issue has multiple covers, none of which include Booster Gold.

Brief Synopsis: Booster Gold and Batman and Batman Beyond fight Blanque.

Issue Summary: Reveal Potential Spoilers

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Featured (Booster Gold plays a prominent role)

Costume Worn: MARK I.v2 power-suit

This story has been reprinted in:
Batman Beyond: The Eradication Agenda (2021)

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Page 4, panel 5
Booster Gold runs interference to prevent the Batman of the present from meeting the Batman of the future (who Booster has brought back in time on a mission to save the Batman of the present in the future). Time travel can be complicated, indeed.

Page 5, panel 3
Booster complains that Skeets never addresses him as "sir." Booster must have been watching cartoons. In the Justice League Unlimited television show, Skeets always calls Booster "sir."

Page 7, panel 3
POWER UP: Batman seems surprised that Booster can stop a bus thrown by Blanque. This is presumably mostly for the benefit of the reader, as Batman should be aware of Booster's powers and abilities by now.

(Booster explains his powers come from "microweave-circuit fabric that works like an exoskeleton and a force field." That could be read to mean that the force field comes from the "microweave-circuit fabric," but Booster boosters know that he really means he has an exoskeleton and a force field.)

Page 9, panel 3
POWER UP: Terry McGinnis identifies Skeets as an X-1 Alpha Class Security Android. This is the first we've heard of that. In Convergence: Booster Gold #1, Skeets is identified as an SKS-1 security drone. (In previous continuity, it had been a BX9 Security Robot.) Is it possible that Skeets has been upgraded again? Is McGinnis mistaken? Or did Skeets lie to McGinnis about its own designation in order to protect the future?

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 11, panel 3
POWER DOWN: Once again, mind control proves to be Booster Gold's greatest weakness. (It was a frequent problem in his early days in the Justice League International.)

Page 16, panel 4
In order to protect history, Booster takes credit for defeating Blanque all by himself. It's almost like this was his plan all along! Although maybe Booster isn't as dishonest as he might appear: any Star Wars fan will tell you that "R2-3P0" references two separate characters, exactly the number who helped Booster.

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Boosterrific Review: Dan Jurgens once again does what he does best: delivering a reliably entertaining, character-driven superhero slugfest.

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  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.

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