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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Release: Zero Hour 25th Anniversary HC

Zero Hour, DC's attempt to correct lingering problems left over from simplifying their multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths, is 25 years old. My, how time flies.

To celebrate, the company is releasing a $150 Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus which contains over a thousand pages of reprint comics. That's about 14¢ a page, a deal by modern standards.

Booster Gold didn't play a big role in Zero Hour, but he is present (and does get in a few lines) before time is rewritten to erase him from existence. (Spoiler Alert: It's only temporary.)

Thanks to series author and artist Dan Jurgens, Booster also represents the future (in his classic, high-collar costume) in the accompanying fold-out timeline of the re-ordered DC Universe. That's always cool.

© DC Comics

Hopefully the Omnibus will include the fold-out. It's not much of a celebration without Booster Gold!

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Strange Bedfellows

DC Comics' March 2019 solicitations for Heroes in Crisis #7, released yesterday, may include a bit of a spoiler, so read at your own risk.

written by TOM KING
art and cover by CLAY MANN
variant cover by RYAN SOOK
Click here to reveal potential spoilers
ON SALE March 27 · $3.99

It seems to me that we've been getting a lot of spoiler-y details about this series recently. We got our first glimpse at the controversial cover for this issue last week, and even writer Tom King objected to the way it appears to identify the killer (and sexualize a corpse). Now comes this solicitation, which barely avoids explicitly clearing someone of suspicion of the murders.

Heroes in Crisis is a nine issue series, and we're only up to issue seven. I'm starting to think that the only way I'll get to the end without having DC spoil it early is to bury my head in some sand.

The solicitations also include two Injustice 2 collections, Volume 4 and 5, both of which reprint issues featuring appearances by Booster Gold, plus a new reprint of the Zero Hour miniseries.

You can read the solicitations for all DC books shipping in March — if you dare! — at

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Friday, August 9, 2013

This Day in History: History Repeats Itself

On this day in 1994, Zero Hour concluded with issue #0. (The mini-series counted backwards from #4 to #0.)

Booster Gold had been erased from time through the events of earlier issues, and this issue doesn't actually show Booster return. However, he's around for Extreme Justice #0 a few months later, so I think we can safely assume he got back just fine. Here's hoping he can repeat that feat by 2014!

Over the years Zero Hours has been much criticized as a mediocre event used to justify rewriting the convoluted history of the DC Universe. In that way it was similar to Flashpoint.

© DC Comics

Where Zero Hour is drastically superior to Flashpoint is in the fold-out timeline on the back cover that shows explicitly what history had been changed by the event. Two years into the New 52, we still don't have any such guide for whatever nebulous changes Flashpoint made.

It isn't surprising that history repeats itself. It's just interesting to see the new wrinkles as it does so.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be a Booster Booster: Boycott Event Series

Readers love 'em, as evidenced by the fact that they sell like wildfire. But event books -- those mega summer crossovers -- have treated Booster Gold very poorly.

Booster lost his wealth and his title to Millennium. He temporarily ceased to exist in Zero Hour. Identity Crisis -- admittedly a downer for everyone in the DCU thanks to the the inferiority-complex driven rapist super villain and the ethically challenged heroes as a glorified red herring -- killed his relationship with Firehawk. Infinite Crisis went a step further and killed his best friend. And now Flashpoint has him failing at his job and losing his second title.

Those don't even include losing his powers to "Death of Superman" or his sidekick to evil in 52, both of which are more media stunts than event-driven mini-series. (If "Death of Superman" were done today, there would be 14 tie-in mini-series.) Booster should probably count his blessings that his involvement in Underworld Unleashed and Final Crisis was so limited.

Do good things ever happen to anyone in event series? Because good things certainly don't happen to Booster Gold.

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