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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year in Review, Day 4

We interrupt today's regularly scheduled Thursday poll to continue "Year In Review" Week. The poll will resume next week.

The second most-viewed post of 2013 was actually posted on December 31, 2012.

The JLA Trophy Room Challenge

Booster Gold's classic powersuit was item 13 of the 45 items in this contest originally presented in Wizard's JLA Special in 1999. I challenged you, my readers, to name the other 44 items and post your answers in the Boosterrific Forum. I'm still waiting to give out the prize of an original Booster Gold sketch drawn by me!

Number 1 tomorrow.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's Holding Booster Back?

What Booster Gold items belong in a museum? A better question might have been "what item shouldn't be in a museum?" Everything Booster Gold touches is museum worthy!

Last week's poll question: Which artifact of Booster Gold's adventures should be in the JLA Trophy Room? (40 votes)

Which artifact of Booster Gold's adventures should be in the JLA Trophy Room?

As we approach measuring the Booster Gold interregnum in years instead of months, let's ask ourselves why the general public isn't up in arms about this travesty.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

From Museum Guard to Museum Piece

Lest you think that the JLA Trophy Room only keeps multiple versions of costumes, think again. The JLA keeps everything they can get their hands on, including multiple copies of discarded sidekicks!

© DC Comics

In JLA Secret Files #2, Zauriel tells us that the JLA Watchtower houses the shell of the original Skeets. Don't worry about Skeets gathering dust on the moon, however, as this is just an empty shell. At the time, Skeets' artificial intelligence was being retasked as the operating system in Booster Gold's Mark XI armor. This made Skeets' original golden body superfluous.

Skeets was returned to this familiar football-shaped shell when Booster upgraded to a powersuit that didn't need a sentient operating system. But the JLA Trophy Room doesn't surrender trophies easily! They won't lose one Skeets without gaining another.

© DC Comics

As seen in Justice League of America, Volume 2, #7, the new Justice League Hall of Justice had replaced its original Skeets shell with the corpse of the corrupted Skeets from the pages of 52. It would take a lot of scavenging to fill this cavernous new Trophy Room!

Does the presence of Mr. Mind's Skeets mean that the JLA is aware Booster Gold saved the multiverse in 52? Probably not. As we've seen, the JLA, like a team of super-powered magpies, will put anything shiny in their Trophy Room. Everything that glisters may not be gold, but you can't tell that to the JLA.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Should Be in a Museum!

After a year atop the sales charts, DC is now being beaten by Marvel NOW!. You know what would put you back on top, DC? Another huge event in which Booster Gold rolls back Flashpoint.

And SyFy, Booster Gold fans are obviously expecting a television show before the end of the year. Don't let us down.

Last week's poll question: What do you most expect to see Booster Gold doing in 2013? (33 votes)

What do you most expect to see Booster Gold doing in 2013?

Booster Gold's many costumes have found a place in the JLA Trophy Room, but they say the clothes don't make the man. Surely there must be something else museum worthy in Booster Gold's adventures!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Many Costumes Does One Trophy Room Need?

All week, we've been looking at Booster Gold costumes found hanging in the JLA Trophy Rooms. On Monday we saw the Mark II. On Tuesday it was the Mark XI. Today, we return to the classics.

© DC Comics

As seen in this panel from JLA Secret Files #2, Zauriel introduces us to the prize possession of the JLA Trophy Room: Booster Gold's original armor.

Booster Gold's original Mark I powersuit, cobbled together from items stolen from the Space Museum in 2462, was destroyed by Doomsday, the same creature that "killed" Superman. Though the torn fabric could be repaired, 20th-century technology could not restore the suit's functions. Although Booster bravely wore the de-powered costume in one last adventure (seen in Justice League Europe #49 and #50), it was soon replaced with inferior and bulky 20th-century technology.

So there you have it. Booster Gold has 3 costumes hanging in the JLA Trophy Room. (How many Superman costumes do you think it has?) If anyone asks you why the JLA built a headquarters on the moon, tell them it is because they needed more closet space.

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