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Friday, May 24, 2024

Just Another Day on the Internet

If you're a hardcore Booster Gold fan (and if you're on, chances are good), you probably know that his Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring is about 500 years old, his mother has no first name, and he has sassed Darkseid to his rocky face and lived to tell the tale.

You've also probably heard that Warner Bros Discovery, by way of James Gunn and DC Studios, has a Booster Gold television series in the works. You might have heard talk recently that the role has been cast and the television series is scheduled to start filming in July, as many corners of the Internet have been reporting just that.

Except, apparently, it's not. Many of the same corners of the Internet are now reporting that James Gunn (or his social media manager) has taken a break from developing the latest movie about Booster Gold's biggest rival, that goody-two-shoes Superman, to throw cold water on those Booster Gold rumors via a post at some social media website or other.

Honestly, at this point, I don't know what to believe. Were the initial reports hoaxes? Or is Gunn just trying to disguise the truth now that the cat's out of the bag? One way or the other, I suppose we'll find out the truth one day, right Superman?

© DC Comics

© DC Comics

© DC Comics
DC Challenge #12, "Phase 12.5" written by Len Wien and drawn by Ross Andru, Frank McLaughlin

Hey, if Superman's not above stealing a whole bunch of newsprint to hide his secret identity, can he really be all that mad at Booster Gold for "borrowing" some dusty old museum pieces to fight crime? (Bet they won't mention that in the Booster Gold television show.)

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Giving Thanks for Rabbit Holes

Last weekend, I read online rumors that a director had been hired for the previously-announced Warner Bros Booster Gold television show, and that James Gunn himself would be writing. I did not post about that here because I was waiting for some confirmation from Warner Bros.

I don't like unfounded rumors. Founded rumors are fair game, but those unfounded ones... I can't stand those.

Here it is, nearly a week later, and we still don't know if the rumors are true. But James Gunn may have addressed them when, according to, he responded to a question about the rumor on by posting:

"Don't believe the Internet." [1]

Is that in reference to the announcement of the director? Or that Gunn will be writing any episodes? Or should I not believe what Gunn is saying now because I only read that online?

Or, heck, since I only know that Warner Bros is supposed to be working on a television show because I saw the announcement WB released on the Internet, maybe I shouldn't believe that either.

Or maybe the James Gunn on X Threads isn't really James Gunn? If that quote was made by an imposter, does that mean I should believe the Internet? Come to think of it, I've only ever seen James Gunn on the Internet; how can I know he really exists at all?

"Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end?" [2]

Anyway. I think the point here is that we still don't have any concrete news about what to expect from a Booster Gold television series, so don't get too excited — or bent out of shape, whichever your proclivity may be. James Gunn will tell us when he wants to know.

Assuming he's real, that is.

[1] I'd link to the original post if I could find it, but now requires a login to see its content, and I'm not going to do that. So I'm just going to have to take Bleeding Cool's word that this happened. Does that make me part of the rumor mill? Yes, yes it does. Probably best if you just forget that I posted any of this. As a wise man once (maybe) said, don't believe the Internet. UPDATE: See the comments! It wasn't on X but Threads, which is EXTRA why I couldn't find it.

[2] This quote comes from a book. Since it was written on paper in the age before digital screens, the source can be trusted as the gospel truth. Which is how I know that all Cheshire cats can grin... and most of 'em do.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Something to Look Forward to

Ok, I admit, I still haven't seen Blue Beetle. I will, eventually, I promise. Maybe soon, in fact. It's scheduled for release on DVD next week, and to promote that release, director Ángel Manuel Soto recently spoke to Andy Behbakht for

ScreenRant: Speaking about the future, we have the post-credits scene with Ted Kord. In your head, do you know what that reunion is going to look like between Ted and Jenny? That is a father-daughter relationship I want to learn more about.

Soto: Well, definitely! Our initial joke with that was, Jaime and Jenny would be talking later, and he showed up and they [Jaime and Ted] are like, 'Who are you? That's your dad?!' between them. But I think by doing it this way opens up more of a curiosity to where is he and why is he sending this message today? Why did he leave? What did he go out to do and I think it opens a lot of doors.

For me, I always liked the idea of him and Booster Gold doing adventures and then this message being sent as a warning of something that eventually Booster Gold is the one that's able to bring Jaime into the mix, or tap Kord's expertise through Booster's time travelling powers. So for me, one of those things I definitely [want to see] are Booster Gold and Ted Kord, I want them to be a part of Jaime's future. There's a lot more that exist in all the different iterations but the Blue and Gold series is phenomenal. Their relationship is really, really awesome and a lot of Jaime's relationships with both of them are iconic, so I hope it goes that way.

ScreenRant: How funny that we have a Booster Gold TV show coming with James Gunn's DC Universe! Without spoiling it, have you and James talked about Jaime's future? Do you know your next project with DC Studios, and have you discussed what you want to do with Jaime next?

Soto: Yeah, we have had conversations about it and that's where he mentioned to me about the Booster Gold TV show that is coming up. Now, where does it fit, how is it gonna play out? We haven't talked about that. But we both have talked about our interest in continuing Jaime's story, and finding a way for that story to be a part of this new universe.

It sounds like it's still far too early to talk about what exactly Gunn's Booster Gold television show is going to be. But if it's Ted Kord and Booster Gold's misadventures through time, that sure would qualify as "must see" TV.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Warner Bros 100th Anniversary

If you didn't see the update to Monday's post, be aware that this week's Batman Superman World's Finest #20 does include a single pic of Booster Gold (plus Blue Beetle's corpse). So you might want to check that out.

Meanwhile, it would seem this week's other theme is Booster Gold hanging out with cartoon characters, because Booster booster Jake has written to inform us of yet another Booster Gold television appearance:

Booster makes a cameo appearance in the Teen Titans Go! "Warner Brothers 100th Anniversary Special." He appears at about 22:21.

Teen Titans Go! Warner Bros 100th Anniversary

Booster Boosters may also appreciate Ted getting patted down at the WB Studios entrance (around 4:06).

According to Wikipedia, the "Special" is a two-part season 8 episode, and oddly, despite only airing on Cartoon Network for the first time this past weekend, it seems that episode has been floating around the webs and (legal!) streaming services since late September.

Thanks for bringing to our attention, Jake.

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Monday, August 28, 2023

What I Would Like to See

New Booster booster Zach — Hi, Zach! Thanks for reading! — emailed me over the weekend to ask

I'm wondering for a tv series what were you hoping to see? Like what plot line and villains - and who should the other characters be?

My answer, Zach, is that my expectations are very low. I'm not really hoping for anything other than a characterization that I can recognize as Booster Gold.

You might not think that's a high bar, but seeing live-action characters who accurately reflect the personalities of their printed counterparts is rarer than you might think. For example, the Oliver Queen of CW's Arrow didn't have much overlap with the Green Arrow of Justice League of America comics. Don't even get me started on what James Gunn did to Peacemaker and Vigilante who are similar to their original comic book counterparts in name only.

I recognize that television (and movie) audiences are much larger than comic book audiences, and those non-comic readers don't much care about what happened in the comics. So adaptations for different media are completely understandable. I just don't want that to happen to my hero.

Likewise, while I'd like to see Trixie Collins or Michelle Carter, I only want them in there if they are comics accurate. And I really don't care who plays them. I prefer actors I don't recognize, but I'm not particularly good with faces anyway, so unless they cast, say, Tom Cruise, to play Booster, I'm probably okay with whomever.

When it comes to villains or plots, I'd kind of like to see something entirely new, partly because I like to be surprised, but maybe mostly so that I won't be irritated when they get something "wrong." If they decided to retell the first 12 issues of Booster Gold Volume 1, that'll be fine with me, so long as it means that they throw some money to the story's original writer and Booster's creator, Dan Jurgens. Since there would be no Booster Gold without Jurgens, that only seems fair.

I hope that answers your questions, Zach.

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