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 A Man For All Seasons

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Blot's Booster Gold sketchbook grew by one at Houston's Comicpalooza last weekend. Check out this commission from Kevin Maguire:

Kevin Maguire draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says

Booster looks so serious. No doubt, he's just as frustrated by his prolonged absence from comic books as we are.

Here's a Maguire Booster sketch from happier times:

Kevin Maguire draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says

Obviously, Booster's happier in the high collar. Aren't we all?

This second commission comes from Matt Santori, who shared his commissioned sketch on Twitter in 2013. It's four years old and still looking Boosterrific!
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 Hope Springs Eternal

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thanks to the highly unscientific poll, I think we can be reasonably sure that the Chip Kidd "Variant" is going to be the rarer (read: more expensive) cover in years to come.

Last week's poll question: Which cover for Convergence: Booster Gold #1 did you buy? (51 votes)

Which cover for <emn>Convergence: Booster Gold</em> #1 did you buy?

Over in the Forum, Morgenstern has brought it to our attention that Dan DiDio has said that one Convergence mini-series will "definitely continue on, but in a new setting." Matt SantoriGriffith (@FotoClub) wondered whether it might be Booster Gold.

"@FotoCub Booster is a little too obvious, don't you think?"
— Dan DiDio (@dandidio1), May 3, 2015,

So what Booster Gold fans to make of that?

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 Secret Origins: Bwah-Ha-Ha

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Matt Santori-Griffith has started "Super Buddies," a series of articles exploring "enduring comic book friendships" for Naturally, his first pairing is Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

Matt invited Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, the original writers of Justice League International, to have a chat about the origins of comicdom's favorite comedy duo.

Matt Santori-Griffith: So, you guys have been writing Blue Beetle and Booster Gold for a long time. Going all the way back to when they first met in Justice League, when do you feel they first started to click as a friendship for you?

Keith Giffen: I know when I felt it. It was the sequence when they first met Catherine Cobert. One of them made a fool of himself and the other just wouldn't stop laughing.

J.M. DeMatteis: Was that "Moving Day" [Justice League International #8]?

KG: I'm thinking it was. That was the issue where everything clicked.

JMD: Yeah. That also, if I'm not mistaken, was the first "Bwah-ha-ha."

That's true. The first appearance of Beetle's signature laugh was indeed at Booster's expense in JLI #8. That's the stuff that friendships are made of!

You can (and should) read the rest of the article (with pictures!) at (And don't forget to pick up the return of Blue and Gold in Justice League 3000 #12 next week!)
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