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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Man For All Seasons

The Blot's Booster Gold sketchbook grew by one at Houston's Comicpalooza last weekend. Check out this commission from Kevin Maguire:

Kevin Maguire draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says

Booster looks so serious. No doubt, he's just as frustrated by his prolonged absence from comic books as we are.

Here's a Maguire Booster sketch from happier times:

Kevin Maguire draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says

Obviously, Booster's happier in the high collar. Aren't we all?

This second commission comes from Matt Santori, who shared his commissioned sketch on Twitter in 2013. It's four years old and still looking Boosterrific!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Recent Booster Gold Commissions

September is here, which means we're just a few weeks away from Booster's Futures End one-shot. But if you can't wait that long for some professionally produced Booster Gold art, take a look at these recent commissions:

Ale Garza draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says Maguire/Rubinstein create Booster Gold for Alan B Hale

The image on the left, drawn by artist Ale Garza, is the latest addition to The Blot Says' Booster Gold sketchbook from The Houston Con.

The image on the right was a commission of Joe Rubinstein's inks over Kevin Maguire's pencils for Alan Aaron B. Hale. (Sorry about getting your name wrong there, Aaron! I stayed up too late this Labor Day, I guess!)

Click either image to link to a larger pic. Both of them are Boosterrific!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who Reads Newspapers Anymore?

Booster Gold would be thrilled to know that he got a mention in yesterday's edition of the Houston Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Texas, and one of the 10 largest in the United States by circulation.

Everybody knows Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Here's a handful of more obscure (and definitely odd) DC heroes:
• Booster Gold: A 25th-century opportunist who travels back in time to play the hero and cash in on the glory.

Booster is included in an aside detailing several "obscure" DC heroes, including Metamorpho, Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, and Zatanna. That seems an odd selection given the fact that Swamp Thing has starred in movies and television shows, and Plastic Man has been around since 1941. But I'm sure that I'm not the one who gets to judge what the public considers obscure about DC Comics.

The article, "DC Comics celebrates a superhero milestone" [sic] credited to René A. Guzman of the San Antonio Express-News, is mostly dedicated to DC's 75th anniversary celebration DVD, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics released earlier this month. Still, it's great to see Booster exposed to a much, much larger audience than the 17,000 people who are currently buying his book nationwide. The entire article can be found on the Chronicle's website,

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