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Monday, April 2, 2012

Server Maintenance Is No Joke

Some of you may have noticed that the site went down for most of Sunday. That Sunday was April Fool's Day was a mere coincidence. The server administrators decided to take this action on Saturday, or I would have warned about it last week. If you are reading this, is now back on line!

© DC Comics

And if you're not reading this, please be patient. The site will be back as soon as possible.

© DC Comics

There's nothing to worry about; the server simply had to come down temporarily to clean up some old data that was taking up too much room. (You can only sweep the old dirt under the rug for so long, it turns out.) As always, we apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE 04/02/12: I'm sure that the server is up and strong now. So as my way of making up for the content-light post above, let me suggest that instead of wasting time here, you check out the preview of Justice League International #8 hosted by (Maxim has more scantily clad girls than, if that's your thing.)

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Friday, March 30, 2012

This Day in History: the End

DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio has called it "probably my favorite comic of all things published in the last ten years." Comic book blogger Robby Reed has called it "staggeringly awful." Your response probably lies somewhere in between, depending on how much you care for DC continuity or the Blue Beetle.

This divisive comic book is Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1. Released 7 years ago today, this one-shot issue, officially titled DC Countdown in the legal indicia, kicked off the 4 separate mini-series leading to Infinite Crisis. It is more famous for re-introducing Justice League International supporting-character Maxwell Lord as a villain. And, of course, the related fate of Ted Kord.

© DC Comics

While I still find this book to be an enjoyable read, I also believe that DC was short-sighted in choosing Ted Kord to be the sacrificial lamb to promote high sales of the Infinite Crisis crossover. The friendship of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle was unique in the DC pantheon: genuine but irreverent, lighthearted but sincere. Even when their misadventures strained plausibility, it was always worth going along for the ride just to bask in the reflected glow of their effervescent joy at being together. Simply put, their adventures were fun.

Booster Gold has enjoyed a career renaissance since the death of his best friend and business partner. However, the DC Universe is a smaller place without Ted Kord, and we have DC Countdown to Infinite Crisis to thank for it.

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