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Monday, October 26, 2020

The Strong and Silent Type

Xylob recently wrote to say that I didn't have an explanation of how I classified the different continuities on the Continuity List. I fixed that. (The definition now appears as part of the page text.) Thanks, Xylob!

While fixing it, I took another look at Booster Gold's first DCAU appearance in Superman & Batman Magazine #8.

Here is a very condensed version of the story, "Let Justice Be Done" written by Roger Stern, containing every panel that Booster Gold appears in. See if you don't agree with me that this is the very best his 1990s armor looked.

© DC Comics
© DC Comics
© DC Comics
© DC Comics
© DC Comics
© DC Comics
© DC Comics

Apparently, when Booster Gold lost his original suit in the Animated Universe, he also lost his voice. But you have to agree that his then-new suit sure looks as good as it ever did under the pencils of Ty Templeton and pens of Rick Burchett! (Captain Atom's long hair is pretty cool, too.)

My new motto for the 1990s: "It wasn't all bad." Especially in comparison to the 2020s.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

This Day in History: A JLA by Any Other Name

I mentioned on Wednesday that I was going to be picking up a copy of Young Justice #4. I've actually been buying all the Wonder Comics titles, and I like most of them. (Wonder Twins is my favorite.) A great deal of what I like is the lighter tone of the books.

I have a tendency to complain about the "grim and gritty" nature of the contemporary DC universe. That makes me part of the problem. DC has, in fact, published plenty of "lighter" fare in recent years featuring the characters that I know and love, and I've done a poor job of spotlighting those. The best was unquestionably Justice League Unlimited, based on the Cartoon Network cartoon of the same name.

The series ran for 46 issues from 2004 through 2008. Booster Gold appeared in many of those, including issue 20, released on this day in 2006, in which he helped welcome Mary Marvel to the Justice League.

© DC Comics
Art by Rick Burchett

The issue is a great example of the series' traditional, family friendly super hero hijinx that got me into reading comic books in the first place. The story, "Just Us Girls" by Paul D. Storrie, borrows notes from Booster's mainstream DC universe history while introducing readers to Mary Marvel and "girl power" fisticuffs. It's a delightful read.

Advance reviews of the movie Shazam!, opening today and focused on Mary's big brother Billy, indicate that it aims to be in the same vein. I wish it was based on the original Fawcett Whiz Comics characters and not Geoff John's New 52 re-invention of them, but I applaud DC and Warner Bros for at least trying to reach an audience other than fans of the black-as-night Zack Snyder film universe. Beggars can't be choosers.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dan Jurgens!

He brought you Agent Liberty, Risk, Waverider, Doomsday, and Cyborg Superman. But most importantly, he's the creator of Skeets and someone called Booster Gold. Who else could it be but Dan Jurgens?

Jurgens celebrates his 55th birthday today, and he'll no doubt be celebrating by slaving away at the drawing board for future issues of Futures End or maybe pages of September's Booster Gold one-shot. But you can celebrate by bidding on some of Jurgens' old work, specifically this poster from his run on Justice League:

Justice League Spectacular poster

That rare poster from 1992, drawn by Dan Jurgens and inked by Rick Burnett, is currently listed for sale on The auction ends Tuesday, so act fast. You don't want to have to wait another few decades before you get another shot at it.

Thanks for all the hard work over the years, Dan! Here's to 55 more.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wanted Poster

Looking back through some old copies of the DC newsletter, Direct Currents, I re-discovered the original solicitation for the following poster by Dan Jurgens and Rick Burchett.

© DC Comics

The poster was solicited to promote the first 1990s overhaul of the Justice League in Justice League Spectacular. The 22" x 28" poster carried a suggested retail price of $5.95. (That's the cost of 2 comic books in 2010! What a bargain!)

Does anyone have a copy of this poster in color? Was it ever released? If you have, please let Boosterrific know.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Justice League America by Bill Lux

Once upon a time, DC Comics used to publish yearbooks for the direct market spotlighting their planned titles for the upcoming year. Looking back, the best things about these books are what didn't come to pass. This image appeared on page 239(!) of the DC Comics 1993 Editorial Presentation: The Year of Change promotional book.

© DC Comics

This pin-up image signed by cheesecake artist Bill Lux and Rick Burchett with its unusual cast of characters (Fire, Maxima, Wonder Woman and Oberon?), was never used in the series itself.

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