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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Releases: Justice League International #5

The first week of the new year brings the conclusion to the battle between the JLI and Peraxxus in Justice League International #5, or so solicitations for next month's issue would have us believe. Perhaps a more pressing question is still "who is the woman in black on the cover?"

© DC Comics © DC Comics

The last time we saw the woman in black on a solicited cover, she was removed from the final product. This time she remains on the final cover (as seen on DC's The Source blog). Is she a new character to the title or an editorial oversight? Buy this issue and satisfy Skeets' curiosity.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Did He Just Say?

Are you wondering what Peraxxus was saying as he gave Guy Gardner a Parallax-sized beat down in yesterday's Justice League International #4? Well, now you can translate the trash talk with this handy Peraxxus Cryptographic Language Key!

Peraxxus to English translation key

To get you started, Peraxxus' first line of the issue is "The alarm! There is an intruder!"

Beware: Peraxxus' speech contains a couple of typos. And for some reason, the standalone first-person singular pronoun "I" is represented by three different glyphs! Do no DC editors speak Peraxxian? (Note to letterer Travis Lanham: it looks like no one's looking, so go nuts! I understand that if you are clever enough about it, you can start sneaking your friend's names into the book. Just ask Jim Pesl.)

If you'd rather simply read the translations than try to decipher them yourself, you'll find them in the issue annotations here.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Releases: Justice League International #4

The DC solicitation for today's Justice League International #4 hints that the team has recently been defeated by the Signalmen and will soon be defeated by Peraxxus, a new interstellar foe bent on the destruction of Earth who looks nothing like the old Mongul. That's a lot of failure at the four-month mark of the new series. Hopefully things will get better soon for our Booster Gold-led JLI!

© DC Comics

For the record, Russ Burlingame already confirmed with writer Dan Jurgens that Peraxxus is not Mongul in the second edition of his "International Exchange" column at Thanks to Eyz from G33k Life for the Mongul panel above.

Buy this issue and make Skeets happy.

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