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Friday, May 12, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Booster Gold 23

My Favorite Pages

Booster Gold #23 is the last adventure of Booster's first volume untainted by editorially-mandated connections to the mega-crossover Millennium event. In hindsight, that makes this comedic exchange between Superman and Booster Gold from page 19 even more poignant.

© DC Comics

Pay particular attention to how the content of individual panels flows down and across the page as the scene gradually transitions from the victorious heroes on the top of the building who shrink down to a worm's eye view the giant head of villainous mastermind Lex Luthor at page bottom. The use of a Dutch angle perspective at the page bottom even leads the reader's eye back up the page to reinforce Luthor's contrast with smiling Superman! What a nice finishing touch.

Dan Jurgens' greatest artistic strength has always been laying out dynamic action scenes that enhance a story's narrative flow, and that's perfectly on display here.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Super Power Spotlight on the Booster Shots

What makes a hero super? The super powers! From awesome strength to zero-to-sixty speed, great superpowers are the most useful tricks in every famous costumed crime-fighter's tool kit. Michael Jon Carter knew this, and that's why he started his career with energy blasting Booster Shots.

Dressing for Success: The futuristic super powers of Booster Gold

At the outset of his super-heroic career, Booster Gold knew he would need offensive weapons to defeat the forces of evil. That is why, given his choice of many amazing inventions housed in the Space Museum, he selected wrist-mounted Energy Blasters.

In Booster Gold #6 (1986), Skeets tells Superman that they stole "gloves and control bands that were once worn by an alien menace." The true identity of this "alien menace" has never been clarified in any of Booster's published adventures, but Superman may have a clue. The technology may be alien, but it was crafted into powerful gauntlets by none other than Superman's oldest foe, Lex Luthor!

© DC Comics

Lex has been wearing specially tailored suits to fight Superman since Superman #282 (1974). His purple and green suits soon became his trademark. Super genius that he is, Lex kept his suit's tool belt stocked with to whatever inventions he would need for the specific crime he was committing. Those tools included such classics as jet boots, robot controls, finger-mounted gravity casters, age-regressing omega barriers, age-restoring pills, and, of course, enough pockets for forty cakes.

However, none of that was enough to defeat The Man of Steel, so in Action Comics #544 (1983), Luthor fled Earth for the planet Lexor, named in his honor. (For an explanation of how an entire planet could consider a creep like Lex Luthor a hero, see "The Showdown Between Luthor and Superman!" in 1963's Superman #164.) Lexor had once been home to a race of advanced scientists, and Luthor adapted their technology into a "warsuit" that would allow him to defeat Superman once and for all. Or so he hoped.

© DC Comics

The new power suit was indeed a considerable upgrade over what came before. Its energy gauntlets were so strong, they could destroy space-going vessels with a single blast. Alas, it was not powerful enough to make Luthor Superman's equal. It was, however, powerful enough to accidentally destroy Lexor (and Luthor's wife and child along with it). With great power can come great regrets.

Superman vowed to destroy the warsuit once and for all in Superman Annual #12 (published in 1986 but set in pre-Crisis, Silver Age continuity). How it survived to make its way from the 20th century to the 25th-century Space Museum will likely always remain a mystery, but we don't have to wonder whether they were the one and the same thanks to the original pencils from Booster Gold #6 included in the superb collection Booster Gold: the Big Fall.

© DC Comics

Since returning to the 20th century, Booster Gold has integrated the power gauntlets into his crime-fighting arsenal. Renaming them "Booster Shots," he has used them as his primary weapon in his eternal quest to rid the multiverse of those who would destroy it. If there were any left, the citizens of Lexor would be proud.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Booster Gold Does Still Appear in One Comic

Does the fact that we haven't seen Skeets in the New 52 Universe still get you down? Well, there's always Smallville:Season 11!

© DC Comics

It's always been up to you, Skeets!

Our favorite chrome companion is left all alone to save the multiverse from Lex Luthor and the Yellow Lantern Corps in the latest chapter released online. Skeets won't let us down!

The digital chapters of Smallville: Chaos can be bought online now at Every three chapters will be combined into a floppy issue for sale at your Local Comic Shop starting next month.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just a Reminder

Booster Gold may be M.I.A. in the DCnU and at conventions, but you'll still find him in Smallville: Chaos.

© DC Comics

Thanks, but we already knew that, Mr. Luthor.

You can find digital chapters Smallville: Chaos at now for 99¢ (Chapter 9 will be released this Friday). Your Local Comic Shop will be selling chapters 7-9 as one issue, Smallville Season 11: Chaos, this October.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not a Joke

© DC Comics

Smallville: Chaos #3 came out last week, in which we find that Lex Luthor doesn't think any more highly of Booster Gold than Lois Lane did.

© DC Comics
Smallville: Chaos #1. Writer: Bryan Q. Miller, Art: Daniel HDR, Colors: Carrie Strachan

Poor Ted Kord and Micheal Holt. Why is everybody so down on them for hiring the World's Greatest Hero?

This issue is available online at now for 99¢. The printed edition collecting the first 3 digital installments as Smallville Season 11: Chaos #1 should be coming to your Local Comic Shop on August 13, 2014 with a cover price of $3.99. (If you delay buying this until the collected edition comes out, you'll pay an extra dollar! So what are you waiting for?)

Each of the 3 digital installment of Smallville: Chaos to date has referenced or included Booster Gold. With 9 more chapters to go, can writer Bryan Q. Miller keep up this pace? We sure hope so.

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