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Friday, May 20, 2022

I Should Have Mentioned This Sooner

On Monday, I linked to a CBR interview with Dark Crisis writer Joshua Williamson. When I wrote that post, I didn't realize that Williamson had already tweeted Ethan Young's alternate cover for Dark Crisis #3 which features Blue and Gold:

© DC Comics
No front-facing camera, Harley? Is that an iPhone 3?

That group is what CBR called the "Not Really" Justice League that Jon Kent will form in the wake of the Justice League's apparent death in Justice League #75. Williamson's tweet emphasizes "THERE IS NO JUSTICE LEAGUE." Given the League's history, that sounds especially ominous.

Longtime Booster boosters may recall that in the absence of a Justice League following the events of Infinite Crisis, Firehawk organized a new, self-proclaimed Justice League during the year-long 52. It lasted 18 pages before being defeated and disgraced... by Skeets.

© DC Comics
See, a wormhole had opened in present-day Metropolis and a swarm of pirates had just descended on the city streets....
In hindsight, that probably should have been a job for Superman.

(Technically, that new League was thwarted by Skeets' corporeal body but not its consciousness, although that opens a whole 'nother can of unresolved worms about whether or not Skeets is truly sentient. But I digress.)

Of course, Firehawk's team didn't have a Booster Gold, much less two Blue Beetles. (And they presumably won't have to fight Skeets.) So maybe Superman Jr's team will have better luck against the all-consuming evil that effortlessly disintegrated Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter among others.

I wish the Not Really Justice League all the luck when Dark Crisis #3 drops this August. They're going to need it.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Releases: TFoF:tNM #9

The cliffhanger story from Justice League International #9 is continued in today's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #9. Bombers are on the rampage in Paris! Firestorm has transmuted the Eiffel Tower into rose petals! New Firestorms appear on every page! With so much going on, how does DC tease the issue in their solicitation text?

Don't miss this crossover with JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #9!

Oooh, Doesn't that sound exciting! At least it doesn't give much away since the JLI is on the cover and all. Certainly, it sounds better than "we care so little about Firestorm that we're going to promote it with a tie-in to a book we've already canceled."

For those of you interested in the events of this issue despite the fact that it will have Firestorm in it, you can read a 4-page preview at You gotta admit, Ethan Van Sciver's Yildiray Cinar's Booster Gold looks pretty darn good. (My fault. Van Sciver is only drawing the cover. Cinar handles interior art.)

Buy this book and... well, just buy it. There's no consoling Skeets right now.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Releases: TFoF:tNM #8

Word on the street is that next month Firehawk will be joining the cast of Justice League International. This situation could set up an intriguing love triangle as Booster Gold reignites his old flame with Firehawk despite the jealousy of a hot-headed Godiva. But DC's solicitations for today's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #8 throw some cold water on that smoldering scenario:

Introducing the all-new Firehawk, France's own atomic defender, and Hurricane, Great Britain's officially sanctioned Nuclear Man! Meanwhile, out of the ashes of last issue's shocking climax, Ronnie Raymond and the Russian Firestorm, Pozhar, begin a long, mutual descent toward the dark underbelly of the Firestorm Protocols.

Oh, never mind. Good-bye American Lorraine Reilly, hello unknown French girl. Thanks, Flashpoint. I hated character development anyway.

Doesn't this seem a bit sudden? Every other member of the DCnU Justice League International had appeared in at least 2 other comics somewhere before joining the team's roster. Are the Firestorms of the DCnU such jerks that their supporting cast hates to stick around? Or could it be that Firestorm has no need for a woman in his own book after (*ahem*) "last issue's shocking climax" with Pozhar? Maybe Firehawk would just be in the way as Firestorm and Pozhar (*cough*) "begin a long, mutual descent toward the dark underbelly of the Firestorm Protocols"? (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

© DC Comics

The best way to find the answers to these and many other burning questions is to pick up The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #8.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Unhappy Valentine's Day

Gone are the days of "Blue and Gold," but that doesn't mean that Booster Gold is destined to be a loner forever. Remember that although Blue Beetle may have been Booster Gold's familiar partner, he wasn't the only one. For a while in the late 1990s, "Blue and Gold" was replaced with "Red and Gold" as Booster Gold joined forces with Firehawk!

© DC Comics

Originally, Firehawk was the partner of Firestorm. Even before her metagene was activated by a villainous science experiment, red-headed Lorraine Reilly had spent most of her time pursuing Firestorm romantically. Once she became Firehawk, Lorraine pulled out all the stops and joined her boyfriend in the never-ending battle against evil. Their relationship, like the Firestorm Matrix itself, ultimately proved unstable, and the pair grew apart.

Like Firehawk, Booster Gold found himself working solo after the dissolution of his Justice League. Blue Beetle had semi-retired from costumed crime-fighting, focusing his energy on inventing and managing a number of corporate enterprises, including Blue and Gold Software and Blue and Gold Express. With Beetle spending all of his time in the lab and Skeets' AI incorporated into his latest Power Suit, Booster was looking for a new partner to add fuel to his smoldering career.

© DC Comics

Destiny played its hand at a Teen Titans promotional event in a Metropolis toy store. Firehawk attended in the hopes of joining the reassembled Teen Titans. Booster Gold was crashing the party to promote his own line of "Action Toys." Sparks flew when the pair met, and a partnership was formed.

During the hectic events of the alien "Invasion!", the pair had worked together in Superman's strike-force against the alien's Australian stronghold. Booster no doubt remembered Firehawk's radiant beauty and grace under fire. Certainly Booster has always liked hot chicks, yet it is possible that Booster had even less pure motives when he suggested a partnership.

© DC Comics

In their days together as teammates of Extreme Justice, Booster Gold and Firestorm had a difficult relationship. At the time Ronnie Raymond was the sole component of the Firestorm Matrix. Raymond's alcoholism resulted in immature, boorish behavior that was openly antagonistic toward Booster, who felt old and trapped in a life-supporting armor. Years later, Booster may have seen a partnership with Firehawk as a good way to get back at his former teammate by stealing Firestorm's old flame.

Given the nickname "Red and Gold" by the mainstream press (despite the fact that Firehawk's wings were now blue, not the red of original costume), Firehawk and Booster Gold were a hot topic of their day. The pair was linked romantically almost as soon as the partnership was formed. Both were coy about the nature of their relationship in public, but friends and family -- including Blue Beetle, who remained Booster's best friend despite the change in their professional relationship -- were aware that the pair had become more than just business partners.

© DC Comics

Getting used to a new partnership is difficult with the firmest foundations; it couldn't have helped that Booster Gold and Firehawk were known for wearing their emotions openly. It should be no surprise that the partnership between Booster Gold and Firehawk pair blew hot and cold from the start. Break-ups and make-ups were commonplace between public appearances. As is common for the adrenaline junkies of the super heroic set, happiness eluded the couple as familiarity set in. Over time, the flame of their relationship dimmed and expired.

Exact details are unknown, but Booster had entered semi-retirement by the time of Identity Crisis and Firehawk would soon follow, officially extinguishing their partnership permanently. Both would eventually re-enter public life, but on separate paths. The pair have crossed paths since, but only in large group settings such as the memorial for Conner Kent and the battle against Superman-Prime. It is clear that there will be no rekindling of the old flame between the two. Booster Gold has moved onwards and upwards, leaving his days of playing with Firehawk behind him.

© DC Comics

Read more about the disastrous relationship between Firehawk and Booster Gold over at Firestorm Fan.

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