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Monday, February 12, 2024

Going out of Business

The algorithms that run the Internet have decided that I'm the target audience for the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game. Despite it being a game built on DC Comic book super heroes, they are wrong.

I didn't care for Injustice or DCeased or DC Vs. Vampires, so It probably won't surprise you that I am not interested in playing as a villain and assassinating the heroes of the DC Universe. But has proven that it isn't entirely without value.

screenshot via

Booster Gold International has been out of business since Millennium in 1988, so I guess the events of Kill the Justice League must take place on an alternate Earth, perhaps one where Millennium never happened (or one where the Manhunters won?).

That's still not enough to make me want to roleplay as an unrepentantly psychopathic murderer with a bomb in my head, but I can't say that Kill the Justice League has nothing going for it anymore.

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Friday, November 25, 2022

My Favorite Pages: Booster Gold 16

My Favorite Pages

Booster Gold #16 is peak 1980s. From the "Greed is Good"-era mock corporate advertising on the cover to Booster's Miami Vice white suit with untied high-top kicks and short-cropped hair, this thing oozes day-glow and Rubik's cubes.

And while I do love all that stuff — after all, I am a child of the 80s who grew up with Knight Rider and Transformers — the page I appreciate the most in this issue is the throwback to the Silver and Bronze Ages of comics when readers were treated to cutaway views of important places like the Batcave or the Fortress of Solitude.

Meet the Booster Gold International Mansion (with garage and helipad in back)!

© DC Comics

Check out that American Flag in the Entertainment and Press Room! Rambo couldn't have done it better.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Booster Gold International: Switzerland

Today's entry of "Booster Gold International" is brought to you by Switzerland's own Eyz, better known as the artist behind and G33k Life:

Booster Gold, Swiss

Switzerland isn't quite well known for its superheroes. Besides "real" figures like William Tell and a couple of other national legends. Would a Swiss Booster Gold be that different from its American counterpart?

First to put things into perspective, a bit of cultural background. The "Helvetic Confederation" is divided into three distinct regional parts. There's a bigger German-speaking region which is closer to Germany in terms of mentality and culture, a French-speaking region with a rich mix of people and ethnicities and finally a smaller Italian-speaking region full of old Swiss traditions. Well, I'm from the Romandy personally, aka the French Swiss part so I'll talk from that point of view.

Switzerland doesn't have a lot of superheroes around, but we have our share of classic comic book figures thanks to a comic culture shared with France and Belgium. But could we have a superhero like Booster around nevertheless?

Actually, I'd say yes! To be precise, Booster Gold could be one of those rare American superheroes that would just as easily be "translated" over here.

In terms of attitude, people and government, Switzerland is in fact closer to the United States than most of its European neighbors. To stereotype, yes we're totally corporate capitalist and strongly competitive here as well. I'm using these clichés to point out a Swiss Booster Gold from his early Dan Jurgens run would be totally relatable to people! The same could be said for the modern secret protector of history Time Master-Booster. Who wouldn't dream to be this unknown force of good, even without getting any appraise to help out others? (I'm appealing to what people here aspire, I mean Red Cross, United Nations? we got those in Geneva for a reason!)

Regarding Booster Gold's shiny looks, logo, design, etc.? He wouldn't need to wear traditional Red and White colors on his costume, or have changes to look like a stereotypical Helvetian from an old parody. I mean, he isn't actually wearing an USA flag to begin with, right?

To summarize: Booster Gold could work as an actual Swiss superhero! (why don't we have any of those already?) Could we at least start by having actual reprints of his series translated here? Booster would be a hit so easily with old and young readers alike!

Thank you for that perspective, Eyz. If I haven't covered your country yet, drop me an email at webmaster at so you can tell us how Booster Gold relates to your culture.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Booster Gold International: Germany

Germany is the economic engine of the European continent, so would Booster Gold feel right at home there? Since we started the week with news from Germany's Morgenstern (one of Booster's biggest fans), it seems right that we should let him close the week with today's entry in the "Booster Gold International" files:

Booster Gold, German

To me, he is the most American kind of hero, even more so than Superman or Captain America. Instead of simply being an example of how 'a true American Hero' should be, Booster Gold is an example how an American Hero would be (in good and bad). His obvious flaws are not there to make him more likrable (like when Superman wonders if he is doing enough or maybe even too much to help mankind), but to make him more believable.

But that just explains how Booster relates to the American culture (from our perspective), but not to us. This can be boiled down to a single feature of our favourite Time Master: The mistakes he makes and how he deals with them.

There is a long list of screw-ups, disasters or even outright crimes that can be attributed to Booster, but eventually he owns up to them. He accepts his responsibility and even is willing to go to jail for them. Yet his story is not one of simple redemption, of a character who did wrong in the past and suddenly turns his life around and banishes all his vices of the past. Instead Booster is still a man with weaknesses, but one who tries his best to learn from his past and not to repeat them, yet still manages to come up with new ones.

Other character at DC (*cough* Hal Jordan) need a huge retcon every few years to wipe the slate clean of all their mistakes to salvage them, while with Booster Gold they are used to form and grow someone who went through what was most likely the biggest & most cohesive character development of the past 10 years.

Thank you for those great points about Booster's appeal, Morgenstern. We will soon look at Booster Gold from the Swiss point-of-view. If you are from another country and wish to share what Booster Gold would mean to your culture, drop me an email at webmaster at

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Booster Gold International: Israel

Frequent commenter and native-Israeli deusex2 drops by to explain the small changes that Booster Gold would need to make to comfortably join Israel society in today's entry in the "Booster Gold International" files:

Booster Gold, Israeli

OK, first of all it's important to remember that Israel is a multicultural country, there are people, litteraly from all over the world and they all bring their culture with them. Therefore, an Israeli Booster Gold would be no different from the original American Booster. The character, his goals and his past would all be the same for the most part but of course, there would be some differences.

First and foremost, the star on Booster's costume would have to go and instead Israeli Booster would, probably, end up wearing David's Star instead. I say probably, because the original looks too darn well to be changed and Booster isn't really that great at maintaining his suit during his first years of hero career, so this is more like a speculation on my part.

Now here's the hard truth part and this is a must for an Israeli Booster-his sport career. You see, people in Israel aren't all that familiar with American Football, they on the other hand, are soccer junkies, most of Israelis are, really. So Israeli Booster wouldn't fail as American Football player, but rather he would fail as a soccer player. A small, but significant difference.

Next important difference is that, well, stereotypes exist for a reason. And as such, Israeli Booster Gold would be far more successful businessman than the original Booster Gold...He'll still lose it all in the end, but for some time Israeli Booster and Ted Kord will become filthy rich.

And last but not least-commercials! We, Boostermaniacs, all know that commercials are very important part of Booster Gold. Quite frankly, we can't picture Booster Gold NOT doing any commercials and what's more-we actually love those commercials because they bring out the character in Booster Gold. So, anyway, most of commercials actually fit quite well, from soder cola to children toys. However there's one thing that just doesn't makes any sense for Israeli Booster Gold-cornflakes commercial!

Yes, we have those things in Israel, but nobody eats them! It's pretty much a lost cause for Booster. Which is why, Israeli Booster Gold wouldn't bother with it, period. He would partake in hummus commercial, though. Heck! He'd have his own hummus product! Hummus Gold-it's Boosterrific!

I think I could still recognize Booster after those changes, deusex2. (I even think he might look better in a Star of David than in a Jim Lee-designed costume.)

The next post in this series will be from Germany. If you wish to share what Booster Gold would mean to your culture, drop me an email at webmaster at

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