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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Coming Soon to a Streaming Service Near You

Do you remember the alternate cover of Blue and Gold #2 back in August showcased the Suicide Squad in order to promote the movie of the same name? If it was in your Local Comic Shop, it was because they specifically ordered it (instead of or in addition to the standard Ryan Sook cover). I would have thought that a cover to a comic that gave no indication of what was inside would be a turn-off to buyers, but it must have sold well, because DC is doing it again next month with Blue and Gold #5:

© DC Comics
variant cover by Simone Di Meo (via

The Suicide Squad cover at least depicted the movie's version of Booster's old foe, Blackguard. This cover's connection to our hero is slightly more obscure.

If you saw the Suicide Squad movie, you've already met Peacemaker, "a man who loves peace so much that he is willing to fight for it!" However, you may not recognize the man in black reflected in Peacemaker's silver helmet. That's Vigilante, the masked alter ego of Adrian Chase, an early 80s Marv Wolfman and George Pérez creation who became in many ways DC's version of the Punisher.

Like Booster's best friend, the second Blue Beetle, Peacemaker was originally a Charlton character who jumped into the DC Universe following the Crisis on Infinite Earths. His first appearance in the DCU continuity was in Vigilante #36 (where he killed someone who was not Adrian Chase wearing the Vigilante costume). Peacemaker would later become a mentor to the third Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, who was revealed to the world by none other than Booster Gold.

Are those trivial connections to Booster Gold and Blue Beetle a good enough reason to put Peacemaker and Vigilante on the cover to Blue and Gold? I wouldn't think so, but then again, I don't have access to DC's sales numbers.

Both covers to Blue and Gold #5 should be available in fine comic shops everywhere on January 18, 2022.

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